ZE Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Fighting in the cave


Thunder shoots out the sky like dancing silver snakes, the sound is deafening.


A scary voice vibrates from the cold cave that muffles the sound of rain.


With a loud sound, the coffin that laid against the wall shook and fell.


A zombie comes out of the coffin, with a cyan, twisted, and ferocious face. His Inflexible arms point forward with no shaky movements, a shiny black fingernail with the yellow stratum corneum like armor has great defense.

This zombie is Zhang Yang.

It has been 15 days since he has evolved into a walking zombie, with a harsh life of refining, although he hasn’t touched beyond the walking zombie, he has consolidated the level of walking zombie and now he can put his awareness outside a ten meters wide range based on what the <Book of the Other Things> states.

It took him ten days to get that level! However, he cannot take another step forward.

Zhang Yang knows it’s a waste of time if he continues to cultivate in the cave since it has become very hard for him to improve anymore in this barren cave.

It’s time for him to leave. But the sky isn’t lenient and continues to strike down. His fellow zombies are too afraid to move so they return back to their coffins.

Zhang Yang feels a sense of fear from his heart too because of his zombie nature, he tries very hard to stay fearless and jumps out of his coffin.

It doesn’t mean Zhang Yang is unappreciative, he just doesn’t believe the coffins will do him any good in protecting against the thunder.

Zhang Yang is surprised about how powerful the thunder is just taking a peek at the cave entrance.

The sky is a zombie’s ultimate nemesis! The thunder of the sky doesn’t forgive the little zombie that hides in a cave. If he were to be on the outside surface, he would’ve undoubtedly be struck into ashes.

“ WTF! What a misfortune! I am in the body of a zombie, I am not a handsome zombie, and I am already being threatened by lightning as my first foe!”

Zhang Yang cried as if he was still a human right now.

But at this time, he hears someone speaking outside the cave. The voice is low because of the storm outside, but he trusts his instincts that there were people outside.

He jumps besides the wall of the cave and activates his “radar”.  All the things surrounded him is like a video showing in his head, he can see the rain pour from the sky and with it, bubbles that lay on the ground.

Zhang Yang also sees an earthworm crawl out from the wet soil as if it was taking its first breath.

“There seems to be nothing suspicious…”

Zhang Yang doesn’t give up on being vigilant because he knows the limit of his “radar”. It would be helpful during a fight, but not that good in investigating due to its limits.

As expected, he hears the voice again.

“……It must be near here……”

“….There must be an entrance to the cave somewhere……”

“….Find it!…”

Zhang Yang couldn’t hear it clearly, but surprisingly, he could understand the language.

In this world of cultivation, it would’ve been a hassle to learn a new language so this was a relief.

A voice comes closer, with a surprised tone:

“Shi Xiong, I found it!”

By using his awareness(“Radar”), Zhang Yang can see three Taoist monks clearly.


The older monk seems to notice something when Zhang Yang uses his awareness system to scan his location.

Zhang Yang closes his awareness quickly. He is very nervous right now.

Taoist Monks?

Wanting to come into a zombie cave?

This is so unfortunate! If I had left a day earlier, maybe this wouldn’t have happened…

The entrance is the only path in and out of the cave, and now? It’s being blocked by the three Taoist monks.

“Will I fight them? Can I fight them?” Zhang Yang could not figure out a way to escape from their grasps…

If they were looking for this cave, then that means they have prepared to fight with the zombies in the cave. Anxiously, Zhang Yang takes a gamble—he hopes he can cheat those three monks by hiding behind the coffin and not come out. Maybe, they will be to distracted with the other zombies and forget to check behind his coffin.

Dong -Dong-Dong

Hiding behind the coffin, His body clung to the wall tightly.

After doing that, Zhang Yang hears the three monks rush into the cave swiftly. The more mature one seems to be quicker. Soon, they arrived at the zombie coffins with their swords held out ready to counter any approaching zombies.

These three people seem relieved after noticing that there is nothing in the cave but closed coffins.

“Be quick, all coffins closed with lids must be completely sealed.”

The senior monk takes the wooden case from the fat monk and takes something out of the case quickly.

Zhang Yang can see the whole thing clearly from the gap behind the coffin. The object the senior monk takes out from the wooden case is some a ginger-color talisman and some ink dipping bottles.

The senior Taoist passes the ink bottles to both of the younger Taoists. Then, both younger Taoists rushes to the closest coffins.

They open the ink bottles and use it to draw black lines. The two had used stunning cooperation which they drew a picture of a black fishing net on the coffin. Their action was so adept that it took them a measly two minutes to finish one coffin.

After, they run to another coffin.

The senior Taoist takes out a big ink brush. He inks the big ink brush with vivid golden color ink and uses it to draw a weird figure talisman. He places it on the black fishing net. He readily sways the big ink brush freely as he wishes. It looks pretty cool.

Senior Taoist’s job is painting weird talismans and the other two younger Taoists are in charge of drawing nets with ink. Within ten minutes, they finish four coffins.

But when they start doing the fifth coffin, something goes wrong.

While the two younger Taoists are trying to draw the first black line on the fifth coffin, a more careful zombie in the coffin senses it and suddenly has a reaction towards it.

The fifth coffin’s lid bursts open and hit the ground heavily.


A zombie jumps out carrying a heavy smell of blood, wax-yellow skin, a ferocious face, and long fingernails.


The zombie jumps out and quickly pounces to younger Taoist’s side.

Although these two younger Taoist are nervous, they are not freaking out. They easily draw an ink rope from the ink bottle and hits the zombie with this ink rope.

The ink rope hits the zombie successfully. The cloth and blood of the zombie unify in corrosion, with a loud crack and painful howl, the zombie falls stiffly on the ground.

The senior Taoist pulls out a talisman and slaps it on the zombie’s forehead.

Being slapped by this special talisman on the forehead, the zombie cannot make any moves except for looking dead on the ground.

After watching that scene, Zhang Yang feels a hint of fright despite being behind the coffin

In these 15 days, the number of his zombie fellows decreased to seven. This zombie just being tamed is the strongest zombie of the seven. Although his level cannot reach Zhang Yang’s yet, he is still top tier hopping zombie. If he had enough blood, he would have evolved to a walking zombie long ago. But this zombie has been so easily tamed in a few seconds.

“Those Taoists look very powerful… It’s better not to be discovered by them.”

The voice of the conflict woke the other 6 zombies (in the coffin) up.

“bang— bang—bang—”

The black ink net and the weird talismans shone a brilliant gold color and locks on sealing the coffin lids shut so that the zombies in the coffin cannot come out.

However, the other two coffins that haven’t been locked yet, out jumped two zombies bursting open their lids, one of the lids smashing onto a young Taoist and knocking their center of gravity over.

It was all too sudden for the younger Taoist to react. Half of his body was pinned down by the fallen coffin lid, he grimaces in pain.

Coincidentally, that very young Taoist fell down besides Zhang Yang’s coffin.

If he lifts his head up, he will see Zhang Yang.

“Chen He!”

The fatter Taoist wants to rescue his friend.

“Idiot! Don’t worry about him right now, fight with the zombies first!”

The senior Taoist Min He scolds the fatter Taoist while he is trying to fight one zombie by using his mahogany sword.

“Shit!” Chen He makes a high whine.

But at the next second, Chen He lifts his head and sees Zhang Yang hiding behind the coffin, he was about to yell…

“Not good! CAN’T BE EXPOSED!!”

Zhang Yang thinks, pushing his coffin in front of him with his stronger arm. The up-right coffin spins in the air and goes flying towards the senior Taoist’s direction.

(If it’s his right arm, I wonder why :^)))

If you want to catch a thief, catch the leader of them first. (Chinese proverb). Between these three Taoists, the senior one seems the toughest. If you sneak attack him successfully, it’s easier to deal with the other two Taoists.

The senior Taoist’s attention is on the two other zombies at the time. When he was just about to attack them with his sword and talisman he didn’t expect for a huge black thing to strike him on the head. (Kawaranu: This Novel is dirty…)


The huge coffin covers him and pins his whole body to the ground.

“What a lucky hit! The coffin is very heavy. A human cannot use his own strength to flip it over!”

Now the situation has changed drastically, those three majestic-looking Taoist monks are just fine a one minute ago. But now, one of them is pinned by the coffin, other one is injured, and that only leaves the fat Taoist to be the only opponent!

EN: Seems like I have made a mistake on chapter 4, They’re actually trying to capture the zombies? It was confusing since the translation had “kill” in one part and “capture” in another. -Kawaranu


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