ZE Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Fighting for the Cave I

Three months later…

A zombie stands on the top of the mountain, opening his mouth and facing the moon. The essence from the moon turns to Qi and flows into his mouth.

Zhang Yang is following the <Tai Yin Refining Figures: Book of Refining Body>’s direction, guiding the Qi into his body, then running to his abdomen.

In his abdomen, a big cyclone of Qi was running, making a complete spiral of energy.

“Cool! The essence of the moon can turn into Yin Qi, and the fresh blood from the beast can turn into a separate source of energy. Both of them can become spiritual energy. The cultivation speed from the <Tai Yin Refining Figures> is especially fast. Come to think about it… I’ve benefited from this book many times…”

Zhang Yang was very pleased.

In these three months, Zhang Yang has always been wandering in the forest. In the daytime, he hid in an environment of Yin, sleeping or practicing talisman arts. At night, he went out for hunting and self-pleasure from blood. If there’s enough moonlight, he would absorb the essence from the moon to refine his body.

He broke into Lv3 a month ago.

The symptoms of a Lv3 Walking Zombie is their new ability to form a newer, larger cyclone of Qi inside their abdomens.

The next goal Zhang Yang is trying to achieve is to maximize the cyclone inside his abdominal sea of Qi. Once he’s able to break a bridge between his abdominal sea of Qi to the chest sea of Qi, creating a smaller cyclone of Qi in his chest cavity, then he’ll be Walking Zombie Lv4.

Of course, Zhang Yang himself also believes this level is miles away.

“The path of cultivation will only get harder and harder. At the beginning, it only took me three days to get from Hopping Zombie to Walking Zombie. But now, after drinking some beast blood.

My cultivation progress hasn’t changed, the blood isn’t strong enough to waver my cultivation at all… When will I be able to evolve to the Purple Zombie Realm…

If human cultivators were to hear Zhang Yang’s words, they’d be so shamed that suicide was an option.

The level of Walking Zombies was equivalent to those of the Qi Refining realms for human cultivators.

According to the statistics in the human cultivation world, if a normal human cultivator grasps enough resources to cultivate, it would take them the most of six months to breakthrough from Lv1 to Lv3  And then, it’d take another 3-35 years for higher realms, of course, there would be several exceptions. Like the sons and daughters of Heavens. In other words, it would be about a centuries time for a normal cultivator to go from Lv1 to Lv9 in the upper realms. Then spend even more years to advance.

And the majority of Qi Refining cultivators have lifespans up to 200 years. So most people, in the end, commit their lives to cultivating. Exchanging their lives to cultivating because of their lacking in resources.

And so that means that cultivators will likely live their lives in the same realms. Actual speaking, it’s a 1:100 chance for a cultivator to be born and be able to advance some realms.

With the restrictions of cultivation methods and resources, a zombie would naturally have a weaker foundation in cultivating compared to humans.

But it only took Zhang Yang four months to improve to Walking Zombie Lv3. This speed itself was already six or seven times greater than that of a normal human cultivator. It was also faster than any currently known zombies, Zhang Yang could be known as a cultivating genius as of now.

The earlier Zhang Yang can reach Lv9, the better. He’ll be able to prepare to enter the Purple Zombie Realm and earn more merits in battle.

After cultivating Yin Qi under the moon, Zhang Yang was in top condition. He leaves, his direction of travel was a U-shaped valley. At the bottom of that valley, there sits a six-meter tall cave. In there, Yin Qi was floating. The quality could even not be as far from the Palace of Nine Qi. Zhang Yang wandered the forest for three months straight. He has wandered at least ten thousand kilometers far, so to his discovery, the place was mostly wrapped in Yin Qi.

Zhang Yang didn’t want to travel anymore. He wanted to find a “home” to stay and cultivate.

This area not only has Yin Qi advantage, but they’re very hidden and hard to find. And there’s also other creatures to Blood Cultivate from…

Unfortunately, this forest has an owner. Coincidentally, it’s a Lv6 Walking Zombie. The zombie set this Yin QI heavy cave as his home already, whenever Zhang Yang got close, he would start to feel an onslaught from the Lv6 Walking Zombie.

Zhang Yang was three levels behind the other zombie, even with talismans, he was of no match for the other zombie.

If Zhang Yang hadn’t been rational and used his Agility Talisman to escape, his corpse would be rotting even more outside the cave.

But Zhang Yang, being the stubborn person he is. Refuses to be let down by another Zombie, his plan was to pester and bother the zombie.

Every night, he planned to cultivate to keep his best performance, then attack the zombie. If needed, he’d use Agility Talismans to flee from the proximity of the cave.

“He he, Today I will use a Lightning Talisman to smash you, tomorrow I will use a Flame Talisman to cook you, the day after the next day I will use the horrid Zombie Repression Talisman to disgust you…I don’t believe I cannot kill you in the end.” Zhang Yang knew his endurance would be pushed to the limits, pantingly he said.

“Dong– Dong— Dong–”

I jump!


Again Again!

Zhang Yang moves with grace, spreading his spiritual sense throughout 100 meters, observing his surroundings.

In these three months, he has never given up to train his spiritual sense. His range of spiritual sense covers a wider area now. This is what he obtained as his advancement to Walking Zombie Lv3.

“It’s a wide range. Especially in such a dark forest. There are trees around, some beasts will sneak around 10 meters, then attack.

With Zhang Yang’s improved spiritual sense, he could always locate an ambush.

Many times now, Zhang Yang has used his spiritual sense to save his life.

That’s why the ability is engraved to his heart and so important to him to keep practicing it.

“Uh?” Zhang Yang stops.

He senses a Red Armored Battle Bull headed towards him again.

“It’s that weird bull again!” Zhang Yang lets out a annoying sigh.

This type of bull is a Level 2 Demonic Beast. It’s a Herbivore Demonic Beast, but it has a bad temper. If he feels other animals being defiant of him, he’ll attack. A dominant creature it was.

Zhang Yang is very curious on how and why this bad tempered demonic beast hasn’t disappeared from such a forest yet. He should be devoured by tougher Demonic Beasts by now.

But Zhang Yang doesn’t have the confidence face the bull. He still remembers that he was nearly killed when he fought with him the first time.

So instead, he releases a Level 3 Agility Talisman, traveling 200 miles away from the bad-tempered bull.

His only goal was to kill the other zombie, no need to kill himself over the bull.

“If I wanted to go there, I would have to use an Invisibility Talisman because of this range, if that bull heard anything, he’d come chasing me” Zhang Yang had really no choice.

He pokes at his inclined cross pocket. He didn’t want to waste such a valuable talisman, but he had no choice.

“Let’s use an Invisibility Talisman, and hope that this bull will stop hindering me…”

Zhang Yang knows the bull is still rather close, he takes his time to not make a bit of sound.

He pulled out a talisman, activating the seal within his mind.

“Conceal my Body! Make me Unseen! The Grand Supreme Lord, Hear my commands! Activate!”

The talisman ignites, turning into ashes. Making Zhang Yang completely concealed from visible view.

The Red Battle Bull notices some noise, But when the bull raises his head, there is nothing but vegetation. So the bull decides to leave, trotting away at a path. Fortunately, the bull decided to travel the opposite direction.

“Humph! If I succeed in capturing that zombie’s cave, I will find you and drink your blood after I advance to Level 4. I know you’re a fire demonic beast. It would be a shame if I don’t use your blood to create talismans of the fire element~”

Zhang Yang makes this decision, he will kill this arrogant bull.

One minute passes.

“Dong-Dong-Dong!” The now-invisible zombie travels far.


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