ZE Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Creating a foundation while squashing the bugs

“Shuiiii” It’s dark, an eerie wind whistling.

A deer is running desperately, trying to prolong his life. The forest itself was like a maze, weed, and vegetation growing everywhere. With some luck, the deer manages to lose his predators.

“Hu-hu” The deer pants, trying to cool down from the escape. He’s finally safe now, he has been on the run for quite a while now. Trusting his instincts that the predators were gone, the deer starts to feed on acorns that dropped from oak trees. Moving along to feed on some mysterious berries.

As the deer fills his stomach, a nearby crunch was heard, someone or something has stepped on a stick.

The deer stays ever so careful, fearing for his life. It didn’t want to act rashly, it slowly stepped away, panicking.

When the deer is about to find his freedom again, something from the bushes flies out. A silhouette outlines a humanoid figure. The black silhouette has sprung from a bush from behind, the deer stretches his muscles, unable to change directions in such a short period


Sharp fingernails stab into the deer’s stringy muscles, seemingly whetted. Once the finger was inserted, the other palm pressures the deer onto the floor.

The heavy power makes it as if the deer was being held by a small hill. Trying his best to make a last futile effort, the deer couldn’t even get close to escaping.

The shadow was Zhang Yang, the predator of night. The blood squirts from the open hole in the deer, Zhang Yang licking his lips, being especially tempted to try this warm feast. Gaping open his nasty mouth, he digs into the deer’s belly with fangs.

Zhang Yang’s favorite and only meal, blood, slides down his throat. It will soon turn from liquid to Qi.

Zhang Yang closes his eyes in satisfaction, running the Blood Qi Production Technique from the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>. The blood soon migrates as a warm wave, divided evenly between his two seas of Qi.

The warm wave travels to his upper body, it stimulates the cyclones of Qi, instigating the cyclones to become mad hungry, swallowing the waves of Qi.

The pond of Qi inside of him is soon devoured, filling his cyclones to the maximum.

Midway into completing earlier, he slowed his absorbing speed.

He releases his grip on the deer and says:

“Pfft, Trying to control my body now is so much easier. I can’t believe that I took that much time back then just to fail..”

Time flies, it has already been a year since Zhang Yang has been in this world. He has been taking his time researching the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, <The Secret Manual of LaoShan Sect> and <World of Talismans> again and again.

He has long found out why his body was uncontrollable back then. It was because of Zhang Yang’s abnormal cultivation speed. He wasn’t able to build his foundation sternly, this caused some miscommunication between his body functions and limits to absorb without having a difficult time.

According to the average human cultivator’s level, it takes about half a year for a human cultivator to reach Level 1, one year to reach Level 2, three years to reach Level 3, five years to reach Level 4, eight years to reach Level 5, twenty years to reach Level 6, at least this speed is basically average within this plane. The cycle goes so on…

It’s the average speed documented in the LaoShan manual, but it really just depends on the resources and constitutions people have. Sons and Daughters of Heaven are born rarely and when they do, they create legends that are recorded into history.

On the other hand, a zombie’s cultivation speed is slower than a human’s. Naturally, it would take a Walking Zombie, twenty years to reach Level 5, the speed is especially slow considering that zombies must cultivate in a Yin environment.

But Zhang Yang is especially fortunate, being brought here as a zombie with the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, it gave him many opportunities to become stronger. In fact, he managed to reach Walking Zombie Level 5 within three months, this is a feat unaccomplished by any other zombie.

This fast speed leaves Zhang Yang a hidden danger. His foundation isn’t built up because of his different speed compared to others. His spiritual power is like a root connected to his cyclones of Qi. The cyclones are the open corridor to the spiritual sense and without the spiritual power being managed correctly, his increasements in strength will cause his spiritual sense to become faulty. In simple terms, he needs to build up his body, consuming more and more Qi to inject to his spiritual power, like a bank, he needs to balance out his spiritual sense and spiritual power.

The negative side of his fast cultivation is that his body cannot keep up with it.

Zombie bodies are originally stronger than that of a human’s. Normal low-level zombies will not take the initiative to cultivate their own bodies. Their bodies can absorb blood and the essences of moon as if it were another sense. The blood and essence will continue to strengthen them.

But due to Zhang Yang’s luck, it causes his normal body to be outdone by the Pure Yin Bead. Not only that, he also absorbed the blood of those stronger than him. The <Tai Yin Refining Figures> shoots the Yin Qi directly into his sea of Qi, his body isn’t comfortable to absorbing the Qi without the help of the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>.

After approving his thesis, he trained, cultivating and building his spiritual power for a whole year, to cultivators, this time is easily just a small fraction of the pie.

Now, while training with the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, it taught him how to correctly cultivate and build up his spiritual power.

Before, Zhang Yang didn’t have time to think about it deeply. A profound piece of information he obtained after thinking a while, he has been a target for quite a while. After capturing the cave, he would nonchalantly leave the cave occasionally to hunt small animals there the valley.


Peeking a look at the deer corpse, he takes out a small jade basin and places it next to the deer.

He uses his spiritual power, creating pressure inside the body and allowing the remaining blood to drip into the basin.

“ Good specimen, Its blood is rich, it might be useful as talisman material.” Covering the basin, he slips it into his magical sack.

Zhang Yang doesn’t even cremate the body, nature will take its process here. Either the deer decompose, but knowing this forest is occupied by beasts, there is no peace for a dead one. The monsters of the forest will soon come and greedily take the body.

Zhang Yang walks to where the walls of the valley meet, the entrance. It was about time he left.

That deer was only a snack, his target was the Red Armored Battle Bull.

Close to the valley, there is a very fertile meadow. In that meadow, is the resting territory of a herd of bulls, bulls that have caught Zhang Yang’s attention a while ago.


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