ZE Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Fabled Yin Spring, Pure Yin Bead, Level Up?

A heavy stomp sounds in the narrow and cold cave, creating a horrifying ambiance.

As Zhang Yang enters the deeper levels of the cave, he finds an abode of fantasies.

Zhang Yang can sense the area under the coffin, hold the strongest and most condensed Yin Qi. Even his spiritual sense couldn’t get pass this otherly existence.

“My spiritual sense failed? It has never done this before…”

Flipping the lid of the coffin, a strong wave of Yin Qi brushed Zhang Yang.

Uhh? This Qi… This quality of Qi seems like…

Zhang Yang’s eyes glimmer, according to the contents of the all-wise <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, Zhang Yang gets excited.

Using his full strength, Zhang Yang slides the coffin away, scraping the ground with the most friction.

‘Guang!“ Once the coffin is moved, a deeper fog releases, muffling Zhang Yang’s face.

The fog is extremely cold, crisp, and clean.

Yin Qi!

Real, pure Yin Qi!

If Yin Qi forms into fog, it meant a unimaginably pure power, Zhang Yang couldn’t even begin to imagine how concentrated this Qi was.

“Spring of Yin! Such a pure Yin Qi could only come from a Yin Spring” Zhang Yang jumps with glee, with this discovery, it could lead to rare opportunities.

The fog was releasing from a melon-sized hole that connected the spring to the cave. Zhang Yang kneels, smothering his hands with the fog. It felt heavenly.

Zhang Yang couldn’t even feel the bottom of the spring. His spiritual sense was the same, unable to see past the fog, and the hole alone was too narrow to fit a zombie.

Zhang Yang could always use his fingers to claw through the entrance, but he doesn’t have enough courage to interfere with the spring.

What if he destroys the spring trying to open it up?

But the heavy Yin Qi coming out from the cave was already enough for him. This is already the best place he has entered since coming to this world by far. It holds the legendary Yin Spring!

Out of nowhere, something drops on Zhang Yang’s head.

It looks like a candy-sized bead.

“What’s this?”

In these three months, Zhang Yang has gotten frequent to the habit of using his spiritual sense to scan a structure.

But the result of scanning turns him down. He doesn’t capture anything but a black bead in his mind. He gives in, taking out the <Tai Yin Refining Figures> book for help yet again.

“According to the book, a crystalline called the Pure Yin Bead is made of a natural phenomenon from the accumulation of Yin Qi condensed in one spot.

“This is a Yin bead!?”

Zhang Yang has a little doubt about it. This place might be a strong Yin environment, but it’s far from perfect, so this bead shouldn’t even belong here.

Zhang Yang wants to confirm his doubts, he tries the bead  He holds the bead in his hand and runs the steps from the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>. Trying to absorb the cold bead in front of him.

When he runs the techniques, the bead just simply turns into cold Yin Qi, it seemed a little different though. It seeped into his hands, coursing through his veins.


Zhang Yang wasn’t prepared for the sudden change in power. A huge and massive Qi Stream invades his arm and deepens into his abdominal sea of Qi.

Zhang Yang releases a painful roar.

His abdominal sea expanding at a rate that was huger than ever.

Being stimulated like such, his Qi cyclones begin to circle faster, draining away. It’s like a wild thirsty dragon drinking water, depleting his source of Qi.

Again. Zhang Yang finds that he couldn’t control his body yet again.

The huge Qi stream is being swallowed and spat into his abdominal sea of Qi, an unchangeable event is occurring.

He was pretty sure that his sea of Qi was bloating too much, possibly even explode from the rapid Qi consumption.


He tries to stop the consumption, but the strong Qi magnet in his body was absorbing the Qi faster than he could dispel it.

With the strong Qi Stream’s impact, his body becomes stiff, joints freeze up even more.

“It’s definitely the reciprocal of my expectations! This bead may look small, but the power is so strong! If there’s a next time, I must not fool around as much…”

Zhang Yang makes his best effort to direct the Qi into his chest.

If he can connect the paths of Qi streams between his abdominal part and chest part. Not only can he solve the problem of redirection, he could also reach Level 4.

But sadly, Zhang Yang’s efforts go to waste as his cyclones of Qi revert back to the heavy load of swirls.

“Oh my god, this situation, I’ve met with it way too much! What type of torture is this?!”

He feels something very wrong and odd.

Is this the situation every zombie meets when trying to reach the next stage? The problem where no zombie can resist the urge of blood or Yin Qi as it desperately breaks their limits???

Or is there something wrong with my cultivation?

“If every zombie dealt with this when leveling up, then I doubt that they could withstand this urge.”


There is definitely something wrong! No denying it…

In the heat of the moment, Zhang Yang struggled with the question.

But now isn’t a good time to question himself, the biggest problem he is facing as of now is the massive Qi Stream.

Zhang Yang is still yet to guide all the Qi.

Time flows… Tick Tock Tick Tock, Zhang Yang is unnoticed about the time period.

He doesn’t know if his efforts worked, but slowly, his abdominal sea of Qi is transferring to his chest.

Once, Twice, Three times!

Countless Qi floods and breaks the membrane between the chest and the abdomen, the massive Qi Stream filling his chest.

A small cyclone is made inside his chest sea of Qi, spinning slowly.

He slowly absorbs the Yin Qi, soon his state reaches the prime stage of Level 4 all of a sudden.

Zhang Yang feels his improvement into cultivation, though he is still unsure how to feel about the Qi Stream that is still flowing.

Besides the new created big cyclone, a weak wave starts to run clockwise and absorbs the Qi constantly.

“Wen—-” The two small cyclones start to spin in each other’s direction in harmony. Creating the symbol of yinyang.

One big cyclone in the abdominal sea of Qi, two small cyclones in chest part—– the sign of a Level 5 Walking Zombie! He broke straight past Level 4!

(Wait for real? We’re only on chapter 17… This should be illegal -kawaranu)

Zhang Yang is happy that the bead has finally dissolved, it meant he fully absorbed it and now? Now it couldn’t harm him!

His danger is over, his life is fine thus far. He is a Level 5 Walking Zombie!



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