ZE Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Can’t escape? Then let’s fight!

It’s already been two hours since Zhang Yang left the cave. During that time, he was crossing mountains and hills.

Now, the beings in the forest are showing their dangerous feats to Zhang Yang.

Nearing Zhang Yang, there are many green lanterns circling Zhang Yang one after the other.

The green lanterns were just chasing Zhang Yang, but by using his spiritual sense he finds many Timberwolves (green lanterns refers to their eyes) in his direction. They weren’t that “weak” wolves on the earth. In the cultivation world, their height was about a meter and a half, and their strength was of that of a bull.

Zombies have nocturnal vision and with this ability, Zhang Yang spots twelve wolves.

“WTF! Wolves that big?!? Oh, wait yeah… But why are they chasing me? I’m just a undead corpse!”

Everything in the cultivation world can absorb amounts of Qi, so Zhang Yang doesn’t know if this is a good thing or a rotten future.

It seems like the Wolf pack are hesitating about attacking Zhang Yang, wary of his Lv 2 attacks. They are now waiting, analyzing an opening for them to attack.

Zhang Yang is in trouble because he knows the consequences of him running if he runs the wolves would consider his fleeing to be a sign of weakness and fear. If this goes down, they will immediately hunt him down.

While Zhang Yang slowly creeps, he prays, hoping a deer could hop out and distract the wolves. (Bambyy!!!)

With no luck. His prayer was not answered.

Then, two loud and long roars echo, the pack of wolves get excited and then, Spring towards Zhang Yang!

When Zhang Yang heard those roars, he knew of his tragic fate. Quickly, he lights his spirit sense and creates a spell in his heart. He activates an agility talisman which he prepared earlier.


The talisman suddenly burns, frightening the wolves with this witchcraft. Using this to his advantage, Zhang Yang leaps.

His body like a straight arrow, shooting up 10 meters high!

It’s his first time using the agility talisman, so he didn’t expect this boost in leap. Unpreparedly, he falls into the center of the wolf pack, almost slipping when landing.

One Timberwolf goes behind to chomp on Zhang Yang, but Zhang Yang managed to control his spirit sense(radar: new term) and clearly seen anything within 20 meters. He’s not moved by this sneak attack.

He swings his right to counter the wolf.


A Walking Zombie Lv2 is at least 10 times stronger than a human cultivator at the same level. He smashes the Timberwolf to the ground.


The Timberwolf makes a miserable shriek, The wolf turns to the ground using all of its force to stand, but ultimately failed.

Zhang Yang doesn’t take his chance to fully kill the wolf but instead runs away at full speed.

Now, he fluctuates his strength, his legs glows a yellow light. Zhang Yang then jumps forward nimbly.

The other two Timberwolves tried to pounce on Zhang Yang while he took his leave, but fail trying because of his speed. Seeing their food disappear, the wolves knows they cannot let him off. They howl and chase after the undead.

“This is awesome! WooHoo-, If I have knowm the actual power of these talismans sooner, then I wouldn’t have to be scared of these wolves! Just one talisman can already save me.”

Feeling the abnormal energy from his roots, Zhang Yang gets excited. When he encountered the wolf pack, he hadn’t understood the full potential of the Lv 1 agility talisman just yet, so it took him a while to use it.

After all, he was afraid to use the power of the talisman, if the talisman didn’t work or had triggered a fiery nature, things could’ve become much more difficult.

Luckily, the agility talisman lived to its name. It helped Zhang Yang escape.

“What a good tool it is. But I only have 5 more…” Zhang Yang sighs in the process.

“Looks like I need to learn how to craft talismans… and once I do the first is to make the agility talisman. If I can’t defeat my enemy, then I won’t have a problem in running away!

If I’m fast enough then they can’t catch me.” This is Zhang Yang’s Life Principle.

And with a glittering yellow light on his foot, Zhang Yang runs as fast as his legs could take him. But… Zhang Yang’s face starts to turn helpless.

In a short period of time, the talisman’s effect was started to fade. It showed with Zhang Yang’s speed slowing down,

He had left the wolves far behind. However, he could now hear the howls again and see their shadows. The wolves had exceptionally good patience and would not let go of a prey once they have chosen one.

It had just been 15 minutes and Zhang Yang had only ran 10 thousand meters. By this time, the agility talisman has completely dispersed.

Compared to the speed of the Timberwolves, his Lv2 Walking Zombie speed was like a snail.

“Shit! Those wolves are going to catch up, More importantly, I only have 4 agility talisman left. After I use them all, the wolves will catch up… And the forest still is dangerous, even if I manage to lose the wolves there might be another danger…”

There were some roars that could be heard in the forest, Ones that could scare mortals silly.

“Fine, Let’s take some risks! If I can teach those wolves a lesson, they have to accept I am strong. Even better, killing the leader will prove me.”

Zhang Yang made his decision straight.

“I have around 20 talismans in total right now… Zombie Oppression talismans won’t do me any good… What works right now is the two thunder talismans. Not to mention the 4 other agility talismans. Along with the 2 Body Bulking, and 1 Flame talisman”

“I still don’t know the effects of the Ground Sinking talisman, but it sounds like its name. Still! I will not take these powers lightly. The powers of the thunder talismans are very powerful and if I can use the thunder talisman to slay the leader of the Wolves, it will become chaotic.”

“But, I still can’t locate the leader… There were almost 10 Timberwolves now and so the thunder talisman might not be used to its full extent. The Flame Talisman seems useful in this situation, but I only have one and with it, it’s only Lv 1 so the time to activate a big flame would be too long.”

If I can use the agility talisman and the body bulking talisman to find the leader, maybe then I can use the Flame and Thunder talisman. This seems likely to be the most efficient way and the key to success!

Zhang Yang is calculating his properties and thinks deeply about a solution to fight against the wolves.

At this time, the Timberwolves start to get closer, and for Zhang Yang which who is sensitive to fresh blood, he can hear the heavy breath of the wolves.

Seeming like they get closer to their target, the wolves start to get overly excited.

They hold their long tongues out that drip disgusting feral saliva. With spottable blood lust in their eyes. While four paws step lightly on the ground, a Wolf’s racing body flies into the air.

With the blowing of the wind, the fur coat on the Wolf clings to its body, His first paw is rising and ready to swipe onto Zhang Yang. The wide mouth readily to bite on Zhang Yang. Obviously flaunting his power.

But the Timberwolf’s sneak attack failed because of Zhang Yang’s spiritual sense, it captured all this and sent reflections of a 360 degree axis to his brain. Zhang Yang initiates a spell and throws a thunder talisman out. Psychic power surrounds the air and…


With a blinding light, the “super confident” wolf is struck by the thunder. Scorching outside, but a tender rare inside. (Hungry…)

The wolf doesn’t even have the time to speak its pain, immediately it spreads a delicious spell of rare marbled meat. The wolf… is dead.

Although a Zombie’s Yin body attracts thunder, Zhang Yang can use his Spiritual Sense to maintain a control on the thunder talisman. For so, it would not bring harm to its user.

The deafening sound of Thunder follows lightning, scaring the rest of the wolves. The wolves immediately stopped in their tracks and whimpered in fear.

(At this point, since I’m horrible with science. I remember Thunder is the sound that follows lightning. (totally not searched up) So I’m sorry if you’re disturbed by this. I won’t be going back, I’ll just change it here on out)

Lightning is, of course the main factor onto creating a huge wildfire. A fire can surely kill an animal easily. Even many-high level magical beasts can die easily from a lightning tribulation, and some by special flames. The creatures in the forest already fear lightning from their hearts.

It’s very efficient to use the power of lightning to fight against monsters.

Compared to the fear of the wolves, Zhang Yang is disappointed with the lightning talisman.

“What’s going on? I saw the Taoist use this lightning talisman to destroy a whole cave! The lightning talisman also vaporized a hopping zombie to mere ashes. It seems the power of my lightning talisman is much weaker compared to what the Taoist used…”

“Maybe the cause is the weather? The lightning talisman might take advantage of thunderstorms? It’s possible since during that time the Lv1 lightning talisman was so extreme during that time.”

After a quick thought, Zhang Yang believes his reasoning is correct. But now? It’s not good news for him now.


A howl can be heard, the frightened wolves eventually become normal again. They once again looked as if they hadn’t even seen the lightning talisman. With deep growls, they ferociously attack again. The calming of the pack was led by the leader.

That’s power of a leader. To Unite and Guide.

The one lightning talisman is his only strongest talisman, Zhang Yang didn’t want to waste it so instead. he used a Body Bulking talisman. A yellow light covers his whole body, and his strength leaps and bounds to a whole new realm.

Finally, a Timberwolf attacks from his sides, generally speaking, the wolf’s body looked like a speed bullet. And at the same time, another side was covered by a Timberwolf’s leaping attack. A step slower than his companion, this is bad for Zhang Yang. For he has a stiff body and virtually cannot deal with a couple of wolves at the same time.

If Zhang Yang makes a slight mistake in his coordination, his throat will be bitten off from the wolves. Because of a Timberwolf’s great cooperation at a group animal they act in synchronization after many practices.

However, Zhang Yang’s reaction is surprisingly fast for a zombie. He flicks his hand out quickly and grabs the neck of the first Timberwolf. Stabbing it fatally with his sharp nails. The Zombie poison instantly travels into the wolf’s immune system and destroys it. The first wolf becomes weak and at the same time, the second wolf misses his attack while Zhang Yang dodges.

Zhang Yang smacks the waist of the wolf. As a saying goes, Wolves are generally strong with their Heads and Fur, but they are vulnerable as their weak point, the waist.

Since a zombie already has abnormal strength, including the effect of the Body Bulking talisman. The Timberwolf’s defenses cannot stand it.

Zhang Yang’s Spirit Sense once again saves him. He managed to see the direction the wolves were planning. Even with nocturnal vision, the forest can hide plenty, so his Spiritual Sense reflects and plays all the detail clearly within 20 meters. He uses this fighting the wolves.

It is indeed much clearer than using his eyes!

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