ZE Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Talisman

Zhang Yang’s two fellow zombies turn their eyes and voices a deep growl to Chen He as he sat close to the coffin.

Chen He’s once fine clothes were stained bloody.

With the stimulation of the fresh blood, these two zombies went mad and pounced to Chen He’s side.

“Senior brother! Help me! Chong He! Help Me!”

The poor little Taoist utters a heartrending cry. He has nowhere to hide right now. He wants to push the two zombies away, but the zombies were inherently strong. It’s basically impossible for him to be able to push these two zombies away.

In a flash, a blood rending noise is heard and the zombies bite away on the puny Taoist.

Zhang Yang’s heart sank. This is the first time he has seen a human being devoured by zombies. His rationality tells him to feel disgusted, but the sweet smell of blood fills his undead nostrils.

Zhang Yang quickly swallows his saliva.

That plump fat Taoist is not attending to rescue his friend, he shouts out to express his fear. All he wanted right now is to escape far away.

With a little jump, Zhang Yang blocks the entrance of the cave.

The body of Zhang Yang was a zombie. But, his soul still settled in the realm of humans. He is not adapt to killing people and eating them, but now, he cannot let this little Taoist run away.

Otherwise, he will only bring more unnecessary trouble.

The fat Taoist was so scared that he tripped to the ground, but right after he crawled on the ground and moves back to the magic case’s side.

As he reaches for the magic case in the center of the cave, it seems to give him a spark of courage that wasn’t there before

He takes out a basin-sized box from the magic case. He opens the cover of the box and says to Zhang Yang:

“Don…..n’t come…….here! This is black dog’s blood. If used against zz-zombie, it will hurt you! Don’t co….come in any closer! I’ll pour it on you!!!”

He looks tough but it’s obvious that he was scared half to death

When noticing the black dog’s blood, Zhang Yang sense some fear from his zombie intuition.

“WTF! Does this black dog blood really dangerous for me? Or, does it just have an effect to frighten me? Will this black dog’s blood really hurt a zombie’s strong body?”

Zhang Yang is uncertain about that. Before he came to this cultivation world, he saw many examples of black dog blood doing some serious damage to a zombie’s body in t.v shows and movies.

However, from the deepest part of Zhang Yang’s heart. He doesn’t want to admit that he will be restricted by mere black dog blood. Zhang Yang won’t accept that the blood will defeat him.

Zhang Yang growls deeply and makes a sinister grin, he doesn’t know how to deal with this right now.

Noticing the hesitation of Zhang Yang, the fat white Taoist finds his courage back.

“You, zombie! step back! Otherwise, I will pour this to you!”

While saying to Zhang Yang, Chong He moves his leg sideways. He plans to pass around Zhang Yang and try to escape from the cave.

“WTF? My soul doesn’t belong to a zombie! Furthermore, you are just carrying a bowl of black dog’s blood. I am not afraid of you.”

Zhang Yang has decided to take the risk to engage with Chong He.

Zhang Yang pounces to the fat white Taoist. His every jump makes a rumbling noise.  This sound scares the absolute shit out of Chong He.

This poor Taoist Chong He makes a conclusion. He closes his eyes and pours the whole bowl of black dog blood forward. It’s impossible for Zhang Yang to avoid.

When the black dog’s blood interacts with Zhang Yang’s body, it immediately makes a corrosive sound. With a smell of burning flesh, Zhang Yang’s cloth turns to many small holes.

Zhang Yang makes out a growl because it was indeed painful.

My super-awesome body will actually be restricted by this blood?

After seeing that, white-fat Taoist knows the blood was taking effect. He couldn’t make a sound but he had a sudden delight in his heart. Right now, he doesn’t want to fight the zombies or save his monk companions, he just wants to leave the eyes of Zhang Yang.

While he is passing besides Zhang Yang, he gets attacked by Zhang Yang.

After getting hit, Chong He falls on the ground and struggles to get up.

Following with the stimulation of the black dog’s blood, this hit is so strong, since Zhang Yang’s power couldn’t control his punch, it could’ve easily shaken strong opponents

While Zhang Yang thinks he is winning, he suddenly finds a psychic power from under the upturned coffin.

Zhang Yang uses his sensation (consciousness) to scan it, he finds the senior Taoist who is trapped by the coffin holds a yellow talisman. The senior Taoist says:

“ My great general, listen to my command!”

The yellow talisman lights a bright yellow color without burning. The yellow gleam then starts enveloping the senior Taoist’s body.

The upside down coffin is then uncovered by the push from the senior Taoist. After he uncovers the coffin, he stands up.



Zhang Yang pounces towards the senior Taoist with a deep growl. He doesn’t want to give any opening for the majestic like senior Taoist.

“Let me catch you! Zombie!”

The senior Taoist uses a spinning foot kick, The move is quick and strong.

Zhang Yang gets hit on his chest and flips upside down.

A Walking zombie’s level one body is surely not invincible yet. However, the cuticle on the skin managed to defend well against the senior’s strike.

Although Zhang Yang got kicked upside down, he is not injured.

Zhang Yang stands back up again, his body straight as a stick.

The senior Taoist reaches for the magical case and takes an ink fountain(bottle) from it.

“You are just a puny walking zombie!!! I WILL CATCH YOU!!!!”

He chants a spell and activates the ink fountain.

The black light flashes, It’s as quick as a mystical snake, striking at the neck of Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang knows the dangers of the ink fountain, he turns his body sideways and lets the black light pass.

Zhang Yang then jumps some meters high and strikes back towards the senior Taoist. His strongest weapon to fight against others now is his tusks and claws. He has no hidden power at all.

The senior Taoist didn’t expect that this zombie would react that quickly. He sprints back and uses his move “Iron Slab”.

Zhang Yang’s body is too stiff to change the direction. This is a good chance for the senior Taoist. The senior Taoist uses the black line mark again, the line entangles to Zhang Yang’s foot.

With the smell of burning flesh, the black mark is like a rod that shines the light of yellow when used.

“It’s fucking hurts!”

The senior Taoist pulls Zhang Yang over with the effect of the black line. He chants the spell again and more black lines shoots to entangle Zhang Yang’s body.

Zhang Yang knows if he gets his body entangled, he is bound to die. He leaps forward, spinning his left arm like a wheel and snaps the black line apart.

The black line is corroding his arm and body. It was very painful. This pain took makes Zhang Yang more ferocious and he deals damage towards the senior Taoist with a slash.

The senior Taoist’s left arm got scratched because he had underestimated this zombie’s strength.

With the effect of the yellow light, Zhang Yang’s scratch doesn’t work very well on the Taoist. His fingers can just pierce into his arm, not even reaching the bone.

Zhang Yang realizes it was the effect of that talisman. This talisman’s effect is to defend its user and decrease the damage from others. Otherwise, Zhang Yang can tear the Taoist’s whole arm off and cripple him.

Next, the senior Taoist returns the slash with a deadly kick

Zhang Yang got kicked away crashing into another zombie, crushing this zombie fellow which has already been tamed by Taoist.

Zhang Yang doesn’t feel much pain, but his rib broke during the impact. It will decrease his damage and movement.

But the senior Taoist is very angry because his shoulder is injured, showing a discoloration of black and blue, indicating a zombie’s poison going into effect.

“You monster! I was planning to catch you at the beginning! But now! I am going to kill you!”

He pulls a talisman box out and creates a spell.

“The soldier of Thunder! From the sky, Reaching to ground! Driving the lighting and cloud! Hear to my command! Strike!”

A yellow talisman goes out of the box and starts to floating in the air. It makes some “ci-ci-ci” sound.(static sound)

Then comes a huge sound from the sky, a lighting strike shoots down and shreds off the top of the cave.

The talisman floats in the air and makes a “ci-ci-ci” sound again. That hints a strong strike will occur.


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