ZE Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Ambush Mastery


“Must I leave this cave? I spent so much effort into claiming it… Arghh! But if I don’t leave, I’ll just be turned into some toy for those corpse cultivators” Zhang Yang is struggling, not willing to part with the cave or spring.


“I despise these stupid corpse refiners, seems they’ve now made the top of my kill list”


Zhang Yang’s Yin Qi and spiritual power were filled to the brink now, he started to spread his spiritual sense within a radius, checking for any suspicious movements.


It would probably take them two days to finally reach this section, but making sure couldn’t hurt.


Zhang Yang needed to make his decision now, to stay or to leave? He was pacing side to side, holding the Yin Beads.


He began to gather information on what he knew about the people:


“In total, they have eight people, three groups. The strongest of them controls a Level 7 Walking Zombie. If I include the <Tai Yin Refining Figures> then I could probably compete against a Level 6. If I used my talismans, then that Level 7 Zombie’s defeat is quite possible. There’s always the option of an ambush too, they would never expect it.


“Let’s see how you people feel as I steal the lives of your martial brothers”.  Zhang Yang finishes the sentence with a ferocious gleam in his eyes


“The best advantage I have right now is their separate groups, I’ll take them down one by one. It will be like swatting flies from the air”


“I might not have the ability to fight an entire sect right now, but if I manage to escape, I’ll come back stronger than ever”


Zhang Yang makes a decisive choice and starts to set up his trump cards.


He started by painting talismans with the bull’s blood onto the cave’s entrance. One Flame Talisman was already complete. He doesn’t even give himself a break, painting talismans left and right. After ten completed talismans, he would finally feel his spiritual power dissipate, his spiritual sense weakening. So he decided to go take a break, resting about the Yin Spring.


After another half an hour of rest, he refilled his spiritual power to the brink. When he returns to the process, he starts to create more talismans that could be of use. Flame talisman, Lightning Talisman, Zombie Repression talisman, Alarming Talismans………. After about two hours, talismans filled the cave, covering the walls as he had no space.


Although they might not be painted onto paper tags, it wouldn’t deteriorate the effects any weaker, paper tags are usually meant to maintain the effects of talismans, not exactly making them stronger per se.


“Flame Talismans, Lightning Talismans, and Zombie Repression Talismans. Once they enter the cave, these things will greet them”


“If they can’t find the cave soon, the activity of these talismans will grow dormant, but that is nothing to fret over, if they give me time, I could remake them as always” Zhang Yang double checks, after ensuring every talisman formation was ready to initiate, he would climb back in the coffin to prepare himself to a grand fight.


Corpse cultivators… so logically speaking, they should be better during the night right? I mean, they use zombies to battle, it would make logical sense if they also couldn’t step in sunlight. Besides that, according to their directions, the team led by Zhao Da Lu should meet me first, they consist of Level 3-4 Qi Refiners, but I have no idea on what their zombies are like”


Hopefully, none of them in the Zhao group has a Level 6 Zombie, if so, the battles afterward will be difficult.


It was always better to just be one with the shadow and launch attacks from the depths of darkness.




Three days. It has been three days since Zhang Yang finally returned, they were late beyond Zhang Yang’s expectations, but it was good for him as he had more time. They were finally here, Zhang Yang could tell as humanoid figures crossed his Alarming Talisman.


Zhang Yang steps out of the coffin as voices were heard from the cave opening.


“Here! It should be here! This cave has such compressed Yin Qi that it should only belong to the legendary Yin Spring!”


“Quick, let’s go! Shi Xiong will be delighted!” They rushed like a stampede, hoping to witness the rare Yin Spring.


Zhang Yang spreads his spiritual sense wildly, draining his spiritual power at a slow pace. He was hiding in the darkest corner, not visible to everything else in the rather dark cave.


The first guy that entered was Zhao Da Lu. He is at the Level 4 Qi Refining Stage. The other two are Level 3. If they didn’t have puppets in their coffins, then Zhang Yang could easily decimate them in 30 seconds.


But since they could bring out their puppets quickly, it was risky for him to face them head on.


“Shi Xiong Zhao, this is the place we’re looking for! So much Yin Qi! We have to signal the other groups about this” One youngling in the group declared.


Zhang Yang’s heartbeat started to pulsate more intensely,  things will be bad if he manages to signal the other groups. Zhang Yang had to get out of the shadows and immediately kill these pests.


Zhao Da Lu interrupts Zhang Yang’s thoughts with a cold hum:


“Signal Shi Xiong right now? This is only a guess so far.  It wouldn’t be wise to signal him without confirming that the spring is here. In addition, if this is the Yin Spring, then there will be many treasures to reap. I suppose you guys would want to see it first?”


Thinking of the treasures, the two younglings had their greed burning passionately.


Zhao Da Lu adds: “According to the person who sold us the information, he stated the Yin Spring being newly formed, and the monster inside should be pretty easy to deal with and even so, let’s still be cautious. Wang Chang Gui, use your zombie puppet to lead and Liu, you follow them.


Wang Chang Gui shows a bit of unwillingness, but he doesn’t dare to defy Shi Xiong Zhao, he responded with a firm “Yes!”.  His left hand moved in abnormal ways, seems like it was a hand sign for his puppet. “Blood invokes lust, Come out Jiangshi!”




A sudden light bringing darkness with it was lit up from the coffin, a Level 4 Walking Zombie crawls out.


Zhang Yang sighs a bit with relief, he could easily kill them. Then Liu and Zhao Da Lu followed, Liu also owned a Level 4, while Zhao owned a Level 5.


Zhang Yang sets his mind at rest. He could easily kill them too.


Now the question remains, how would he kill them without them signaling their party?

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