ZE Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Zhang Yang vs Boa

The moonlight is like covering a light organza to the huge mountain.

A zombie is standing on the top of the mountain. His ferocious face is facing the moon. His mouth is opening.
And this zombie is Zhang Yang.
The essence of the moon flying to the zombie’s mouth like a firefly.
This procession, start from the time of sunset, takes about four hours.
And when those essences of the moon go into his body, it turn to the certain fresh gaseous thing. According to the guidance of the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, Zhang Yang is slowly trying to absorb the essence and then direct the rest of the gaseous thing to the sea of Qi in the abdomen.
Something gets out from Zhang Yang’s breath. He feels his strength gets stronger.
In the last following three days since he has been in the Xianxia world, zombie Zhang Yang is here refining his body every night.
According to the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, when the star of Yin is between Sagittarius and the big dipper, it produces the essences of the moon. And that is good for a zombie. What a shame, the normal hopping zombie don’t not how to absorb the essence from the moon. They only have the natural desire for the blood.
“According to this refining speed, I can break through the small universe in my body and evolve myself to the walking zombie.”
Zhang Yang says excitedly, he is quite different than three days ago.
Three days ago, he had dry and yellow skin, fingernail is one cun (3.33cm). And now, his skin is more yellow. His fingernail grows to three cuns and becomes very sharp. The tusk in his mouth is sharper than before. And his jumping distance increase from two or three meters to three or four meters.
More importantly, Zhang Yang is sure that he has doubled up his speed.
Suddenly, there’s a little sound coming from the bushes.
After a hesitation, Zhang Yang twisted his inflexible neck.
With the light of the moon, there is nothing in the thick bushes.
However, Zhang Yang is still worried about the weird sound.
In this primeval forest, there is danger everywhere. If you don’t pay attention, you gonna die.
What’s more, the vision part is zombie’s weakness. At night , although zombie can see more clearly than human, but their vision distance is shorter than a normal human (they can not see very far) and to say nothing compared with the animals in the forest.
“Hua, Hua”
The voice comes again, and it’s behind his back.
“What’s that noise?” Zhang Yang is confused.
The joint of Zombie and not flexible, so Zhang Yang can just plan to do a little jump and twist his body on in the air, and that’s normally what does zombie react.
But, when Zhang Yang is doing the jumping.
The wind comes with the smell of blood.
“Oops!” Zhang Yang just realizes how serious the thing is. When he jumps in the air, there is no place for him to transform the strength, and to say nothing about evading the enemy.
If you get hit at this point, all you can do is just take it.
There is a black shadow likes whip, slapping to Zhang Yang’s body. The black shadow hits him away to a tree. The tree is  as thick as a human’s waist locating ten meters away.
“kaaaa chaaaa!”
The tree breaks to two piece because the crash.
Luckily, the zombie doesn’t have the sense of pain. If that thing hits a human, he will faint because of the huge pain.
And Zhang Yang doesn’t feel good about himself, he can feel his leg is injured and he can hardly control it.
Not until he gets up, the danger comes again.
Zhang Yang’s body are tied up tightly.
With the series of attacks, Zhang Yang gets hit badly and he cannot even fight back. And now, he can see his enemy clearly———-a bowl-thick boa.
Right now, this boa ties up Zhang Yang tightly. He has cold light in the triangular eye. The snake pull out his tongue. Looks a little bit like a human is satisfying. The boa is ready for his dinner.
“Ge Ge Ge”
With the soud of bone crushing, Zhang Yang is so scared.
Boa’s hunting and eating possession is to tie the prey’s body first and crush the prey’s bone. And then, boa swallow its enemy.
Zhang Yang knows when the time his bone is all broken, that’s the time he gonna die.
His whole body is tied up. What he can fight with are only his right arm and his head.
Facing the danger of death, it makes Zhang Yang’s brain thinking faster.
As the old saying goes, killing the snake by hitting its “three cun” and “ seven cun”
Snake’s three cun, is the weakest point of their backbone. Snakes can be beaten easily by hitting that part. After breaking down the backbone , you can destroy their nerve center. Then, the snake will be paralysis and cannot attack anymore.
Snake’s seven cun, is where their heart at. If their heart gets hit badly, the snake cannot live but die.
But, wait!
Where is snake’s three cun and seven cun?
This boa is bowl-thick. Its length is ten meters. Where can I find the three cun and seven cun?
Without consideration, Zhang Yang raise the hand and cut to boa’s body.
That’s not effective!
This hit takes his full strength, but the boa’s skin is too smooth to hit.
“Not good!” Zhang Yang thinks.
The joint of the zombie is not flexible, the wrist can not bend over. His body are tied up by the giant body so his sharp paw can not work.
“Ge Ge Ge”
Because the boa might lives a long time in the cultivation world, his strength is too strong. And hopping zombie’s bone are not strong enough. More bones of Zhang Yang are crushed.
Zombie Zhang Yang cannot cool down anymore.
With subconscious, the sharp tusk bite on the body of the snake.
The most powerful weapon of zombie is their tusk and paw.
The tusk embeds and pierces to the body of the boa.
The boa feels pain, with a loud roar, boa suddenly open his mouth toward Zhang Yang.
Zhang Yang responds it with his right arm.
The big strength of zombie is effective this time. Zhang Yang smashed boa’s head away.
The blood comes out from the wound and flows into Zhang Yang’s throat and stimulate zombie’s nature desire for blood.
Although Zhang Yang feels like this small wound cannot do a huge damage for the huge boa, but with the stimulation of the blood, Zhang Yang doesn’t want to release his bite.
When the blood comes to the body, Zhang Yang senses a feeling of warm.
In these three days, Zhang Yang continue practicing the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, and the way of cultivation is already in his mind. And now when  this warmness goes into the body, Zhang Yang guides the warmness to the sea of Qi in the abdomen by practicing <Tai Yin Refining Figures> ,.
And that’s the move in his subconscious. It’s the result of practicing the moves so many times.
With the guidance of the “Book of the exercising body” from the <Tai Yin Refining Figures> , the blood blow out from the wound of the huge boa, and turns to the warmness flowing continuously to the sea of Qi in the abdomen.
With the exercise in these three days, there are already some Qi in Zhang Yang ‘s sea of Qi. And now it’s starting to get full.
Subconsciously, Zhang Yang only knows to take more blood, more blood…
The boa realizes the power in his body is losing quickly, with a huge terror, he cancels the hunting plan from the time Zhang Yang biting it.
Is this a delicious food? No! it’s a horrible evil!
The only thing boa is thinking right now is to escape here! It’s too horrible!
But when the boa wants to leave, boa finds he can’t get out of here.
Zhang Yang ‘s sharp tusk are already in boa’s body.
Boa tries to use his huge head to hit Zhang Yang.
Zhang Yang waves his arm and hit the boa’s head away.
Boa is putting up his deathbed struggle. He twists his huge body back and forth.
Tens of woods are broken off by the boa.
But boa’s struggle is a wasted effort.
The power of the boa decrease more and more and Zhang Yang’s power is increasing.
With the guidance of “Book of exercise body” the warmness flow likes flood into the sea of Qi.  The rest of the warmness is starting to fix Zhang Yang’s injured body.
After ten minutes, boa stops moving, lies down on the ground like a whip.
Zombie Zhang Yang is still holding the dead body of boa, doesn’t want to release his bite.
“Bang, Bang, Bang”
A series of rhythmic heavy landing sound, a group of zombie is lining up out of the cave, hopping off the mountain.
When they passing the two “dead bodies”, they don’t even turn their eyes, they are only interested with the fresh blood.
When they jumping back to the cave, there’s only zombie Zhang Yang and the dead boa on the ground.
At this time, the sea of Qi is about to blow up.
A hopping zombie can’t stand whole amount of fresh blood from a ten meters, bowl-thick boa.
If the zombie’s body is not strong enough, the huge amount of the warmness will burst Zhang Yang’s body.
Zhang Yang knows he should release his bite. More blood, that’s a poison for him right now.
But Zhang Yang can’t even move his finger right now. His tusk is stiff and he can only holding the position like that.
But he has a clear mind, he can see his “zombie friends” lining up and go back to the cave. And he can clearly feel the the stream of warm goes in his body crazily and about to come out.
Within the danger, Zhang Yang cools his brain down.
When the cultivator refining, they absorb the Lin Qi from outside to their inside body. That’s the same way for zombie’s cultivation, what’s different is they absorb the Yin Qi and blood but not Lin Qi.
Blood is a treasure for Zhang Yang.
But if a huge blood comes in a short time, and that’s not a hopping zombie can stand, that becomes a disaster for Zhang Yang.


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