ZE Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Lurking Dangers

A zombie’s cultivation method is especially unique, being able to absorb the Qi of Yin Blood, they can convert it into a supernatural power. It’s in essence like mana in video games. But for humans, they absorb anima or natural Qi energy to cultivate into immortals.

These two methods of cultivation have the same principle, but Zhang Yang isn’t interested in why zombies can’t cultivate like a human’s even if they have the same principle. Instead of thinking about it, he believes that the Taoist’s cultivation method was barely adequate.

Zhang Yang continues to read the  <Secret Book of the LaoShan Mountains> and he catches a page that fits his eyes, reading an index of bold position, <Talisman Crafting and Utilizing>.

Zhang Yang has experienced the power of Talismans firsthand, especially the senior Taoist’s strengthening talisman. Luckily for the little zombie, the talisman had a time limit. Otherwise, he might’ve been exterminated like an ant.

“There’s also that lightning talisman, it called down lightning from the sky!” If Zhang Yang were to be able to control talismans of that degree, his fighting capacity would reach a whole new realm and he wouldn’t have to fear even the mightiest!

The two important keys to crafting a talisman and utilizing it are spiritual power and spiritual sense. Spiritual sense is, unfortunately, a zombie’s natural disadvantage. However, since Zhang Yang practiced the <Tai Yin Refining Figures> his spiritual sense exceeds that of an average human cultivator that is equal in level.

It also takes a lot of practice and talent. One could indeed hone their spiritual sense and spiritual powers by practice, but talent is what comes in individuals.

Zhang Yang, fortunately, has rich talent in his foundations to craft and utilize talismans.

Thinking about this, Zhang Yang becomes restless. Imagining about how he can use these talismans, Zhang Yang decides to view the twenty varieties of talismans in the Taoist’s old magical case.

Zhang Yang can’t yet comprehend the symbols on the talismans, but since he has the <Secret Book of the LaoShan Mountains> he would eventually find a way to stalk out information on the symbols.

Though, since there are picture catalogs in the book, he can comprehend the visuals. He has so far found out there are two lightning talismans, two fire, five agility, and the rest involve zombie oppression. These talismans have effects on to disabling zombies.

They’re all low-level talismans at level one. Zhang Yang finds a notable amount of zombie oppression talismans, but he cannot practice it because first, he can’t find any zombies around him and second, He is a zombie himself!

Besides that, there is five agility boosting talismans. Zhang Yang didn’t think of it to be a lost


After one hour Zhang Yang left the cave, there were two men running up the mountain. They entered the dark cave.

They both wore yellow robes, the eight trigrams and Tai-chi figures on their robes show their identities.

These two people were sent on a rescue mission after they got the letter from the origami crane. They are not outer disciples like Ming He. They are formal inner disciples in LaoShan Mountain Sect.

These two Taoists were shocked to see the two burnt bodies and the remains of the former zombie cave.

“What’s going on? Why does it takes two people who are now dead to deal with some little hopping zombies (Jiangshi). They’re rubbish.” One Taoist says and looks at the bite marks on the dead body.

“According to the wound, it’s definitely Jiangshi. Ming, He disappoints me, he can’t even take care of his junior martial brothers. No wonder he doesn’t have the qualification to become an inner disciple.”

While they are discussing this, not a single bit of sad emotion arose to their faces. They were like demons wearing masks.

“Where is Ming He? He’s missing, and the other two are dead. It’s hard to find the proof and explain it to the sect… We are going to be punished.” The elder Taoist frowned. The other Taoist comes up with an idea.

“Senior brother, you don’t need to worry about that. Ming He is stupid and he goes to fight with Jiangshi without getting orders or permission from the sect. He abandoned his junior martial brothers and escaped. His choice made his junior brothers killed by the Jiangshis. All we need to do is to catch Ming He. If we can’t find Ming He, that’s not our fault.” Putting all the accusations to Ming He. The senior Taoist nods in agreement.

“Let me just waste a tracking talisman to find this traitor!” He claps his hand and a yellow talisman flies from his bag, which now levitates in the air The elder Taoist closed his eyes to cast a spell. Suddenly, he shouts to the talisman.


The talisman burns receiving the command, releasing some yellow sparks from the talisman. The elder Taoist’s eyes shined. He can now see pairs of footprints leading away from the cave. Every few meters from the cave, there were fresh pairs of footprints. The direction of the footprints is the same direction Zhang Yang fled. These footprints can only be seen by the elder Taoist.

“The footprints show that someone left the cave. It must be the Jiangshi! I saw no other footprints around. The question is, where did Ming He vanish to?”  the elder Taoist states, staring at the footprints.

“Maybe the cave-in covered all the fighting marks. I think Ming He left before the rain started, washing his footprints away.” Answering the elder Taoist’s question.

They couldn’t find Ming He’s dead body. But they also didn’t know that Zhang Yang had used a fire talisman to cremate the body.

The elder Taoist nods, confirming that it made sense.

“We can’t let that Jiangshi run away. Otherwise, we won’t have the proof to explain to our sect. Let’s follow the zombie’s footprints and kill it. Maybe we can find some new evidence then.”

Two Taoists make the decision and start running in Zhang Yang’s direction.


The wide moon shone upon the land of thousands, from the mountain to the tall trees that blocked the glistening moonlight. It made the world seem to be in a frozen darkness. In the distance, distinct beast roars could be heard from their hunting, along with the songs emitting from small, yet deadly insects, causing the ambience of the forest to sound more horrible.

A zombie lands heavily on the ground. Deep craters can be seen from the roots of his feet, his step was so heavy that his body was virtually stiff. This Jiangshi was Zhang Yang…

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