ZE Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Wasting good stuff

“No wonder the Pure Yin Bead is famed! Such a little bead could break me straight through 2 levels, that’s insane!”


Zhang Yang gave a ghastly giggle, trying to hold back his greedy laughter.

“This Yin spring may be small, but it can already produce Yin Beads. I’m sure there must be more than one around here, my spiritual sense is picking up on some candy-like objects.

“But why couldn’t I find the beads earlier? It isn’t any different from when I use my spiritual sense now”

Zhang Yang isn’t completely sure how his spiritual sense failed earlier, he eventually made his own theory on why the bead suddenly appeared.

“It must’ve been because of the coffin, once I moved it, the bead might’ve formed and dropped like rain, it came up from the spring as it was filled with Yin Qi.”

Zhang Yang reaches with his dirty fingers into the spring.

He could clearly see more of what’s in the spring as the fog faded, it wasn’t as thick now that the lock to the spring is unlocked.

An unknown amount of beads were floating, swimming like fishes in the spring. It seemed very hard for the other beads to level up to Zhang Yang as the positioning was different from the first one. Zhang Yang needed to fish the beads for himself.

However, with Zhang Yang’s stiff arm, he couldn’t bend his wrists as much, causing his inability to grab properly with his hands.

After about 20 minutes of a zombie with his arm in a hole, he finally managed a grip on a bead, reeling it up.

Looking at the black bead, Zhang Yang gives a look of excitement.

“The first Pure Yin Bead managed to make me jump two straight levels, If I can absorb this second one, then maybe I can reach Level 6!”

Zhang Yang has a strong desire to use the bead again but… as he thinks about the danger that he met not too long ago, he decides not to absorb it too quickly. The best way to keep the bead’s quality is to use the soaked Yin Qi stones by the spring to create some sort of medicinal case.

Zhang Yang might certainly think that, but there were so many Pure Yin Beads in the spring, he thought it might’ve been too much work for a container.

If Yin Cultivators knew Zhang Yang were to waste the priceless Yin bead like this, they would be distressed, probably furious that they couldn’t be this lucky. But Zhang Yang isn’t that creative, besides, he thought the medicinal case would be too hard to make.


Zhang Yang completely forgot about time while circulating the Yin Qi. When leaves the cave, it’s already sunny out. The Yin Qi fills the insides and outside of the cave, a misty throne with a big yellow sunny-side up egg lifting from the horizons.

Compared to the other super sunny and bright places, this area is like a utopia for zombies.

“Hope I won’t get any trouble now” Zhang Yang knows the importance to stay low key and keep safe in this dangerous forest.

The Yin Qi keeps leaking from the Yin spring. The Yin Qi won’t infinitely produce, it will dry out one day, then it would just be a normal cave.

“I need to protect this spring. I need to limit the Yin Qi leaking to minimal. I don’t want others to use this spring, it’s mine and mine alone.”

Obviously, Zhang Yang already viewed this spring as his, he even recovered the coffin’s spot and covered the spring.

It may not stop the Yin Qi from leaking completely, but it will lessen the effects.

“Uh?” Zhang Yang glances where the coffin covered the spring.

Heart filled with curiosity, he rubs the ground beneath the coffin.

“Yin Preserving Stone! T-this is what’s hiding the Yin Qi!”

“God this helps me, saved me a lot of trouble of having to find this.” The mystical book told him of the contents needed to prevent the rotting process of Pure Yin Qi.

Zhang Yang checks the minerals again, lifting the coffin and placing it back down, it was confirmed.

He takes out two yellow talismans, placing one right at the entrance of the cave and the other 100 meters away.

These two talismans were called “Alarming Talismans”, the name was obvious for their effects. They alarmed the user of the talisman if any living organism were to cross the line between the two pieces of paper, naturally camouflaging with surroundings so beings won’t notice them. But the effects only last half a month.

Zhang Yang put these up to be safe.

It’s been awhile since he slept in a coffin, he was completely safe from the sun by the fog. He rested in the old zombie’s former coffin.

With the legendary Yin Spring under him, he gets cozy in the coffin.

“Compared to my first cave, this is a paradise!” *^*

“Woohoo! If I can make this a long-term home, I will do it without a second thought. The Qi coming from the spring alone is feeding me, soaking me with precious Yin Qi

Now Zhang Yang just needed to figure it out how to contain the pure Yin during the refining process, the limits of Yin Qi is being absolutely overworked each time.

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  1. >What he needs to know now is how to consume the Pure Yin Bead without exploding, like literally, EXPLODE.

    the same way he ate the previous one without literally exploding.

    1. That would be pretty logical wouldn’t it? Just following how it goes and adding some of my non-existent comedic value

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