ZE Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Pyrrhic Victory

In a dark narrow cave, a zombie keeps his body straight, lying in a corner.

It’s been about 20 days, Zhang Yang would’ve never imagined himself sleep while standing. He also couldn’t ever think about being a zombie in a xianxia world.

All of it was just so amazing, this world that is. The things from your wildest dreams appear, they all appear here!

Since the tiger’s cave is narrow and deep, the sun cannot reach where Zhang Yang was. But because tigers are attracted to the Qi of Yang. Here, the Fengshui is extremely for Yang types, there is no Yin Qi at all.

Especially when the sun rises, under the colossal sun,  more Yang Qi is generated. Zombies hold bodies of Yin, so the Yang Qi naturally makes Zhang Yang feel uncomfortable. All Zhang Yang could do right now is to try his best to find the coldest corner in the cave, maybe at least finding some comfort.

“Wu—Wu! I don’t have enough experience to wander. I’ve always stayed in the zombie cave, never have I been outside of that cave. I also don’t know how crucial it is for a zombie to actually reside in a Yang Qi cave, it definitely feels uncomfy though.”

Zhang Yang shouts his regrets. If he knew his situation in advance, he would’ve tried his best to find a Yin Qi residence yesterday.

Now he doesn’t have the mood to sleep. All he can do is close his eyes and meditate, collecting energy into his Cyclones of Qi.

When the two cyclones swirl themselves, they spin in counterclockwise directions together.  The effects of the cyclones throw the power in his body into a frenzy, developing his overall skills. The power cools Zhang Yang down, putting his mind and body into harmony.

Suddenly, coming to a quick stop, Zhang Yang was interrupted from meditation. His eyes are dyed crimson and hostile.

“Why must there be another person…”

Zhang Yang is well depressed, why does the zombie have such miserable luck? Everybody needs to kill a zombie these days.


With a swift jump, Zhang Yang flies to the side of the entrance, his body tightening and clings to the wall of the cave.

By using his spiritual sense, he spots two people, they’re… “Taoists! Taoists again! God, I’m so fortunate huh???”

“They must be in the same sect with the Taoists I killed yesterday. But, I already escaped well over 40 miles, how do they know?!”

Zhang Yang cannot depend on luck right now. He doesn’t believe for a second, that these two Taoists were here for no reason. They must be here for Zhang Yang.

And so, the speech outside proves Zhang Yang’s hypothesis correct.

“Wait. I feel that someone is on us” When Zhang Yang was using his spiritual sense, the older Taoist felt the change in aura.

“Don’t worry about it, Shi Xiong. This is a barren wasteland. Nobody would want to be here nor can they.” The other Taoist says, looking around for something suspicious.

Zhang Yang didn’t expect a situation of where the older Taoist could be sensitive to his sense. Maybe another reason is because he can’t properly control his spiritual sense well.

“This desolate place must’ve just given me a bad feeling…” The older Taoist doesn’t doubt it and then says: “According to the zombie’s footprint, it leads here. The zombie must be here…”

“Haha, this cave’s location is very obscure, and it’s a place of Yang. Who could imagine a zombie is here? If we hadn’t used Shi Xiong’s tracking talisman, we would’ve just walked pass without paying attention.

“Who knows? Maybe a tiger was eyeing its prey, but got so confident, he ended up being the prey. That said, prepare to go inside. I can smell the blood right now. The tiger or beast fool must’ve already been slain by this zombie. All we need to do is to kill one zombie. Using our zombie repression talismans.” He says, taking out talismans and staring deeply at them.

“It’s sunny and there’s heavy Yang Qi outside, the rotting flesh must be asleep. Don’t wake him up, try to use the talisman to repress him at the first shot. Then we can go back to the sect hall and explain” The Shi Xiong gave a snicker as he said spoke his plan.

“Gotcha, Shi Xiong!” The two Taoists were discussing of despicable acts outside

Zhang Yang was in a shock. These guys were here to catch him for sure and they wanted to use a zombie repression talisman to fight against me.

“They assume I’m asleep? Okay then, I will!”

Thinking of this, Zhang Yang shifts his body back in position and hides. He prepares to perform a sneak attack.



Taoists rush into the cave, one holding a sword, the other grasping a talisman.

Today was super sunny, at least outside, inside the cave. It was fairly dark.

The change of common lighting really caused a strain on the Taoist’s eyes.

Zhang Yang took this chance, this chance to strike!

The first target was the Older Taoist. From their conversation, Zhang Yang knew he’d be more of a hassle to deal with. His plan was to sneak attack the tougher one, then, slowly end the life of the weaker one.

Zhang Yang’s moves were put into stunt beautifully, his first attack, like a viper, charged at the back of the Taoist.

Zhang Yang was just about to strike the Taoist’s back but ultimately failed. The Taoist was on high alert, he swung back his body and jabbed a sword to guard himself.

The sword stabbed into Zhang Yang’s shoulder, embedding into his zombie flesh.

With a terrifying sound, the sword was like a heated iron stand that was stabbed into wax to hold it. Zombies typically don’t have pain nerves. But he can feel the fear from his soul from that sword.

Zhang Yang failed in his sneak attack badly, even causing his body to be stunned. The Taoist rolled aside and avoided the earlier strike.

“Yun He!” The Older Taoist yells.

“Yes, Shi Xiong” The other Taoist chants an incantation, performing hand gestures that would be jeered by modern day people, then lifting out a paper Talisman.

Hearing the spell, Zhang Yang could almost hear something crack in his heart. The Zombie-Repression Talisman played with his heart, his eyes droopy. He was about to enter a coma-like state.

Suddenly, a pure black covered book appeared and the four reassuring words “Tai Yin Refining Figures” shone in his mind and brought his consciousness back.

It happened in the span of a second.

Zhang Yang’s consciousness was brought back and when it did, a yellow Talisman was on the verge of hitting his forehead.

Zhang Yang swung his right arm, attacking the coming Taoist.

That Taoist had succeeded in chanting the spell, however, he would’ve never thought about Zhang Yang waking up, so he didn’t even think about defending against Zhang Yang.

He got what he deserved for not being focused, a strike that blew him away like a broken kite.

The sudden change in situation shocked the Taoist. “Absurd! This zombie is not afraid of the Zombie-Repression Talisman ?! It’s Lv2! Ir far outstands the range of a Walking Zombie.”

He said this, but unlike the younger Talisman, he was still alert. He grabbed something out of a Jade Box.

A Talisman hovered in the air, absorbing nearby Qi and creating an aura.

Lightning Talisman!

This Lighting Talisman already gave a heavily dangerous feeling. Strong than the one that Zhang Yang used prior.

Zhang Yang sensed the danger of death, a grim reaper following him.

He activates his first Ground-Submersion Talisman


His whole body soon deepened into the ground, along with the surface ground, the effects of the Talisman had been activated.

Then a sudden strike of thunder flashed, striking down.

A huge Thunder splashed down and hits the ground, making two or three meters big holes.

Because the time is so short. He didn’t get so far under the ground. Part of his body was blackened by the thunder.

Zhang Yang didn’t use this chance to hesitate. Although the damage from the Thunder did its work, he escaped underground

A zombie using a Talisman? Unheard of! Especially a Ground-Submersion Talisman.

“What the hell is going on?! Even entities like Purple Zombies can’t do that! From his strength and Qi, he’s just a measly Walking Zombie!” The older Taoist says.

Zhang Yang is under the ground right now.

But he isn’t going to escape… Not like he can, if he did, he’d just be tracked again.

He knows the powers of the Talisman were dwindling, he was going to use this chance, this chance, betting his life. He was going to attack from the shadows. Again.

At the span of a breath, Zhang Yang threw himself out of the soil, pouncing on one of the Taoists

The Taoist was too late in reacting to the attack, mostly because he was still in the shock.

His long finger piercing through the chest of the older Taoist. Using his hand, he submerged it into the chest of the Taoist, before pulling out. A crimson, beating, fleshy heart.

The older Taoist’s eyes dilate, he starts to suffer the effects of his heart being pulled completely out. He flails to the ground while Zhang Yang was resisting the intention to eat his heart, right in front of him.

His limbs that were hit by the Thunder were now taking its toll, his soul was bleeding and body was weakening.

With such stimulations in situations, he tossed the freshly picked heart into his mouth.

Chewing on the heart like candy, Zhang Yang’s face turns furious.


On the opposite side Yun He couldn’t keep his eyes on the sight, he pulled out a Lightning Talisman and was prepared to use it.

Zhang Yang didn’t give him the chance to attack, he was collected after defeating the stronger Taoist and used his own Lightning Talisman to strike the Younger Taoist.

A Thunder strike beamed down and hit Yun He

His body was thoroughly cooked by the Thunder and charred, he was completely dealt with too.

That’s the end of the fight.

Zhang Yang gains a pyrrhic victory, damaged, brused, hurt. But he still won.


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