ZE Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Beginning the hunt on the Giant Lizard I

The moon brought a yarn of light to the forest of wild.

Zhang Yang, hiding behind a tree, has been tracking the lizard and has found him. Zhang Yang is glaring at the lizard from afar, the lizard isn’t doing anything wrong. The cocky lizard is rolling around in the mud, having the time all to himself. The lizard has already considered himself the king of the forest, the lizard is very haughty, leisurely playing, not fearing that any animal would approach him.

But what didn’t daunt on the lizard was that Zhang Yang was the one that is going to kill him.

Zhang Yang has waited a long time, this is the perfect moment to initiate his plans. It was midnight and lunar essence is flying everywhere. Zhang Yang also has countless numbers to Yin Beads to spare, with about 500 talismans and his special Level 3 Flame Talisman.

Originally, Zhang Yang was planning to make a Level 3 Lightning Talisman, but instead, he decided that maybe finding quality material is better. Like maybe the lizard’s blood… and besides, since the Lightning Talisman is more advanced, the skills required for it was out of Zhang Yang’s range.

Aside from this Level 3 Flame Talisman, Zhang Yang collected a small number of Level 3 talismans a year ago from the Taoists. The list consisted of Level 3 Lightning, Invisibility, and Agility Talismans.

Zhang Yang held up a Level 3 Agility Talisman in one hand and an Invisibility Talisman in the other, waiting for an even better chance to attack the unexpecting lizard.  Zombies can’t perform well in water, the mud was near the river, it was the perfect terrain for a lizard. He also couldn’t risk flooding a Flame Talisman if used.

The lizard didn’t want to leave the river, it swam happily and “sang”, either that or you can consider it as weird noises.

Zhang Yang waits patiently. Ten minutes….Thirty minutes…One hour…….

The lizard starts to get tired from the play, it eventually rests his eyes to sleep.

Zhang Yang gets gloomy, although the lizard finally got to sleep, the key moment for attack was missed. The Yin Qi after midnight decreased as morning neared.

Suddenly, a sound from behind Zhang Yang was heard, a rustling of a bush.

Zhang Yang looks back, a huge badger was standing there lofty. The big badger hasn’t noticed Zhang Yang yet, the shadow of the night has covered him as he stood like a tree, unmoved.

“God help me!” Zhang Yang blinks a couple of times, hoping not to alert the lizard in any way.

In the hot summer, a lizard’s favorite play was the river, more so the bottom. The mud will keep annoying bugs from biting the lizard. Although the lizard is a strong magical beast, blood-sucking mosquitos still ticked him off. The thought of mosquitos brought even the mightiest beast into frustration.

He lies on the bed of mud, belly faced up and tongue sticking out.

When he was just about to fall into deep sleep, he hears the rustling beyond the trees. The badger snorted to the surprise of a fruit falling from a tree. The badger is a coward, he ran away fast when the fruit dropped. In the mud bed, the lizard also heard the badger, instinctively knowing the sound, it could guess it was a badger.

The lizard becomes very happy, with his heightened hearing, it could assume that the badger was alarmed by a fruit. He is also very lucky to have the badger run straight into its direction, unaware that a huge lizard was there, ready to kill.

Of course, he was going to go to sleep but the opportunity for food is always much better.

The lizard rolls over, getting out of the mud bed. As soon as the badger meets the lizard’s eyes, it panicked, curved the opposite way and darted away.

The two were separated by 10 meters, soon, the lizard begins to speed up.

Within a minute, both creatures ran into the forest.

Zhang Yang knows that the lizard is faster than the badger for sure, but it still might take a couple thousand meters before one of them is either caught or left behind.

And that location will become Zhang Yang’s ideal battle stage. Zhang Yang smiles, thanking the badger for being bait, he looks at the prints left behind from the lizard and badger, using a Tracking Talisman, he locked onto the lizard.

The lizard has already exceeded Zhang Yang’s expectations, it caught up with the badger in the short amount of time that passed, changing his earlier estimates by a whole realm. He already has the badger pressed down. Then he begins his late night snack. Completely pleased that he doesn’t even need to hunt, the delicious meals just run into his mouth. The lizard, enjoying his meal, has a keen sense of hearing. It hears a nearby step, beginning to constantly twist his head to spot something. But he doesn’t find anything except for a silent forest. The lizard thinks it might just be his mistake. The scaly beast starts to enjoy his snack but is now more attentive because of the earlier sound.

Zhang Yang lets out a sigh of relief. The Invisibility Talisman may make him invisible, but it doesn’t completely conceal him. He was being especially careful, but in the end, slipped on the root of a tree.

He continues to approach the lizard after this incident, he was in arm’s length of the lizard. Seeing as the distance is just right, he unleashes the Level 3 Flame Talisman, shooting a vanishing yellow arrow at the lizard.

The lizard’s suspicions were proven, his eyes grew wider and he threw away the badger in a flash. The Giant Lizard rolled to Zhang Yang’s side, awaring of his presence and begins to throw his thick tail towards Zhang Yang.


  1. The lizard has already Zhang Yang’s expectations, it caught up with the badger in a short amount of time, already having it pressed down.

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