ZE Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Beginning the hunt on the Giant Lizard II

Zhang Yang’s body connects with the slam, his body was sent flying and slams against a tree, several blades of leaves float down. He slides down the tree upon impact, soon regaining his state of mind and gets up.  Zhang Yang was stunned that the lizard knew:

“Fuck!! This lizard is too intelligent, it’s getting annoying. I was the one who declared the ambush but in the end, I get thrown into a bad situation.”

Luckily, his body is strong enough to withstand a strike from the lizard. The lizard growls and leaps to Zhang Yang. He couldn’t see Zhang Yang because of the talisman. But he knew that Zhang Yang had smashed against the tree by observing the fallen leaves. Zhang Yang knew that the lizard could overpower him, so he slid through the lizard’s attack.

The lizard misses his chance, trying again to get to Zhang Yang, he moves his stumpy legs to where steps were heard, trying to trap Zhang Yang by collapsing on him with his abdomen.

Zhang Yang screams, deciding he would have to accept the lizard’s challenge. His body turns, hands in the air waving and flailing at the lizard.


Zhang Yang manages to land a blow on the lizard. From this hit, he begins to understand the power difference between him and the lizard. Zhang Yang’s attacks could probably only compare to the foreleg or “qianzhi” of the lizard. (Qianzhi is the foreleg if you couldn’t infer)

Zhang Yang knows that dragging this out any longer would count as his demise, the strongest part of the lizard is definitely not the qianzhi, it has yet to reveal its crunching strength. His two biggest worries should be the tail and the teeth, if his carnivore teeth were to latch onto Zhang Yang’s arm, it could probably pass the flesh like jello.

The lizard knows that Zhang Yang managed to get through his attacks, again, he swings his tail towards Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang steps to the side, reading the lizard’s movements, he managed to dodge in time. The lizard continues to attack. Zhang Yang makes use of his spirit sense to fight the lizard and somehow live.

Sometimes he would evade, sometimes he would fight with burning passion. Because of Zhang Yang being weaker than the lizard, he really couldn’t do much to the lizard. However, Zhang Yang is still invisible, a slight advantage as the talisman’s effects grew weaker.

It’s hard for the lizard to keep up, fearing that the invisible zombie might be able to harm him, he drew a distance between himself and the invisible entity.

Zhang Yang’s original plan was to ambush the lizard, using the Invisibility Talisman and the Flame Talisman to defeat it.

But now, since he’s found, his best bet was to confront the lizard directly. The ground turns rugged after the barrages of tail strikes that either missed or hit. Zhang Yang doesn’t want to maintain this situation much longer.

After fighting it out with the lizard for 15 minutes, his invisibility soon dies out. His body finally appears in the dead forest, along with that, his Strength Boosting Talisman was also running out.  In this fight, all he could do was evade. His fists were at best pokes to the lizard. Many wounds were visible on his rotten body.

In contrast to his defenses from the lizard’s, he could only deal minor injuries because of the lizard’s tough, meaty skin. Now that Zhang Yang is visible, the lizard feels more confident in his actions.

The scaly monster soon stops his panicked attacks and relaxes his vigilance. Since the beginning, the lizard confidentially thinks that this zombie is not worthy to be his opponent. After slowing down, Zhang Yang tries to make use of this time, releasing a talisman for aid.

He activates the formula, and again, throws another Flame Talisman at the lizard. The Giant Lizard is surprised that the zombie wasn’t planning on dodging or running anymore. He thinks that maybe the zombie gave up, wants to commit suicide because of his lack of ability. So why not grant his wishes? He unlocks his jaws, opening wide for the zombie.

Zhang Yang became mysteriously happy, the lizard finally gave him a chance. The talisman that Zhang Yang had was thrown into the pits of the lizard’s mouth.

Time felt like it froze for a second, an interminable second.

Then, as the frozen second melted, “—Boom!!!”

A wildfire erupts inside the lizard’s mouth. His pain receptors were thrown off balance as his soft tissues were being scorched, almost making him lose consciousness. His body was twitching awkwardly, claws and tails were sweeping in disarray.

The lizard was still alive at this point, using their distance, the lizard breaks through the chest of Zhang Yang.

Then, the lizard continues to fling the zombie away with his tail. The moment seems like a broken kite landing on bushes. Zhang Yang could hear his bones snap, dislocating and being crushed, that talisman was his last effort to kill off the lizard, there was no way for Zhang Yang to stand after that chaos. The lizard earlier was using the talisman’s pain to stimulate his strength, using his last effort to attempt to kill the zombie.

The lizard was in much worse shape compared to Zhang Yang, he was being roasted inside out. Zhang Yang could still hear the miserable cries coming from the lizard, he was pulverizing trees and stones to please the pain, it was for no good though.

The Level 3 Flame Talisman reached inside the abdomen, burning his respiratory system. The Giant Lizard even managed to retrieve water, but it was useless as the amount was nowhere to enough to put out a Level 3 Talisman. Even if he was saved, it would cause everlasting damage to his organs, but it was not worth mentioning since there was no way to turn this around, the lizard is undoubtedly doomed to death.

Zhang Yang’s human soul or emotions couldn’t stand to listen to death cries. But then he remembers the cruel laws of cultivation. The strong makes best of the weak, there is no room for multiple enemy lords.

If he was bitten by the lizard, his bones would’ve probably been broken beyond the point of recovery. Maybe it’s because zombies don’t taste that good, or maybe it’s because his mouth was burning.

Zhang Yang is in a bad situation too, his arms and spine were on the verge of breaking. His best option was probably to use the Yin Bead to recover first.

Zhang Yang tries his best to fish the Yin Beads from his clothes into his mouth, his hands couldn’t grasp anything because of their condition. He finally manages to get the bead inside his mouth, swallowing as his Yin Qi and body were recovering at a fast pace.

The flames radiating from the lizard’s body was soon burning surrounding trees and plant life. If he couldn’t put out the fire, it would soon reach him, at that point, there would be no way out. He thought of holding a talisman in his palm to use it rather than grasping it.

When he was about to take out a water talisman. He heard the nostalgic voice of a human.

“Damn, we’re too late. The lizard hasn’t died yet and it seems the one that fought it has left”

“Seems like a human to me, see this Flame Talisman used? It should be a human. But what’s concerning me is that we’re on the edge of the Shiwan mountain range. Normal cultivators wouldn’t enter here because of the lack of Spiritual Qi, although, he might also becoming for the Yin Spring that we got info on, hidden in the valley range”

“Yin Spring” The two words were simple, but as Zhang Yang hears it, it becomes a profound meaning that brings his every nerve to the edge. He was able to hide from the humans so far as he landed behind a bush not too far.

He saved his energy by disabling his spiritual sense after the fight. Now after, he hears human speech and couldn’t exactly see the scene. He begins to use up the little energy he has, gently spreading his spiritual sense like butter on toast, and also lifting his stiff neck to look around.

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