ZE Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Level Up!

Zhang Yang’s pores were all shaking in fright! If his body had not been covered by the cave, then, Zhang Yang would have turned into powder on the spot!

With a quick glance, he sees his fellow zombies fall under the pressure due to a talisman. Zhang Yang doesn’t think about it too much. So he vaporized the yellow talisman which disabled the zombie.


With a small explosion,  the yellow talisman burns and creates a thick smog. Zhang Yang’s left hand soon was engulfed by an unknown substance.

The zombie that was freed by Zhang Yang opens his eyes.

While Zhang Yang’s zombie friend hasn’t totally gone out from his coma, Zhang Yang gives him a large forward push. The body of his zombie fellow smashed into the senior Taoist accurately.

At the same time, Zhang Yang boosts himself and rushes towards to his fellow zombie.

It happened in a flash so the senior Taoist couldn’t see Zhang Yang’s movement, but he knew something was coming towards him. He instinctively pointed his finger out, ready to disintegrate the coming object.


Another lightning strike soars from the sky.

Zhang Yang’s zombie acquaintance soon turns into dust.

But, senior Taoist doesn’t have time to celebrate. He feels his ankles are held by the arms of Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang stuck his purple and black fingernail in Taoist’s ankle.

Zhang Yang’s eyes are red. He is very angry and hates Taoist’s guts because he can not stand the huge pain from his left arm (being corrupted by the talisman) and have a pressure from the danger of death. The only thing he is thinking about right now is to kill the enemy.

With a deep growl, he flips the senior Taoist to the ground. The senior Taoist doesn’t have enough time to initiate another lightning spell, he is soon held down by Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang takes a crunch on the Taoist’s neck.

“I must kill this Taoist!”

“If he doesn’t die, I Will!”

“That’s the only thought going through Zhang Yang’s head.”

The senior Taoist struggles miserably. His psychic power from the “Great General” talisman has already been depleted and he cannot win a physical fight with a zombie.

The blood flows down Zhang Yang’s throat.

“Thump! Thump!”

Zhang Yang’s mouth is filled with crimson blood. He feels a warm wave flow into his body, sending it straight to the small cyclone of Qi in his abdomen. The warm wave stimulates the small cyclone of Qi and makes it speed up quicker than usual. The rotation speed of the small cyclone is 10 times greater than Zhang Yang’s ordinary state.

Under the high speed of this rotation, It creates a refreshing sensation for Zhang Yang’s body that he cannot let go of.

One Circle. Two Circles

While the miserable scream from the senior Taoist keeps getting lower, Zhang Yang feels his body getting more and more comfortable. He grips the Taoist tightly, not wanting to let go, fearing he’ll die.

Zhang Yang is in his own world and he didn’t realize at the time that he bit the Taoist, the “Great General” talisman had already lost its lights.

The lightning in the clouds controlled by the talisman soon went into chaos as it had nowhere to go.

Many lightning strikes came down from the sky, breaking into the cave. The other taoists and zombies, including the ones in the coffin are blown to nothing.

The coffins that were targeted by the lighting blew up into splinters and a fire soon erupted.

Zhang Yang is an exception. He is covered by the psychic power from the senior Taoist so he’s immune to the outside danger. He is currently like this because he had fed on the senior Taoist’s blood.

But Zhang Yang doesn’t know the change of his surroundings. He is in his world, devouring, absorbing, and enjoying…

Massive waves of Qi flew into his sea of Qi. The high-speed cyclone of Qi reaches its limits and stopped absorbing the external energy.

The extra waves of Qi make a counter-clockwise spin and created an even smaller cyclone next to the original one.

The new small cyclone starts developing from the abnormal energy.

Zhang Yang’s appearance is changing one again. His cuticles become much more solid and his fingernails grew to a longer length.

As time passes by, The storm slowly settles and the lightning and fire soon become pure sparks.

The warm waves of Qi in his body have also finally settled.

When Zhang Yang wakes up, he is in a state of shock.

There is a skeleton wearing the Taoist’s clothes.

“I—I’ve eaten a human…I’ve killed a person…”

In the fight, all he thought about was killing the enemy. But now, he feels like as if he was a demon, snorting a human being to a mummification. Zhang Yang feels a sense of guilt.

He came with a theory that the zombie’s influence has affected his soul, and his attitude changed accordingly.

Those Taoists were after Zhang Yang’s life, If Zhang Yang didn’t kill them, he would die.

“It’s a killed or be killed world…”

“Eating the prey is better than being the prey.”

Zhang Yang positively comforts himself.

He finds out his corrupted left arm burned by the talisman and black ink lines have already recovered.

By using his inner soul, he can see the progress of his Qi: two cyclones of Qi became the same size after the blood consumption.

Two cyclones of Qi spins counter-clockwise, it seemed like a couple running from each other, he thought it was pretty cute. (EN: Yea… I don’t get it either.)

“Haha! I’ve progressed so far. I’m officially a level 2 walking zombie!” Zhang Yang smiles excitedly.

Like a human Qi cultivator, there are a total of nine levels in a walking zombie. When a zombie has a small cyclone of Qi, they are walking zombie Lv1. When they reach a quantity of two cyclones, they become Lv2 walking zombies.

If a zombie has three cyclones of Qi in their body. The three cyclones of Qi will merge, expanding into the sea of Qi. Signaling a Lv3 walking zombie.

When a walking zombie rises to Lv 3, they meet their first bottleneck.

If he breaks through his first bottleneck, he will get through the sea of Qi between his chest and abdomen and go straight to the second stage of zombie cultivation.

The second stage is equally like the first stage. The only difference is the zombie will start to create a cyclone of Qi in their chest instead of the abdomen.

The cultivating path for a walking zombie Lv 4 to 6 is pretty smooth, It just takes some time.

But when a walking zombie cultivates to Lv7, their Qi will go through their arms, legs, and brain. Letting them achieve the 3rd Stage of Qi Cultivation.

99% of walking zombies can only get to the maximum level of the third stage (walking zombie lv 9). They cannot cultivate any further because the next step is the purple zombie (the same as the level of foundation building in a human cultivator).

The process to get into the purple zombie is especially difficult. It needs to turn the Qi from gas to liquid. A human cultivator can only reach this level with aid from their sect and a mountain of medicinal pills.

A human cultivator in the level of foundation building is considered a genius.

However, a zombie cannot generate medicinal pills by themselves. There are also not sects kind enough to even let a zombie live, let alone give them medicinal pills.

But, this problem seems too far for Zhang Yang right now. He is already very satisfied with his level up to walking zombie Lv2.

In this dangerous world, the stronger you are, the safer it is.

Zhang Yang starts to put his consciousness into the surrounding environment.

The cave is destroyed due to the lighting and the top part of the cave was completely flipped over due to the damages.

Luckily, the sun was starting to set and the trashed cave and trees created a silhouette that covered Zhang Yang, otherwise he would’ve been killed by the sunlight during his “feast”.

Zhang Yang can imagine how powerful the lighting was.

That reminds him about the lighting talisman and the magical treasure in the center of the cave.

He put his sensation to the environment. (The sensation is like his radar. He uses it to see what’s going on inside his body or check the outside environment)

Suddenly, all things within twenty meters were clearly pictured in Zhang Yang’s mind.

“Twenty meters! My sensation scanning range is up to twenty meters and there’s still space to improve!

When he tries to sense things underneath the ground, he feels that his sensation is blocked by the soil and minerals, the maximum range of that is up to ten meters underground.

But that’s enough for him. With his sensation, he can see the magical case and the ink fountain under rocks. He doesn’t sense the lightning talisman. Zhang Yang believes that the talisman is a one time use item like in RPG games where you can activate one time use buffs. The senior Taoist used it up and now it’s gone. Well, he isn’t too upset about that because now he has the magical case all for himself.

If someone nearby were to see this scene, they would cough up blood, witnessing a mere zombie collecting out of a magical case.

Twenty different varieties of talismans, black donkey’s hooves, yellow talisman papers, cinnabar, a brush to draw on the talisman,……and a yellow cover book. The title of the book is called the

<Secret Book of the LaoShan Mountains>

That’s all for the items in the magical case.

Like the black dog’s blood, the black donkey’s hooves also have a restriction effect for zombies. Zhang Yang can feel the disgust for the hooves in his heart. He stands away from the black donkey’s hooves and opens the <Secret Book of the LaoShan Mountains>. The opening session harbours the secret to Qi refining.


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