ZE Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Forest supporting two overlords

Zhang Yang has found two fire scales, according to this observation in the past few days.  The herd might’ve taken over an inactive volcano, although it’s inactive, the element of fire still lingers around, it could be attracting the bulls.

The bulls sleep during the day, they are nocturnal animals, going out to feed on fertile grass at night. The fire element and Ying Qi will naturally damage a zombie. So Zhang Yang decides to plan yet another sneak attack, lurking around the outskirts first.

Splitting the sky, a crescent moon is up tonight.

The grass and weed around the volcano are half a meter tall, blocking the vision below.

Zhang Yang does a bit of scouting with his spiritual sense, finding the unlucky animal that enters within.

Two minutes later, a small Red Armored Battle Bull enters the range of his spiritual sense.

“Unlucky one, you’re mine!”

Zhang Yang has found his target, ducking down, he blends in with the dark and hides within the patch of grass and weed.

It’s hard for Zhang Yang to crouch too low, his body is too stiff for him to change positions quickly. But if he doesn’t stay low, the bull will be alerted and then Zhang Yang wouldn’t get his chance, and instead, the bull will.

The Red Armored Battle Bull are hostile beasts, they’re also very swift. Alerting a bull like so might change the situation drastically.

Zhang Yang forces himself to control his body, moving slowly, he crept towards the bull’s area.

80 meters… 70 meters… 50 meters…

Zhang Yang has spent five minutes crouching towards the bull, he was only 40 meters away.

But during this time, the bull raises his head from the patch of grass, scanning the area.

Zhang Yang stops all movement, he finishes with a palm on the ground slowly.

“Has he found me already?”

The bull was sniffing the area suspiciously, looking dead center at Zhang Yang’s direction.

Shit, I’ve been discovered…

Their location was downwards of the valley, the breeze from behind Zhang Yang is also taking his smell along. A heavy rotten smell that gave him away to the bull.


The Red Armored Battle Bull grunts, his nose blowing out smoke. He stomps onto the ground, a fresh mark appears of hooves. Readying himself to charge at Zhang Yang, hooves sliding backward repeatedly.

The muscular front body could deal a heavy blow, razor sharp horns that could pierce.

“Fuck, my plan A has failed!” Zhang Yang gives an angry curse, activating a Strength Boosting Talisman before getting up.

Suddenly, a seven meter long Giant Lizard comes out from behind the Red Armored Battle Bull. The Giant Lizard is much more experience at stealth compared to Zhang Yang. He was hiding in the tall grass behind the bull, he came when Zhang Yang wasn’t focused with his spiritual sense.

Too late now but Zhang Yang has now seen the lizard.

“The bull wants me but the lizard wants the bull…A cycle of beasts”

Zhang Yang gives up his plan to fight with the bull, he changes to an Agility Talisman, about to run from this fray.

Obviously speaking, the lizard wants the bull and came for it.

The Red Armored Battle Bull grunts again. Unfortunately for the bull, he doesn’t have the slightest clue of the lizard behind him, all the attention is focused on Zhang Yang instead. He has been incredibly aggressive to Zhang Yang since he stepped on his proclaimed territory.

Even though the Red Armored Battle Bull travels in herds, they live alone. Territory separation isn’t uncommon within these bulls, they’re independent animals. If the bulls lived in groups, then Zhang Yang wouldn’t even have the heart to confront them.

Zhang Yang wants to leave but guessing from the bull’s expression and body signs, he wouldn’t let any “weak animals” leave without losing a limb or two. That saying, he doesn’t know Zhang Yang’s strength and based him on trying to run away his “weakness”.

When the bull moves, the lizard moves too, muffling his tracks with the bull’s. Despite the Giant Lizard’s body size, his moves were still fast.

Then the bull finally notices the walking danger behind him, alas he was bitten by the Giant Lizard’s blades, or rather his razor teeth. He doesn’t have time to struggle, the Giant Lizard has already penetrated the bull’s tough armor, digging into his flesh and carving an opening.

The bull receives the pain, letting out miserable groans and moans.

His neck was torn halfway, one leg already wobbly from the pain.

The bull pays a hefty price to be able to escape the mouth of the lizard, nearly losing his whole head.

Which beast has the worst temper in this forest? The Red Armored Battle Bull.

What beast is angrier than a Red Armored Battle Bull? An injured Red Armored Battle Bull.

The huge pain kills all friendly notions in the bull’s head. His two horns aimed at the Giant Lizard, angrier than ever, he has even forgotten about Zhang Yang’s existence.

The lizard shows a joking expression, he couldn’t believe the bull has the arrogance to fight him, one that almost just killed it. The lizard was done with this play, his tail slamming to the neck of the bull in an instance.

The strong scaled tail smacks the neck of the bull once again, pushing the fat animal down another foot.

The bull made one more attempt to get up, but his attempt was nothing. The lizard acted as if this was child’s play, looking down at the heavily injured bull.

Zhang Yang swallowed nervously, he knows the bull weighed a couple of tons. If it were Zhang Yang himself, he would’ve chosen the smartest route of removing himself from the path of the charge. But the lizard was crazy, he managed to smack down such an animal with one move.

The lizard hops on all fours, his strong but short arm on the bull’s body. He was about to finish it, pressing the bull down, he bit onto the damaged neck with his huge teeth. Blood squirting out of the neck like a waterfall, the grass dyed a warm red.

The Giant Lizard doesn’t eat the bull immediately, his attention caught by the zombie in front of him, black eyes surrounding Zhang Yang’s view.

Zhang Yang started to run in a full sprint, he wanted to get away from the lizard swiftly. The lizard just won against the bull without sustaining a single injury, proving his strength is realms above Zhang Yang.

The Giant Lizard is the true overlord in this valley. The Level 2 magical beasts like the Red Armored Battle Bull and the Timberwolves were just to fill his everyday necessities. Zhang Yang predicts that this lizard is either a Level 2 magical beast at the peak or an early Level 3.

“ Hum! Anyhow, that isn’t the only bull in this forest. I’ll just find more..”

“How dare this ugly lizard take my prey! Once I become Level 6, let’s see how this lizard will die! Maybe I’ll burn him alive…”

Zhang Yang tries to comfort himself, heart filled with rage. He wants to be the strongest in this forest, this lizard will be another stepping stone for him.

There can only be one overlord in the forest!

If Zhang Yang wanted to keep his position in the forest, to do so, this lizard needs to be eliminated, minced into meat paste for all he cared. This is Zhang Yang’s forest.


  1. >The lizard shows a joking expression
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    1. thats a chinese gangster reincarnated into a lizard….

    2. Yes they are animals..But from another world..

    3. Honestly maybe the lizard is a reincarnated chinese gangster?

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