ZE Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Fighting for the Cave II


Zhang Yang travels to the opening of the cave


There was moon, but no stars showing tonight. A bone chilling wind blows through the entrance of the cave, covering the area with fog. Visibility has drastically decreased inside the cave.

If a normal person were here, they would get sick from the wind of Yin. Maybe even die if they weren’t on par with a normal, healthy body.

Zhang Yang, as a zombie, naturally enjoyed this feeling of Yin wind.

Since a zombie has the body of Yin, sunlight will harm it. But it’s different for Yin of wind, it was rather enjoyable.

To see through the dense fog, he spreads his spiritual sense, analyzing every detail within the cave.

Zhang Yang sees it, a profound coffin laid in the center of the cave.

Inside the coffin, a horrifying zombie face was present. Face full of corrupt desires.


When the zombie sense Zhang Yang’s external sense. It wakes him up, he lifts his shoulder and opens the coffin’s lid. Jumping out of the coffin, dust floating in the air.


The zombie growls. His skin was full of scorch marks, his newly shedding skin hiding his corrosive aftereffects, part of his skin was flat, deflated. His body carried tiny holes on the surface. Part of his arm burnt, He has only two fingers left. Blood-shot eyes showing a savage.

Frankly speaking, this was just a semi-lame zombie. But nobody should underestimate it, its power still rivaled geniuses of this plane of power.

Zhang Yang was startled by this appearance, soon receiving some thoughts.

“This old zombie’s recovery speed is fast… Last night I remembered using a Strength Boosting Talisman to fight him and break one of his legs, and somehow, he recovered already?!”

“I have the <Tai Yin Refining Figures> and enough blood. I even absorbed moon essence.  And my recovery speed is still nothing compared to his! Is this how powerful a Level 6 is…?”

“Wu, Wu! So assuming I become Level 6, will I become as powerful as that? NO! I cannot be worse than a normal zombie, I will become something much more..”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Thundering stomps come from within the cave, the zombie has started to make his moves.

“Ha! Do you actually believe that I, Zhang Yang, will actually let you out this easily?”

Zhang Yang snorts coldly, pulling out a Flame Talisman from his magical sack.

Zhang Yang makes some simple hand gestures and releases the talisman.


The talisman, like a shining golden arrow. Shoots to the direction of the cave.

The old zombie has been attacked by these kinds of talismans for the last couple of days. He knows the terrifying effect of being smitten by one of these.

But this “yellow arrow’ doesn’t hit the old zombie. Instead, it was like a curve downwards, lighting and smothering the cave entrance with yellow flames.

“Zombie with a low IQ? Easy! Tactics have probably never crossed this simple-minded fellow”

Zhang Yang wasn’t giving up hope on attacking the target. What he was doing was to stall time to prepare his offensives. His plan was working thus far.

The entrance of the cave was dark and deep, as so the flame might burn brightly. It wouldn’t get close to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang is wielding an ink marker and a sword. He uses his sword to incite the ink rope, waving it clumsily. Two minutes later, he formed an ink web outside the cave.

The ink marker and sword was taken from those Taoists. He has always been holding these items within his sack. In order to fight with this old zombie, he has been studying <Secret Manual of the LaoShan Sect> for a few days. As of now, he’s bombarding the zombie with a plethora of talismans.

After building the ink web, Zhang Yang then proceeds to take out an ink brush, he dips the brush into the ink, mixed with cinnabar and wolf blood. He finally starts to draw on the webs.

The ink was shining gold in color, each stroke leaving an impacted word.

The whole ink web was activated. The web was breathing in color, glowing and returning to normal. The words soon disappear. Then the webs of ink were just plain, nothing was different then.

Zhang Yang stares at the inside of the cave and thinks:  “I will use this ink thread as talisman paper. Draw the disgusted Zombie Repression Talisman on the thread. Although it will not last as long as a talisman, the strength of it will still be empowering in this short time. So you’re welcome old fool! Have this treat!”

The effects of the Zombie Repression Talisman was still clear in Zhang Yang’s mind. Three months ago, he was almost killed by Yun He’s zombie repression talisman.

When Yun He used to activate his talisman, Zhang Yang could feel part of his soul sustain damage. If it hadn’t been for the <Tai Yin Refining Figures> then he would already be ashes buried by dirt. Right after being captured that is, the strength of the Repression was terrifying.

Zhang Yang’s talisman drawing technique is amateur level. In addition, the soul of that old zombie was so much more refined than himself. But Zhang Yang had other attacking methods of his talismans failed


Now, the power of Flame Talisman is weakening. Seeing through the fire, Zhang Yang can watches as the old zombie was growling, showing hostility.

The old zombie exchange glances with Zhang Yang. But he can’t cross the fire to attack him.


The old zombie is furious, slamming his arm to the cave. Rendering some stones in dust.

“Haha” Zhang Yang smiled, he slid backward, using two fingers to hold a Lightning Talisman.

Finally, the fire died down a little, the old zombie wasn’t as threatened now.

The rags the older zombie was wearing is now nothing, a naked zombie stood where the fire was.

Although the fire reached the older zombie, with a body of Yin, his clothes were burnt but not his body.

The old zombie was getting in position, ready to flick his thin body at Zhang Yang. But suddenly the older zombie stopped in his tracks.

The older zombie was afraid of the rather abnormal ink web, it wasn’t something Zhang Yang has pulled out on him before.

The older zombie’s eyes were ruby, standing there dazed and frightened.

The ink was produced before by the LaoShan Sect. It has a natural repression effect to zombies. But this repression ink was mostly used for Hopping Zombies, for a Level 6 Walking Zombie, it could only induce fear into one.

“Come! Come here, let’s play.”

Zhang Yang moves his legs two steps, taunting the older zombie to come over.

The older zombie couldn’t stand this threat from a lower zombie, he pounced and landed on the web.


The web was shaken, then starting to light up a bright yellow.


The old zombie makes a pained sound.


The web tears, a yellow shine is bright in the dark valley. The older zombie landed on the ground where the web was, his body burnt with little holes. The skin he was shedding already began to crack.


With a rumbling sound, a big “repression” was tattooed on the old zombie’s forehead, shining golden.

By that intrusion, the old zombie reached for his forehead.

That shining word is made out of spiritual power. The word itself has no real body.

The word soon became translucent because of the zombie’s Yin Qi.

Soon, the “repression” on his forehead became clear, leaving nothing behind.

The old zombie’s eyes get droopy, it was Zhang Yang’s chance to finish the job.

Zhang Yang feels satisfied. He takes out one Level 3 Lighting Talisman, activating the deep words on the talisman.

“Soldiers of Thunder, From the Sky and to the Ground, Driving Thunder and Wind, Wave the victory flag, Run the distance. Listen to my command, Go!”

The chant was long, but the effect was instantaneous.

In the next second, the older zombie opens his red eyes, struggling to move.

Zhang Yang knew his “Repression”  could not repress a zombie completely, but he still hadn’t expected this zombie to wake this quickly.

Zhang Yang has no more time to prepare, quickly, he guided his Lightning Talisman onto the old zombie’s position.


The thunderstrike, as thick as an arm, struck the ground heavily.

A desperate light glows within the old zombie’s eyes. He uses his top speed, hopping from his position.


After the huge explosion, the floor beneath shook. There appeared a 3-meter hole near the cave entrance.

A black thing pounces out. His feet landing on the ground heavily. The old zombie‘s eyes are ferocious, filled with anger and hate. He stares intensely at Zhang Yang

“Fuck! How can I kill this old zombie? Even the Level 3 Lightning Talisman can’t kill him?! Am I doomed to fail again?”

Zhang Yang starts to be frustrated. He has planned to use this method to kill the zombie for a long time, he wasn’t expecting these results.

But when Zhang Yang’s eyes greet the zombie’s waist and buttocks area, he sees a flat, black area. Indicating the Lightning Talisman did indeed trigger some type of damage to the zombie.

“Haha! Finally… I injured this stupid fool”

Maybe… Just maybe, I can win this time.


Inside the “U” size valley, Ten miles away from the old zombie’s cave. An eight-meter long, five hundred pound Giant Lizard (Like a Komodo Dragon) just hunted a wild boar. He gapes his mouth, ready to devour the boar.

Far away, a strange light shines near it, a thundering sound right after.

The big lizard rises his head, his small eyes are gloomy. His ugly face showing a confused expression.

The sound came from his enemy’s cave. He has met the zombie before in battle, maybe he should go and check things out?

But after thinking about it, his food was still yet to be enjoyed.

For a bloodthirsty lizard, nothing is on par to the enjoyment of wild cuisine.


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