ZE Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Level Three Flame Talisman


Within the dusky forest, 10 Timberwolves were running like madmen. Wild growls echo the forest, eyes of green light up like jewels.

Zhang Yang decides to visit his trust spirit sense again, laying it out for the situation.

He isn’t the puny Level 2 Zombie like back then, he has grown from experience, not even pressured by the presence of the wolves.

Zhang Yang has been running from this pack of wolves for a little now. Originally, Timberwolves are sensitive to danger, always avoiding stronger opponents. But since Zhang Yang is still absorbing the bull’s blood, his strength cannot be displayed. His weakness led to the wolves being unable to sense the actual danger.

The absorption speed from the hands is like a snail compared to the mouth.  Due to him unable to completely digest the blood into Yin Qi, the strong scent of blood is left on Zhang Yang, riling up the wolves for their feast. The bull’s body was left half empty.

“The Red Armored Bull’s body is huge, I didn’t have enough time to absorb his blood. I’ve only tasted half of the fruit and I’m feeling full”

“If I could’ve absorbed the blood faster, I would’ve been able to avoid these stupid wolves. Although these Timberwolves can’t harm me, I still need to pay attention. Who knows? Maybe a monster such as the Giant Lizard will show up from the noise”

The wolves are completely ready to taste blood, they howl, then jumps to Zhang Yang with bloodlust.


Two big size timber wolves charge first, their four legs jump from the ground quickly. Their speed is like an arrow.

Zhang Yang waves his stiff arm to the first contender, he could still fight, but only minor portions of his powers could be used. He just needed to take each wolf one by one.


The first unlucky wolf whimpers, his whole head caved in flat, his skull completely penetrated. Falling to the ground, he was killed after the first strike.

The head of a wolf should be one of their hardest defenses. But even that cannot compete against Zhang Yang’s prowess.

In the next second, another foolish wolf goes for Zhang Yang’s neck.

Zhang Yang, positioning his finger, was already prepared for the attack. One finger poking through the neck of the wolf like a sharpened blade.

The Timberwolf’s attack was stopped midway. Like a skewer, the wolf hung lifelessly by Zhang Yang’s finger. The Timberwolf would need to wait its next life before trying to attack Zhang Yang.

Two of the pack members were killed so easily, their companions were in a state of shock and panic.

Zhang Yang, with a stroke of the wrist, shot the corpse 20 meters back to the group of wolves.


A majority of the Timberwolves whimper helplessly and ran out of harm’s way.

Using his time, Zhang Yang throws his body towards the fleeing group, slapping the wolves that were in range. This seemed truly like a veteran against rookies.

A cunning Timberwolf behind Zhang Yang thought this would be the perfect time to attack, counter the current situation at play. He makes the first deciding move and pounces above Zhang Yang.

But this unlucky soul didn’t know about Zhang Yang’s spiritual sense, he has already covered the whole field a while ago.

Zhang Yang waited for the right moment, he turned around to face the coming wolf. Moving his two hands forward, he grabs the paws of the wolf, completely disabling it. Zhang Yang wasn’t lenient towards the wolf, he started to tear his body from the two paws down.

The poor Timberwolf, his body was cleaved clean from his shoulder to buttocks. His blood spills along with organs, showering Zhang Yang, the smell of iron was especially strong.

Zhang Yang roars and waves the two pieces of the wolves like some type of flag, he’s on a killstreak.

The rest of the Timberwolves were scared to shit. They began to run away as fast as they possibly could. Zhang Yang doesn’t have the keen interest to play with them all day. He looks onto the pieces of wolf meat in his hands as the other wolves fled. He swallowed his saliva, really wanting to eat it, but he can’t. He’s still in the process of absorbing the bull’s blood, this task might be too difficult to handle. He restrains himself, knowing the wolf is inferior to the bull, he needed to process the blood.

He tries his best to linger his blood-filled mind, withering his resolve for the meat, he tosses it away.

Zhang Yang feels refined, proud he was able to see his improvement. One year ago, the task of killing these wolves wasn’t on par to his past level. He could barely contend with the wolves back then, now his skills were completely different. He can now single-handedly exterminate these wolves.

He might be very excited by his improvement, but in reality, he shouldn’t be. Level 5 Walking Zombies are equivalent to the level of Magic Beasts, the normal beasts like the Timberwolves shouldn’t even be able to stand on the same stage as Zhang Yang.

The strong scent of blood has traveled through the forest, attracting powerful animals of all kind. But after witnessing the fight scene, most of the beasts decided to not indulge in the matter, some even remained for the leftovers.

Zhang Yang’s next plan is to kill that thieving lizard and become the true overlord of this valley.

If he rises above the Lizard, there is no doubt that he’ll be the main predator of the area. Nothing could fend against him.

Like the Timberwolves earlier, Zhang Yang just considers them prey for hunting, unlike the Lizard. The Lizard is a target.

When Zhang Yang finally gets back to the cave, he jumps into the coffin and begins to refine the bull’s blood.

In the process of transforming the blood, Zhang Yang’s body shines crimson red, Blood Essence forms like mist, flying out in all directions

It fills the cave, proceeding to fly out of the cave and diluting.

The Blood Essence that managed out of the cave were caught by sharp creatures, after a quick sniff, they knew the new owner of the cave was a force they couldn’t compete with. All the animals outside slither around, unable to fish up the courage to fight Zhang Yang.

In the cave, Zhang Yang had no choice but to smile. Half of the blood has been wasted by him. But he doesn’t care, the Essence of Blood and Yin Qi he has in his system is already mighty. It’s the borderline requirement for a normal zombie, Yin Qi, and Blood, but now seeing that Zhang Yang is following up to the overlord, his strength can’t be equaled by many.

Zhang Yang might’ve gotten into his coffin, but he couldn’t sleep. The sun has already risen and he didn’t feel sleepy at all.

He decides to pass his time with something productive, he takes out the Jade Basin and uncovers the lid. Dark, rich blood moving in waves inside.

The Jade Basin was designed specifically to hold the blood of Fire Element creatures, made by and for Taoists to collect blood.

Zhang Yang mixes some cinnabar with the blood, then grinds it with a nearby rock. The zombie sits crossed-legged, a brush in one hand and the basin in the other.

He takes a deep breath, putting himself into the best state of harmony before starting. His goal was to make a Flame Talisman.

Zhang Yang’s constant practice with talismans has given him some insight, he is definitely above the level of an amateur. He begins to leisurely stroke the paper tag.

As he places the last stroke, a suction strength of great force appears from under the brush. The talisman needed spiritual power to complete,  It took away half of Zhang Yang’s spiritual power, exhausting him at a great cost. The talisman shines and returns back to peace. The talisman itself wasn’t too hard to make, just it cost some spiritual power that Zhang Yang couldn’t be bothered to waste.

In the past, Zhang Yang could only access normal blood to create Level 1 Talismans. But now, he has the proper materials to complete a Level 3 Flame Talisman.

“Haha!, Lizard, once I get my hands on you, you’ll be mere barbecue. Crispy and tasty~”

The zombie in the cave makes a very sinister smile, an eerie giggle resounds inside the cold cave.



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