ZE Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Crocodile Problem

Journeying away, Zhang Yang travels unknown land to further evade the Corpse Refining Sect.




Under the magnificent moonlight, several humans flew through the skies, all riding swords. They carried coffins on their backs, mighty auras radiating from them.

The group of humans made their way to the Yin Spring entrance.


All land in front of the entrance, hovering with their flying swords. A human pops out the cave, this is the black-bearded cultivator. Shi Long’s Shi Fu.

“Ahah, Shi Xiong Zhou is finally here, I can finally be at ease.” The bearded cultivator says, laughing to the slightly fat, younger man in front of him.

“Haha, Shi Di Zhang’s speed is extremely fast!” Shi Xhiong Zhou

For the Corpse Refining Sect, names are appointed from power rather than age.

Although the Zhou disciple was indeed younger, his strength is unrivaled, the bearded cultivator couldn’t lift as much as a finger to Shi Xiong. So instead, the Shi Xiong to the bearded cultivator is Zhou, instead of the reciprocal.

“I was around when the sect issued the call, that’s how I got here so early.” The black-bearded cultivator explains to Shi Xiong because he didn’t want to swagger.

“Oh… Besides that, from what this is saying, Wang Yao was supposed to be rewarded for finding the spring, but in the end, he got killed. So… the reward should belong to Shi Di, no?.” Shi Xiong Zhou says.

The black-bearded adds: “It is an honor to contribute to the sect, rewards are just simple matter.”

Shi Xiong Zhou points to the cave, “Then let’s go check the quality of this spring, perhaps it’s better than the sect’s Yin Spring.”

When the black-bearded cultivator was about to lead the way, his face changes. From his robe, he takes out a Jade Slip. The slip itself was slowly losing color before finally crumbling.

“Uh? Is that Shi Zhi’s Shi Di?” Shi Xiong Zhou stops and asks.

“That’s exactly right, my stupid student. It seems… he’s died…” The black-bearded cultivator’s face turns miserable, he tries to cover himself with a palm.

His only student, and he neared the Foundation Building realm, his existence would’ve helped him well in the future. But now that all his investment is gone, his only remaining emotion was anger.

“I don’t believe the killer is far, this Shi Di requests to excuse himself, I must avenge my disciple. Since Shi Xiong is here, I am no longer worried about the spring, please let me discipline this killer.”

Black beard guy says, wanting to avenge his disciple, Shi Long and more so destroy this killer for taking his profits.

Shi Xiong Zhou hesitates for a second before nodding, giving his affirmation.

“Good! The Corpse Refining Sect doesn’t just let someone take and run, give chase and defeat this offender. Take Shi Di Liu Gu with you too.”

An elderly old man behind Shi Xiong turned gloomy, he didn’t want to help with this matter, but he can’t disobey his Shi Xiong’s commands. He was the third wave here, so his benefits would be considered, too. Shi Xiong Zhou also notices that Liu Gu is unhappy.

He believes Liu Gu has only ten more years in him, and because he’s stuck in a bottleneck, he has been in the middle realms of the Foundation Building realm, his chances to reach the next level within ten years is unlikely. So Shi Xiong Zhou doesn’t even consider his feelings, anything bound to be useless is useless now in his eyes.

“Thanks to Shi Xiong Zhou, thanks to Shi Di Liu’ Two men mounted onto their swords before traveling west.


Zhang Yang ran as far as he could west in a short time. He ran just over 20 kilometers and stopped under a tree. His body was still burning up from the pill, the effects haven’t subsided yet and Zhang Yang is clueless about how long it’ll take.

This was his unknown danger, but besides that, he also needed to figure out how that disciple found him.


If this question is unsolved, then every day would be an endless chaos of fights.

The biggest possibility would be a checkpoint marked on the stolen items.

“Could it be the pouches? Or could it be the coffins?” He questions himself, trying to find something visible that aided the corpse cultivators into finding him.

If he couldn’t find anything, then he would throw away all his possessions, simple as that. Zhang Yang didn’t mind his physical body, he doesn’t think anything could be traced from his body. He thinks, walking paces around the tree. He sits and remembers how the thin cultivator acted.

“That’s it! The compass!” He faintly remembers the compass. whenever he stored the coffin, the cultivator would look from the compass and stress. He took out the compass and coffin, both stolen from the Corpse Refining Sect.

When thinking about it, Zhang Yang immediately takes action by throwing the coffin 10 meters away.  He could see the needle point to the coffin, but when he stored it away, the needle became inactive.

“So there is something on this coffin after all…” After solving his primary problem, he stored away all the remainings, leaving the coffin as he told what was inside, and then he left the area with an Agility Boosting Talisman.

He would cross mountains, countless forests, wide rivers.

He didn’t know how far he could escape to outrun the Tracking Talisman, but he still ran as far as he could.

The backlash of the pill starts to hit him, the repercussion making him fatigued and sore.

He was about to go into prostration, just lie around and rest. What’s worse is that his abdomen and chest seas were all torn and broken, shattered into little pieces.

His speed dropped drastically with this backlash. He needed a place rich with Yin Qi, somewhere to recuperate and shield from the wicked sun.

He still didn’t know whether those corpse cultivators could find him. Nearby, the sound of water crashing against land was frequent. Zhang Yang hopped around this small beach area, hoping to negate the effects of a Tracking Talisman. He would climb a small cliff, from above, he stood like an immortal, looking down on all the minuscule ants under the heavens. There, he locates a cave entrance from the small cave.

As Zhang Yang hops off the tiny cliff, his face starts to change as he yearned for the cave. He finds a black shadow heading towards the cave.

Using his spiritual sense, Zhang Yang could see it distinctly. It’s a crocodile, a huge crocodile.

Normally, Zhang Yang could kill a beast of this tier within 2 seconds, but now, his strength was at rock-bottom.

With his heart frozen, Zhang Yang can sense the presence of death.

Power Ranking made (I think this is the Corpse Refining Sect ranking o-o)

1.Shi Xiong Zhou (OR Zhou Shi Xiong) is the strongest one so far.


2.Shi Di Liu Gu (the person is too old that is forced to go with black beard guy to catch Zhang Yang)


3.Black beard guy (last name Zhang), so he is called by Shi Di Zhang. The teacher of the thin guy.


4.Thin guy (name: Shi Long), he is the student. And he is just killed by Zhang Yang in the last chapter.


Since the thin guy’s teacher’s Shi Xiong is Shi Xiong Zhou, the thin guy is called Shi Zhi (By Shi Xiong Zhou)



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