ZE Chapter 13

Chapter 13: World of Talismans

A funneling wind strikes the sky, collecting debris to cover the sun. It brings a cool shade along with it.

A zombie stood center of the Tiger Cave, hailing his second victory, carrying a fluorescent yellow sack. Standing with a pleased smirk wide on his face.


A bloodcurdling growl echoes through the cave, giving it an ominous feeling.

“That’s my sound of joy”

“Two hundred talismans! All Lv2, six of them are Lv3! Forget about Lv1 Talismans, I have more than I need for the Lv2 Talismans.

“Yes! So many talismans ahaha”

“A Lv2 Tracking Talisman huh? I suppose that’s why they could find me after all that” It was obvious what the “Tracking” Talisman could do.

“There were like 50 stones. 30 of them looks decent. Wait… Is that the Spiritual Stone the book mentioned? Now I’ve got to keep these stones.”

(Spiritual Stone: translucent crystals with spiritual energy trapped within. Mainly used as currency amongst cultivators. They can also be used to cultivate (by absorbing the spiritual energy), create magical items, or power spell formations.)

“What a huge fur coat! It’s better quality than the common Timber Wolves. This was probably the leader’s loots”

“Talisman Brush, Cinnabar, Wolf Blood, Yellow Talisman Paper. Useful.”

“They’re all taoists, but how can they have such differences in rewards? This older guy name is Yu He, He definitely outclasses Yun He.” Zhang Yang sigh with mixed emotions.

The one thing that he was missing is that Yu He was a revered talisman crafter in the LaoShan Sect.

His well-refined talisman crafting skills brought him up to where he was. Otherwise, normal disciples of Refining Qi Lv3 and Lv4 were especially poor. They often never had proper resources to cultivate.

At last, Zhang Yang reaches into the sack to find a book imprinted with the name: <Worlds of Talisman: First Legacy>

“This book looks good… It already seems better than <Secret book of LaoShan Sect>, a shame that it’s only a part from the whole series…”

“But at least with it, I get some basic external knowledge on how to create talismans.”

Zhang Yang picks up the book, focused on read it. He actually spent 3 hours to complete it

He sighs, “It’s not that complicated to make talismans. Actually, it only depends on the power of Spiritual Sense and Qi. All I have to do is activate the formation from the profound strokes on the paper”

(Formation: divided into battle formations and spell formations, although they are often just called “formations”. Battle formations are tactical formations used by several cultivators or martial artists attacking in concert. Spell formations are also called Arrays. They’re essentially magic circles which cast a continuous area-of-effect spell on the location the formation encompasses.)

Zhang Yang finds out the Dao of Talisman Crafting, or so just touched upon the surface. Scraping away at the process.

The <Worlds of Talismans: First Legacy> gave him a tenth of the requirements for making talismans. Zhang Yang, being a simple fellow. Chose the easiest of all the talismans, The Flame Talisman.

Picking up a Talisman Paper, Zhang Yang sets it on a flat stone. Opening the book and flipping to the page “Flame Talisman Construction” he silently focused.

He grinds the cinnabar with the Wolf Blood and uses it as an ink for the brush. He uses his Spiritual Energy to guide the Spiritual Sense. Drawing the route for the famed Flame Formation

But Half Way, he failed. He knew he failed too, such awkward strokes indicated it.

According to <World of Talismans>, the process when creating talismans will absorb an exorbitant amount of Qi or Spiritual Energy per say. But it was different with Zhang Yang, he has noticed that he didn’t expend any amount of Qi nor Spiritual Energy

He compared his talisman to the original in the book, his accuracy on the drawing was about 30%.

“Wu-wu, A zombie’s wrist is so stiff. My education should be above this realm, drawing should be a piece of cake!”

He has wads of talisman papers, but it was still limited. Made by humans and very hard for zombies to obtain.

Then as so, Zhang Yang stiffly hanged onto the brush, practicing writing on the stone.

It’s especially hard for a zombie to move its joints, so writing and drawing took a toll of effort. But Zhang Yang knows that if he is able to make talismans, then he will have more defense precautions. More ways to protect himself.

He must learn it! Zhang Yang is very hardworking. This kind of practice was not like normal writing. Every move needed Spiritual Sense and Energy. Although Zhang Yang’s doesn’t use much energy. After one hour, his two cyclones of Qi in his abdomen start to lessen more and more. His Spiritual Sense hasn’t wavered, but his Spiritual Energy could be said differently.

“I suppose it’s because this cave is filled with Yang Qi… I can’t generate any Yin Qi to transfer into Energy…”

Outside of the cave, the sun was starting to set, two more hours and it would be clear for him to move. The tiger cave is annoying. He was stuck there unless he wanted the sun to melt him. He took this as an oppurtunity to rest for once.


The lunar light glimmers on the trees, helping the forest light up the dark areas.

In this dark forest, it was the playground for huge beasts and poisonous monsters. But needless for say, it was also our zombie’s favorite hunting ground.

Zhang Yang stood along a big tree, his body as dark as the night.

Thirty meters away, two hungry hyenas smell rotten meat. They start to moving toward Zhang Yang.

Unluckily for the hyenas were that Zhang Yang already knew they were coming, hungry and vicious these fellas were. He prepared for a bloody brawl.

20 meters…….10 meters……..8 meters

The hyena lifts his head from the tracks, seeing the ferocious looking Zhang Yang, ready to bark.

Zhang Yang didn’t give the hyena the chance to bark, releasing noise. His body shook like an arrow, speeding towards the first unexpecting hyena.

“Ao…Ao…Ao” the other hyena jumps up, wanting to bite Zhang Yang’s zombie neck.

Waving his arm gently, he whacked the side of the second hyena, protecting himself.

A Walking Zombie Lv2 strength was a whole realm stronger than a Lv1. Zhang Yang could even fight a tiger effortlessly. But now, using his full strength, he struck the hyena’s soft waist. In a split second, the hyena was down. Bound to never move again.

Zhang Yang already ignored the one he paralyzed, instead, he went on to grip the first hyena’s neck with his tusk-like teeth. Shredding the veins and bones near his neck, he drank the blood of the vicious animal as he was on himself. But he was…

Zhang Yang felt good after a small snack. With his suction skills, it was like a vampire. His dantian held the Cyclones of Qi as his appetite greater deepened.

He threw the dry dead body from the hyena away, licking the blood around his lips. An unsatisfied pleasure grows on his face as he glared at the injured hyena.

“The reaction from the groups of hyena are too slow, I can’t wait anymore.”

After the sun came down, Zhang Yang left the tiger cave, continuing onwards into the deep forest, unable to find a Yin environment and he was desperate because the Yin Qi exerted from the moon itself was somewhat limited.

In order to fill his Spiritual Energy back, hunting was the only solution to it, and besides, he also enjoyed the process.

Zhang Yang’s cyclones were filled with Qi after the rest and draining of the hyenas. His body aptitude was ready to step into the realm of Lv3.

“Ao, Ao, Ao!”

Barking sounds suddenly come in contact with Zhang Yang’s sensitive ears, breaking his sense of thought.”

“haha… Your comrades are finally here, I won’t be needing you anymore”

While saying that, Zhang Yang stretches his hand. Impaling the injured hyena in the neck with his fingers. Blood oozing out.

Zhang Yang went in for another snack, feasting upon the hyena’s blood. He wasn’t distracted though, he was constantly monitoring a 20Meter radius

The foul hyena group was finally here after the wait.

They were probably afraid of the tall Zhang Yang’s body and didn’t attack, fearing their lives. Five hyenas surround Zhang Yang, their four limbs tightening, they growl deeply and stare at Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang threw the dead body of the hyena at his friends, enraging them.


One hyena started to make their move, but Zhang Yang was completely still. Using his right, he chopped down to the feral animal.


The hyena moaned and started to change postures, using his legs to strike the zombie.

Walking Zombie Lv3 have strong, horned layers/cuticles. But with the scratch from that hyena, a scab appeared where it was struck. But Zhang Yang didn’t think much of it, once he got the blood from the hyena, the scab would just become nonexistent

“Ao! Ao!”

Another hyena pounced. Zhang Yang hopped up to avoid the attack. At the same time, he also started his offensive. Whenever Zhang Yang goes on the offensive, the hyenas would either be heavily injured or dead. In ten short minutes, all the ferals drop to the ground.

The winner of the brawl, Zhang Yang gives an evil snicker. Declaring his victory once again.


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