ZE Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Achievement

Zhang Yang couldn’t relax after killing the two Taoists, his body shaking intensely. Releasing his Spiritual Sense, he scans the area within 20 meters. The Spiritual Sense reveals a peaceful landscape, nothing dangerous within 20 meters.

Zhang Yang stiffly traveled to the entrance of the Tiger Cave.

Zhang Yang feels the disgust from his heart, the sun was shining beautifully, but now as a zombie? It was absolutely horrid.

Just luckily, there was nobody else nearby.

After securing his peace, Zhang Yang felt relieved. Any more people and maybe it would’ve attracted someone or something much stronger than himself.

Although the enemies were dead, Zhang Yang didn’t feel any assurance.

Half of Zhang Yang’s body was burnt and crumbling from the Lightning Talisman. His one leg was seriously injured. The damage of the Lightning Talisman was on the border of snapping all of his bones.

It wasn’t just Zhang Yang’s body injured. But his soul also took some of the damage, a direct hit had landed on it. Nobody but Zhang Yang would know the pain of taking damage like so.

A Zombie with a lame leg…

Zhang Yang teared up, wanting to cry.

“So when I came to this world, I’m a Zombie. Now, I’m a zombie with a useless leg. WTF Why is this happening to me?!”

The only thing keeping Zhang Yang in high hopes is the fact the Lightning Talisman’s power is weakening as he thinks, and now will no longer bring corrosion damage to his body.

Otherwise, he would’ve turned to ashes already, zombie ashes…

The two cyclones of Qi swirl even quicker than before, Qi leaking out, reconstructing Zhang Yang’s body.

The Qi recovery is slow but it is working- Suddenly an idea went off in Zhang Yang’s head.

“Last time my bones were damaged by the Boa, I healed when I absorbed its blood… What if I can do the same now?”

Last time, his bones were snapped. Basically turned into powder, but he saved himself by drinking blood. This time, it’s a more serious case.

Zhang Yang covered his gaze with the older Taoist’s corpse.

The older Taoist’s heart had been pulled out. Bleeding profusely his corpse was, this was the perfect chance, the chance to absorb his blood.

“But…That’s a human’s blood… Am I really gonna do it?”

Yesterday, he fought with a Taoist and absorbed his blood. But, it was during the fight. Zhang Yang doesn’t think that much during a fight, he was desperate. By the time Zhang Yang had reached the fight’s end, his human consciousness came back.

Now? Now Zhang Yang is hesitating. His human part is refusing the blood while his zombie counterpart is willing.

Zhang Yang finally makes up his mind, with the injuries he has sustained. He made the choice to just follow his Zombie instincts.

“Although I don’t know how those two tracked me. If they can, then others are of difference.”

“I have to… No, I must grasp this chance. This chance to take his blood and await for more”

Besides the danger from the Taoists, there were magical beasts too. They were ferocious and arrogant, always willing to swallow their prey. He had to make a right choice here.

This was the cruel part to the Law of Living. The weaker die and the stronger live, he must abandon his human benevolence to survive.”

He hopped on one leg, picking the body up.

A Zombie’s nature it is for blood. Zhang Yang’s every part pulse with excitement when he observes the fresh, crimson, and pure blood.

If Zhang Yang haven’t had his human wills, then his undead wills would’ve already taken this body since the beginning.

Zhang Yang can feel his throats shivering with delight and lust. He leaned down and bit into the Taoist’s throat, sipping his blood.


Fresh blood flows into his soul, turning into a titanic wave. The warm wave transferred into his belly, Zhang Yang didn’t just feel comfortable anymore. He felt like he was flowing on a puffy cloud, giving a deep growl.

“Good… very good. This one tastes better than the one yesterday… Maybe it’s because he’s stronger” He licked his lips, wanting more.

“Sex or Blood, which one would feel better?”

Zhang Yang was and still is a virgin. He is nearly having wet dreams about blood or girls, just fantasy.

After the warm waves flow into his belly, the two cyclones accelerated at high speeds and started spinning more. Counter-clockwise with a lot of energy.

This swirl has a big power of suction, like thirsty man drinking water, it drinks all the blood from the Taoist.

Zhang Yang forgets it all, the only thing on his mind was the blood. It was absolutely heavenly.

In the process of absorbing blood, some turned to become waves, flowing into his Dantian. The other half was being swept to repair his body.

Zhang Yang was happy to see his injured leg fixing at an approachable speed. He no longer had to be a destroyed Zombie!

The older Taoist’s body turned to a dry corpse. Completely withered of blood and life.

Zhang Yang finally released his grip on the next, then pinching the corpse.

One pinch, that’s all it took to render the corpse into dust and fragments of a former Talisman expert.

“Shit! Drinking blood is supposed to be disgusting. Why do I feel so good! Will I be addicted to drinking it? What if I lose my soul and become a demon? ”

“Demon? If I turn into a demon, how will I date a Fairy?!”

He checks himself, Dantian filled with Qi and injuries completely healed. He was also given a pleasant surprise, he was on the verge of Walking Zombie Lv2, moving towards Walking Zombie Lv3

“Ha, I guess I should believe that blood helps!” Zhang Yang’s face turns ferociously delightful. Showing off his Zombie traits and happiness.

He jumps to the other Taoist, hoping to find more blood to absorb. Sadly to a poor choice, he was burnt crispy. His blood had already solidified and couldn’t be sucked.

“What a shame… With his blood, I could’ve jumped into Lv3”

Zhang Yang stopped suddenly when he picked up his body.

He finds a small sack in his pocket. The yellow sack was embroidered with the art of Eight Trigrams and Yin Yang.

“What’s this? Even the robe of the Taoist was burnt, how could this sack be fine?”

Zhang Yang lifts the sack into hand, eyeing it curiously. He finds the name, “Yun He” stitched on the left corner, implying the owner’s name.

Zhang Yang’s eyes sparkle with greed, if it hadn’t been destroyed in such an event, then it must mean something.

“What is this sack?”

Zhang Yang directs his Spiritual Sense into “Tai Yin Refining Figures” and with confirmation on the sack, he gets excited.

“This is the sack to the story of Za, belonging absolutely to no one.”

Zhang Yang touches the sack, a smooth lining of magical cloth rubs his cold fingers.

Following the directions of the <Tai Yin Refining Figures: Chapter of Random Encounters>, he drops his own blood on the sack and creates a mark.

In a few seconds, this sack had a surname of Zhang embedded where “Yun He” was.

After this new owner authorization, Zhang Yang feels a piece of his body connected to the sack.

He places his Spiritual Sense into it. Picturing the space of a cubic meter. There was a book, many Talismans, three particularly strange stones, some wolf fur, a dull Talisman brush and ink boxes, and the rest just consists of clothing.

This sack held just one cubic meter, it seems incredibly low tier.

Zhang Yang plays the act of victim once he took the magical sack.

Using his Spiritual Sense, the book seemingly appeared into his hands from thin air.

“Haha” Zhang Yang smiled, it was amazing. It was something out of a book!

The sack was way better than the LV or something on Earth. If I could carry this with my girlfriend to go shopping. I could’ve saved much more energy. ( LV=Louis Vuitton. For you people who ask)

But thinking of it, Zhang Yang knew he probably couldn’t return to Earth. Nor would he want too.

And to what girl would be willing to go out with a Zombie?

This book had four words on the cover <Secret Manual of LaoShan Sect>

Looks like this is the textbook of LaoShan Sect. Every Taoist of the sect has one. The information in the book is very basic for a Xianxia world. How could it be named “Secret Manual” anymore? He was going to throw it, but since he had room to spare, he saved it.

Then Zhang Yang pulls out the talismans. A total number of talisman reaching up to 32. Four of them were Lv2 talismans, Zhang Yang was happy like a child inspecting their Halloween harvest.

The types of talismans were not much different than yesterday. There were Zombie-Repression Talisman. Lighting Talismans, Body Bulking Talismans, Flame Talismans, and Ground-Submersion Talismans.

The furs were obviously from the Timberwolves of yesterday.

This proves the ”good guy(s)” who saved Zhang Yang last night were these two and they obviously weren’t “good guy(s)”. Zhang Yang didn’t have the need to feel bad anymore.

Then came the mysterious stones, Zhang Yang couldn’t figure out their secret. So instead, he threw them back in the storing sack.

Then Zhang Yang takes a glance at the clothes the older Taoist left behind. Within the corner of his eye, he spots another sack…

This would be his chance, more income!!!


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