ZE Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Get good out of misfortune, evolve to walking zombie

The only way Zhang Yang can help himself is to control the warmness to sea of Qi and makes it go around the route.
If it becomes a the real cyclone of Qi in the body, all the Qi will follow the pattern and be in the right way. Then it will not be harmful to Zhang Yang anymore. Instead of that, it can be helpful for Zhang Yang to upgrade to walking zombie.
It just like a flood, when it’s overflow, it will be a disaster. If the flood is flowing in the river way, people can get benefit from it.
Zhang Yang starts to take action immediately.
But the flood of Qi is too crazy in his body, Zhang Yang cannot control it with his current power.
He knows how to solve the problem, but, he is not able to do that.
Zhang Yang is in dilemma.
The blood of boa is still coming in Zhang Yang’s body. With the effect of <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, it converts to Qi and seed up Zhang Yang’s death.
Zhang Yang gets an idea!
If I can do nothing about the crazy Qi in my body, I can still control the new Qi coming in.
Zhang Yang focuses his mind on the new coming Qi and guides the Qi to spinning around in the route.
It works!
 Zhang Yang is very excited about the new Qi to be obedient and follow the small universe route in his body. And the new Qi turns to a silk version.
Zhang Yang aren’t dare to be careless, he maintains the silk version Qi carefully.
The miracle happens, when the new Qi spinning around the route of the small universe, the crazy Qi surround it will merge to the silk Qi.
First rotation, second rotation.
“Silk” gets thicker and turns stronger. The efficiency of absorbing Qi gets quicker.
At this step, the crazy Qi cannot be harmful to him anymore. He can take all the warmness in the body.
But Zhang Yang is starting to be anxious because the sky is having light and the sun is about to coming.
Zombie can move at night, but if they come out under the sun, they are going to die.
There is no doubt about that because Zhang Yang has already done the experiment.
If he cannot get control of his body, the sun will bring this little hopping zombie to dust.
That’s the most horrible way for a zombie to die. According to <Tai Yin Refining Figures>,  before evolving to the purple zombie, his body will turn to dust and the soul will be eliminated.
“Hurry up!”
Zhang Yang ‘s face doesn’t have change, but he is getting super anxious.
And bad things happen due to his anxious.
The smooth route he just made start showing some mistakes.
Zhang Yang’s corner of eyes can peak the sun is going to coming to the sky.
If he is in no danger right now, the view is very beautiful.
But at this time, that becomes the horn for his death.
Within half an hour, the sunshine will be on his body.
Last night to absorb the essence of the moon, Zhang Yang picks a place with not many trees.
And the only few trees are broken off from the battle.
He doesn’t doubt that he will be in no shadow when the sun comes out.
The sky is getting lighter and lighter, and he still can’t move his body.
“Gonna die? I just get used to being a zombie and dream about to be a super-powerful zombie. And now I am gonna die. Even after my death, the soul will be eliminated.”
Zhang Yang shows a self-mocking smile and back to inner peace.
With the inner peace, < The Book of exercising body> from <Tai Yin Refining Figures> are going back to the right track. With the foundation of practicing in these few days, the warmness in his body starts to spin quickly. One rotation, two rotation…
His body starts to changing.
His yellow skin starts to turn horny and his tusk burst out more. His three cun fingernail doesn’t grow but turn to the color between purple and black.
When the sun is just about to come, Zhang Yang feels something suddenly loose in his body.
The amount spinning silk of Qi is much more than the amount of crazy Qi right now.
Quantitative accumulation leads to qualitative transformation.
The river of Qi in the river way exceed the flood outside.
All the river of Qi comes together and start to spinning around following the small universe in his body.
It becomes a  cyclone of Qi in the sea of Qi in his body.
Zhang Yang opens his eyes.
A zombie jumping off the body of boa.
The light of sunshine illuminates to Zhang Yang’s body. With thick smokes and a small sound of an explosion, it’s like dropping cold water to the limestone.
Zombie cannot feel the pain on his body but they can feel the pain in their soul.
The pain from soul makes Zhang Yang roar.
However, he can’t wait even a second.
When his feet touches the ground, it comes with another jumping.
Jumping into the cave as fast as he can, and add some little jumps. Zhang Yang drills  into his own coffin.
With the heavy sound of the wind, he closed the coffin cover.
The rotten, cold smell makes Zhang Yang feel comfortable. He finally has the time to breathe.
After checking himself, his back and the left arm that get the sunshine looks like burn by the sulphuric acid. His cloth has rotten to pieces. And a little part of his body turns to dust right away. Zhang Yang’s body sends out terrible smell.
Fortunately, the part of the body that doesn’t touch the sunshine are not rotten but grows a horny layer and it touches forcedly, like an armor.
It all doesn’t matter. What’s the most important thing is he’s still alive.
Although he is a zombie right now, he has never given up his hope for living.
And what’s makes him happy is that he got good things from his misfortune. He has evolved to the walking zombie.
Zhang Yang can feel the small cyclone of Qi obviously, with joy.
“Guiding Qi to follow the route of a small universe in a body and create a cyclone of Qi ; that’s the sign of walking zombie level one. Haha, I am walking zombie right now.”
Zhang Yang smiled. But if the zombie smile, his face looks even horrible.
According to <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, Zombie has different levels.
It includes hopping zombie, walking zombie, purple zombie, black zombie, hairy zombie, flying zombie, disaster zombie.   (From lowest level to the highest level)
And that refers to the level of human in the cultivation world, ordinary people level, Qi refining level, foundation building level, gold core level, nascent soul level, becoming god level, and fight tribulation level.(From lowest level to the highest level)
Likes the Qi refining level is a true beginning level for a human cultivator, the walking zombie is a true beginning level for zombie cultivator.
The hopping zombie just have the desire for blood, they don’t have the sensation to the energy in the world.
If the zombie evolves to walking zombie, they can sense and absorb the Yin Qi even they are the normal walking zombie,. They can express their spiritual sense outside or use spiritual sense inside and have an idea what’s going on inside their body. (Normal zombie can only express their consciousness outside if they evolve to the purple zombie, Zhang Yang is different.)  The establish of  small universe and the ability to  use inside sensation is the sign for walking zombie.
Zhang Yang realizes this and use the spiritual sense inside his body.
He can “see” his meridian, bones, and organ clearly in his mind.
Although it’s different from the picture he saw with eyes, he can see more information now. His capillary can express the nerve signals to the brain.
This sensation is very incredible.
More excitedly, the < Book of other things> from <Tai Yin Refining Figures> has the special technique to train his spiritual sense. And the foundation of that is to have an inside sense.
This means, for Zhang Yang, he can have the outside sense before evolved to the purple zombie.
And Zhang Yang knows the importance of spiritual sense.
Zombie is reacting slowly to the attack. And if he has the put spiritual sense outside, it can help him to know the environment around him better and increase his survive chance.
If he can do that, he can find the enemy in advance and be ready for it.
Zhang Yang can’t wait to use his spiritual inside sense to check his whole body.
“Yes, everything is ok. The bones break from the fight with boa is already recover.”
Try to running Qi in the body and it’s running faster than before.
Although he is a small walking zombie right now , but if now he fights with another boa, he can win it very easily.
When running Qi, Zhang Yang can feel that some Yin Qi comes through the skin from outside to inside, following the running route. The small Qi joins to cyclone of Qi is like the water join the river.
A hopping zombie can never experience that.


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