ZE Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Pinnacle of Rhymed Absorption

There are still an abundant amount of Red Armored Battle Bulls within the premises of the U-shaped valley.

But to find one is a hefty job.

The first bull was “robbed” or stolen from Zhang Yang’s mouth by the lizard, it’s already been half a day and Zhang Yang has yet to find another.

The sun was about to rise, it seems like Zhang Yang will return empty today.

As he backed up to the cave, his spiritual sense slowly crept to the presence of the Alarming Talisman, confirming nobody has crossed into the valley.

After returning, he prepared some ink with the freshly collected deer’s blood and cinnabar.

Proceeding to stroke characters onto a stone, it shines with a burst of light before vanishing. He didn’t use talisman paper because his stock was progressively lowering. The amount of specially paper tags or “ofuda” were getting low after a year.

Words that aren’t written on the paper tags will usually become inactive after 3-4 days.

Zhang Yang will re-brush once the effects wear off. Zhang Yang didn’t want to waste such limited items in this manner because of his inability to be able to buy from human merchants. The reason is obviously because he is a… zombie. In actuality, he has been thinking of producing his own paper tags, too bad the material is hard to find.

It’s not that hard to make the paper, it’s just hard to find the material. To make the tags, Zhang Yang would first need to find Silver Grass. He searched the whole U-shaped valley and has not even gotten close to one. There’s also cinnabar to mention, but by taking a guess, it should be somewhere with heavy Yang Qi. Speaking of Yang Qi, that could be near a Red Armored Bull’s headquarters.

After Zhang Yang finishes the Alarming Talisman’s formation on the stone, he brings himself to the day’s end with his comfy coffin.

The Yin Qi floating in the cave is refreshing, Zhang Yang pops a Yin Bead in his mouth that was much different compared to the one last year. The content of Yin Qi in it is not as compressed, so the rate of absorption is smoother this time around, not to mention his efficiency in it is greater.

On a different note, if a Corpse Cultivator were to receive the bead, his intentions were to probably refine more medicinal pills from the bead or refill their Yin Qi in critical conditions.

(Ilovewuxia: corpse cultivator is a special cultivator that can control zombie as a weapon)


 The Yin Qi travels in Zhang Yang’s body but doesn’t move towards his chest and abdomen directly, instead, it circulates inside his body, nurturing his rotten internal organs. The Yin Qi stimulates his cold blood, his every cell felt as if they were breathing. After about half an hour, Zhang Yang stops his Yin Qi meditation, giving a satisfied smirk after.

“The <Tai Yin Refining Figures> is amazing! The methods it contains can almost make my cells feel as if they were breathing. It’s unlike any sensation I felt of satisfaction and comfort compared to my previous life and this one… I can maybe even kill a Level 6 Walking Zombie without a Strength Boosting Talisman”

“I’ll take my rest, once the sun sets, I will absolutely kill a Red Armored Bull!”

Zhang Yang closes his eyes, as he rests in a state of peace, his body continues to circulate the Yin Qi.


The day has already ended, the night is here in its stead. Zhang Yang woke up to a Red Armored Bull trampling the area around the valley, he has already prepared a Level 2 Strength Boosting Talisman, increasing his powers twofold.


The Red Armored Bull grunts and charges towards Zhang Yang. His back rises, his front body is thicker than the rest of his body, with a thick horn and red eyes, he gives out his dominance.


His four hooves riling dust from the ground, thundering stomps with each implanted leg.

Seeing as the bull is coming closer and closer, he pedals his foot into the ground, moving his body forward, right hand ready to meet the bull’s upper body.

The neck of the bull was bent from the force, the bull’s direction of charge was led off, but his huge body still grazed Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang gets hit, thrown meters away. He gets back up, feets sliding on the solid ground with a solid resolution.

Zhang Yang’s body is left uninjured because of the power difference, his bad mood is because he can still vividly remember how the lizard dealt with this in one stroke. Compared to the lizard, his situation is still difficult even when using a Strength Boosting Talisman.

The bull is hurt badly, he also gets back up but quite dazed.

Zhang Yang growls, getting near the bull in an instant and started to scrape at his armored skin.

The bull uses his horn to stab at Zhang Yang like a lance, but in a swift second, Zhang Yang groped the horn, twisted around and led himself onto the bull’s barren back.

He then uses his sharp claws to inch into the neck of the bull, fingers into the skin and through the flesh.

Zhang Yang already shows off his victory smile, fingers still in the bull’s neck while riding it.

He fluctuates the methods from the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, absorbing the bull’s blood while he’s alive.

The rhythm from the methods of the <Tai Yin Refining Figures> can speed up the absorption speed. If Zhang Yang were to use his mouth to absorb the blood, with all the blood contained in a bull, his body could possibly even implode from the Yin Qi converting. In this one year of cultivation, Zhang Yang has studied the art of blood absorption directly from the fingers.

The bull is miserable, his upper body covered in his own blood. An enchanting spring of blood spewed onto the nearby environment.

The bull desperately tries to shake off Zhang Yang, but to a futile effort, he couldn’t.

His rage sped up as his blood flowed, his energy depleting at a massive rate.

Within five minutes, half of his blood was gone to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang takes this opportunity, he jumps off the ground and holds this weak bull to the sky with his horns. With the impact of a suplex, the bull was thrown, his head buried into the soil, completely still.

Zhang Yang takes out his hand jade basin, already beginning to collect the blood.

“Finally! I’ve gotten the blood of the Red Armored Bull!”

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