ZE Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Mysterious Corpse Refining Sect

From under the light of fire, some men were standing not too far from Zhang Yang. Their faces were stern and cold, they were all suspicious as they wore fully dark robes. They all carried 3 meter backpacks- no, they weren’t backpacks. They seemed like… coffins.

These mysterious figures seemed rather strong. They were able to easily walk into this part of the forest with no injuries, and the confidence of living, they probably had skill to back up their confidence.

Zhang Yang holds a long breath, trying to prevent his discovery.

“Don’t stress over this guys. This person obviously made a huge struggle over killing the lizard, you see as he actually needed talismans and left without taking anything from the lizard, probably ran away with injuries of some sort. If he isn’t here for the Yin Spring, it would be for the best. If not, then he’d have to pass my zombie! The one I’m holding in the bloody coffin needs some iron to satisfy his lust”

“Wahaha, Shi Xiong Wang Yao will be able to deal with them easily!”

“Yeah! I’ve heard that Shi Xiong’s puppet is already a Level 7 Walking Zombie. Our eyes haven’t witnessed such a powerful puppet yet!”

“…..” The people surrounding this Shi Xiong were obviously fawning over him.

And Zhang Yang knew what they specialized in. They are corpse cultivators, those who control an amount of zombie species as puppets. The leader would most likely have the strongest puppet, the Level 7 Walking Zombie, it would be the strongest existence that Zhang Yang had to fight if it came down to it.

Zombie Puppets are as the name states, puppets that corpse cultivators control. They would wipe all memories from the zombie, take them into their own hands to manipulate. It’s their style of battle, using the dead to compete with others.

One section of the <Tai Yin Refining Figures> talks specifically about these puppets. If Zhang Yang wanted to cross the boundaries to control his own species, he would need to become a Level 7 Walking Zombie to become a corpse cultivator.

Because of Zhang Yang being Level 5, he’s still a long way from becoming a corpse Cultivator.

“Shit! These guys are all corpse cultivators… If they find me, there’s no doubt that I will become a puppet, if the highest they have if Level 7, I doubt they have many Level 5-6(s) ”

The leader speaks again:: “Okay! Stop! Our most important task now is to find that Yin Spring. The cultivator who sold us the information mentioned the spring being in this valley. This is a very wide area, no matter what, make sure nobody else gets it!”

He continues rambling: “I hope we all know how important this Yin Spring is for our Corpse Refining Sect. I already informed Shi Shu and Shi Bo. They’ll be here in ten days. When they come, we must locate it be then, you know how we’ll be treated if we can’t find a spring”

Shi Xiong Wang Yao states, covering the team he was leading with a glance. They seem to be all aware and scared of the sect’s punishments.

“Shi Xiong, don’t worry! we’ll find it!” Others declared, trying to soothe themselves and the team.

“Alright! We’ll divide into three groups, each going into three separate directions, if one group finds something, inform the other two. If there is nothing of value during the search, retreat back here tomorrow at noon. Zhang Jun, you lead these two to the west. Zhao Da Lu, you lead these two to the east, the rest will come with me”

Wang Yao commands with a stiff facial expression.

“We understand Shi Xiong!” Everyone commits to the work, the team of Zhang Jun and the team of Zhao Da Lu leaves first.

Wang Yao says after they leave: “The lizard is quite the treasure… the skin and blood will get us quite a few benefits”

“Shi Xiong, allow me to do it!” The young guy who is the same team with the Wang Yao slowly peels off the lizard’s tough skin and collects the blood drop by drop. He also removes the teeth and leaves the meat which was of no use.

The lizard, former king of this valley, died in such a pitiful way. He is treated badly even after death, thus is the way the cultivation world lives.

The young guy sorts all the stuff, then respectively gives it to Shi Xiong, bowing down, hands straight.

Wang Yao nods his head, satisfied as his senior.

Wang Yao activates a formation on an unknown talisman, creating a Yin Wind, blowing out the fire that spread throughout the area.

When everybody finally leaves, Zhang Yang could let out a breath of relief. It was only for a moment before he tenses up again.

Yin Spring… 3-4 days… They’ll definitely find the Yin Spring within 3-4 days within a valley such as this.

Zhang Yang absorbs the Yin Qi like a madman, forgetting the lizard they stole from him. The <Tai Yin Refining Figures> allows Zhang Yang to heal faster than the normal zombie, the speed couldn’t even be compared on the same scale. After about half an hour, his body is almost fully recovered. He uses an Agility Boosting Talisman before leading into a shortcut to the valley.

When he returns to the cave, he double checks the Alarming Talisman to make sure nobody has passed here already.

He flips the heavy coffin easily and has a black box prepared.

In this past year, he has been training to fish the Yin Beads.

After one hour, he manages to fill up the whole box. The box holds about 20-30 Yin Beads, the box itself was made from the precious Yin Preserving Stone

“If I had known this day came, I would’ve prepared more of these Yin Preserving Boxes”

Then Zhang Yang covers the spring with the coffin, leaving no crevices for Yin Qi to seep out.

He knows that soon the corpse cultivators will find this Yin Spring, Zhang Yang tries to prolong the moment that comes.

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