ZE Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Taoist monks from LaoShan sect

Even for hopping Zombies, they have to use the <Tai Yin Refining Figures Book of Exercising Body>.

Which allows them to absorb lunar essence.


Essentially, that means they can only cultivate themselves at night, which could be a hassle.

Since Zhang Yang has evolved into a walking zombie, he has touched onto the earliest stages of undead refining


He is now able to start absorbing the lingering Yin Qin around him.


Zhang Yang is lucky, having experienced the full moon since he entered into the cultivation world for three continuous days, He is now worried about events if there was no moonlight to supply him, but the arrival and defeat of the Boa played a major effect and helped Zhang Yang evolve early to the next stage.


After absorbing Yin Qi for a few days, Zhang Yang has realized the effects of absorbing Yin Qi is far weaker and won’t be able to help him as much as the Lunar essence.


“It seems like the quality of Yin Qi around here is poor…” Zhang Yang sighs helplessly.


When a Human cultivates, they absorb anima from all over the world and the degree of the spiritual power depends on the geographical position. (If compared it could be like soil if it isn’t fertile no crops will grow.)


According to a Zombie’s cultivation, they absorb Yin Energy(Yin Qi or Qi of Yin) from the surrounding environment and the degree of the Yin energy depends if the geographical position is rich with Yin Qi.

The quality all depends on the area in where the person cultivates. The method is similar to Human cultivation.


There is a mystical place on this world that harbors the strongest Yin Qi, The Palace of the Nine Yin.

The number of Yin Energy locations that hold strong Yin Qi are many, but the Nine Yin Palace is so difficult to find, some consider it to be a myth.


However, since the place that Zhang Yang had stayed does not hold a strong Yin Qi environment.

As expected, the cultivation effect is therefore not as good compared to others after figuring out his Yin Qi problem, Zhang Yang held his hand forward and pushed.





The lid of his coffin popped off and slid to the floor.


Zhang Yang hops out of his coffin and looks around.


“Twelve coffins”


The number of coffins that laid on the wall counted to a total of twelve…

Last night there were fourteen closed coffins. When zombies climb out of their coffins, they leave them open but when they return, they close the coffins. Two zombies had left abruptly since Zhang Yang was in his coffin and had not returned the night

Zhang Yang doesn’t know what happened with the two other zombies on the way down the mountain, but because of the zombie’s instincts, they shouldn’t have lost their way.


“It’s not safe around here.”  If these other zombie fellows start making trouble all around, they will annoy some powerful existences. If they do maybe these strong figures will not be lenient enough to let them all live.


“I need to leave here as soon as possible! “ He says as he thinks about the possibility.


What’s more, Zhang Yang is not mentally attached to this place, so If he can find a new rich Yin environment, even if it was a small place to boost his efficiency to cultivate, he would take his leave.


“Time is always short for every cultivator.”


The life of a zombie is much longer than a human, but if they are not the level of a Disaster Zombie in time, their vitality will die and they will soon vanquish.


If you missed the key time to evolve, the path of cultivating will only become more difficult.


Zhang Yang’s mission and dreams are to become an Immortal Zombie, so he is trying to pursue his time into cultivation.


Right now, he has made a decision to leave but chooses not to leave because he doesn’t know if an experience like the Boa will appear again…


There is no denying that this world is indeed dangerous.


In the span of the last three days, he has been a “well-behaved zombie” and decides to only cultivate areas nearest to the cave.


Since his Boa experience, he’s just been doing that, since the Boa was strong If he dares go further away from the cave, there is bound to be more danger up ahead and if he met in a dangerous situation in the future, he can’t count on a zombie’s natural slow reaction.


But if he keeps refining, he’ll likely develop a good consciousness and get a good grasp of the situation around him.


Why he need a good control is just likes having a radar on a plane, if a radar is available, you’ll be more qualified to fly and direct to the correct location.


Before he gets a good control, it is safer to stay inside the cave compared to the dangerous wilderness…

After thinking about that, Zhang Yang returns to the cave and rests in his coffin to begin his cultivation.




The weather in the summer varies a lot.


It may be sunny right now and also out of nowhere a gust of the wind comes. The sky is pressed down immediately by a heavy hammer.

In a second, a flash flies across the sky and makes a thundering sound and the weather turns wildly rainy. The whole sky shows endless storm.


Normally speaking, people will not leave home in this weather.

However, there comes three people dressed in traditional Taoist robes running a circuitous road on the mountain.


They look a little bit confounded but, they stay strong, vigorous and make a quick move.


“Shi Xiong, the rain is too heavy, is it okay if we get wet under the rain? if any of us get a cold, we will delay the great banishing of evil.” (explanation: Shi Xiong: senior martial brother. Shi Di: junior martial brother)


All of them are Taoist monks. Two of them are at the age of seventeen, both of them carry a big wooden case on their backs. The other one is the leader, he is a little bit mature due to his experiences and his age is around that of twenty. He only carries a sword and a fly whisk.


The person just talked is the younger Taoist Monk and the other younger monk follows up with


“Exactly Shi Xiong, including our magical cases, if the contents inside leaks and get wet, it will lose the mystical effect of exorcising those miserable spirits!.”


The older Taoist monk glares and hums coldly: “Don’t try to be lazy, you too have a strong body. How can you guys be afraid of puny water?!? Don’t bring shame of face to us cultivators and for the magical case, it’s made of rosewood. How can you even imagine it leak?”


After hearing the older monk’s statement, the two younger monks show pairs of miserable faces.


The fatter younger monk mumbles under his breath


“How can you ask us to carry it if you know it’s made of rosewood? It’s too heavy, your cultivation base is Qi refining. You have lots of stamina at your level so there’s no problem for you to carry it. But we are still just human, including the heavy raining, how could I stand this!”


The thinner young monk tries to stop the fat monk’s speech.


“Stop saying that Chong He, if Shi Xiong were to hear you, you will regret it!!”


Chong He is the religious name of that fat younger Taoist monk.


These three monks are all disciples of the Lao Shan sect.


The Lao Shan sect is originally a famous sect in the cultivation world. It’s also an authentic Tao sect, but it turned into a second-class sect after hundreds of years. But the lack of talented disciples brought the first-class sect into denial in the past years. The twelfth generation of disciples in the Lao Shan sect is given the religious name of “Xu”. The sect leader Chong Xu, right now is in this generation too. The thirteenth generation is given the name of  “Xuan”. Fourteenth generation disciples are given the name “He”.


These three monks are in “He” generation. The older monk’s given name is Ming He, the fat monk is given the name Chong He, and the third monk is given name Chen He.

However, they aren’t core disciples, not even inner disciples. They are just outer disciples in the outer sect of the Lao Shan Sect.


Feeling the unsatisfaction of the two Shi Di, Ming He slows his foot down and says:

“The rainy day is only but a small trouble for us. However, for a zombie, it’s extremely dangerous. Zombies are naturally born in a Yin areas and absorb Yin Qi, zombies have bodies of Yin. This type of body crumbles in the face of thunder. In this weather, they have no place to hide. Do you see the hilltop over there?”


As saying, Ming He points his finger toward a hilltop.


The other two monks show an afraid appearance while they look at it.


Ming He continues:


“The thunder from the sky gathers around that hilltop and I think the thunder will not disperse in a while. That means there must have heavy Yin Qi pressing the zombies. If I am right, that’s the mountain we are looking for, the zombie cave must be on that mountain and the zombies must be dwelling within too.”


“Shi…..Shi Xiong, are we going to zombie cave for sure?”

“Yes, Shi Xiong, what if there were to be some high-level zombie we cannot against to?”


The latter monk realizes he is not appropriate to question his Shi Xiong, he adds his words quickly:


“ Shi Xiong is powerful for sure, but us Shi Di are not at the Qi refining level yet. When we are in danger, Shi Xiong will have to take care of us and fight with zombies at the same time. What if Shi Xiong becomes distracted at that time and can’t kill all of the zombies? That will damage Shi Xiong’s reputation! How about we use the origami crane mailing technique for now. Report this thing back to our sect and wait for the sect’s reinforcement.”


Chong He and Chen He is in the same boat. They are afraid of going to a zombie’s cave.

Ming He clearly knew what happened. He harbors a dislike in his heart because if he didn’t need help to kill zombies, he would’ve kick out these two trash long ago. Although Ming He dislikes them in his heart, he explains to them patiently.


“Don’t worry about it, I can guarantee we can do this. I visited ten villages which at bottom of the hill. I am sure there are less than ten zombies on that mountain.”


I am sure all of them are hopping zombies, they don’t even have a single walking zombie. That’s where my confidence comes from and what’s more is that the thunder will aid be helpful for us to kill zombies. If it’s in normal weather, we wouldn’t have the ability to go to the zombie cave. But now, there is thunder gathering around the cave. Our lightning conduction talisman can help us kill them all in a flash, so we will absolutely complete this mission.


Ming He pauses here and then says gently,


“Think about your own identity as an outer disciple, how little medicinal pills do you get from the sect? What kind of cultivation method can you obtain from the sect? Do you guys still want to do horrible labor?


If you don’t fight for it, you can’t be successful. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to kill all zombies and help those villagers. Kill zombies and we can also earn glory for our sect. When we go back to sect, maybe we  will even become inner disciples and get some cultivation altering medicinal pills as rewards.”


After saying that, he goes straight without paying attention to how the other two Shi Di would react.


Chong He and Chen He looks at each other in helplessness. It seems like they can’t change their Shi Xiong’s idea.


Chong He takes out one piece of origami crane secretly. He mumbles words extra silently and shakes the origami.




The origami crane’s color turns yellow, with some indistinguishable sounds, the origami crane flies down the mountain.

Ming He sees the origami crane but doesn’t say anything except sigh quietly. The zombie cave is very close to him, if his Shi Di comes afterward, Meng He can kill all the zombie and take the credit for himself, saying his Shi Di came afterward. Ming thinks this in his heart, increasing his dislike for the two.


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