ZE Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Slain Successfully


A yellow glimmer shines, Zhang Yang has used another Strength Boosting Talisman.

He moves closer to the older zombie nonchalantly, moving slightly slower, unsure of how to deal with the zombie any further.

The Lightning Talisman’s usage is about to be expended, the zombie could possibly recuperate in a short time and have his revenge.

Zhang Yang thought of the possibility and tried to be optimistic.

“HeiiI, I can’t accept this! I’m wasting such a valuable Level 2 talisman on a disabled beast. Of course, I’ll win this!”

“And with my spiritual sense, I can predict your movements. Haha… I will win this without a doubt!”

Zhang Yang is ready to fight!

The old zombie was super pissed right now, it glared silently at the puny Level 3 Zombie. The older zombie didn’t seem as hurried as earlier, it was more cautious and didn’t provoke Zhang Yang as much.


The old zombie suddenly had a change in attitude, it returned its animalistic instincts and pounced at Zhang Yang.

Making use of the Strength Boosting Talisman, Zhang Yang holds a defensive posture, ready to block the zombie.

Two stiff zombie bodies collide, Zhang Yang, unfortunately, ties the bout and flies back 10 meters. The older zombie also fell 10 meters back, happening mostly because of the injury on his waist.

“An old zombie with a severe injury and still survives… No wonder he’s the king of the forest.”

The old zombie pounces to Zhang Yang again.

Obviously, he really wanted to slay Zhang Yang. He is incredibly upset that he couldn’t kill this pestering zombie after so long.

Zhang Yang roars confidently, he wasn’t as worried since he has foughten this zombie before over and over.

They continue their fierce fight, sometimes their arms like windmills, spinning and dueling each other. Sometimes like sharp knives, piercing and slashing into flesh.

Zombies are recognized for their stiff bodies, their joints hard to move. But because of this, their fights are sometimes… entertaining.

Stones and trees suffer from this fight, many splinters and rubble fly across the forest.

Originally, Zhang Yang was not able to fight the older zombie because of the huge level difference. But now that the old zombie is injured around his lower body, plus the damages the Lightning Talisman and with the Strength Boosting Talisman, Zhang Yang has a chance to compete.

But Zhang Yang he cannot fight like this forever. There’s a limit time for the Strength Boosting Talisman, and with that gone, he isn’t too sure he’ll be able to contend.

The Lightning Talisman’s effect on the zombie’s waist is slowly deterring, now the zombie has recovered by some.

The old zombie stabs at Zhang Yang, releasing a heavy sense of bloodlust.

Zhang Yang’s spiritual sense assists him for the coming attack. He side-steps and tries to avoid the attack. But the old zombie’s movements were too fast. An attack finally connects, Zhang Yang’s cuticles were pierced slightly.

Zhang Yang retreats a couple meter away, brushing his body for any more bruises. The old zombie grins, happy he could finally damage his tricky opponent.

Zhang Yang knows this situation isn’t going with him, one more attack could cost his life!

An idea flashes in Zhang Yang’s mind, he holds a Flame Talisman. Pointing it at the older zombie’s neck.

The zombie goes to grope Zhang Yang’s right arm. planning to rip it completely out from bone.

Using the old zombie’s movements against him, he pushes himself to turn and at the zombie’s blind spot, aim a Flame Talisman.

At the same time, he activates the talisman formation and releases the talisman.

With Zhang Yang’s spiritual sense, a small spark rises onto the zombie’s neck, bursting to its chest and head.

The old zombie makes a miserable sound, the sound of someone squealing before death. He desperately attempts to wipe the flames off him.

A normal zombie is far from a human, they are completely selfish and always choose to save themselves. Well… it’s not like humans are any different. Zhang Yang knows this zombie didn’t want to go down without killing Zhang Yang first, he stayed cautious of the zombie.

Zombies have bodies of Yin. Especially for high-level zombies, their chest area hold a sea of Qi that is connected to the abdominal sea of Qi. Their bodies hold unimaginable amounts of Yin Qi, so normal fire attacks won’t hurt them.

But a Level 3 Flame Talisman is different, made from Fire Beast Blood. With the effects of spiritual power, it creates a special flame capable of fighting Yin Qi.

In a few seconds, the whole upper body of the zombie lights on fire, it looks like a human torch at night.

Zhang Yang doesn’t even feel guilty killing his kind.

The big living eats the smaller ones, that’s the law of the jungle.

If needed to be Level 6, a zombie must consume hundreds of beasts and creatures to reach that point of strength. Here this zombie is, burning from the outside.

For Zhang Yang himself, he doesn’t know when he might meet a stronger foe in the future and die.

The Level 3 Flame Talisman’s power is huge. It covers the old zombie’s whole body very quickly. The zombie rolls, flames coming off and sticking to nearby bushes.

Zhang Yang wants to prevent a forest fire, he lifts an Aqua Talisman to put it out.

A huge blue water spouts out the fire and even hits the old zombie. Eventually, the zombie releases a final screen and then lies there completely still.

By making use of his spiritual sense, Zhang Yang finds that the zombie is dead.

“Haha! This cave belongs to me now!”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Zhang Yang jumps into the cave, scanning the area for any more enemies.

“It’s weird… This valley isn’t heavy on Yin Qi, but this cave is extremely heavy…”

“What’s strange is according to the <Tai Yin Refining Figures>’s description, this cave shouldn’t fit for a Yin environment.

The deeper Zhang Yang goes, the more Yin Qi spreads within the cave.


  1. Eventually, the zombie releases a final “screen” and then lies there completely still.

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