ZE Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Sorry dear friend, I shall live !

The first Timberwolf jumped, motioning its hinds legs, but unluckily for the feral beast, Zhang Yang already predicted which wolf would attack first. He can determine the wolf’s actions by looking at their aching muscles and dark eyes. He is prepared for an attack at every angle.

If you were to watch the fight in slow-motion, then you would see the neck of the first wolf caught. It might not seem like Zhang Yang seized it, but in actuality, the wolf’s neck was already sliced in a few breaths.

Along with the effects of his Spiritual Sense and the Body Bulking Talisman, the strong yet stiff zombie won the first bout with the wolves.

But danger still lurks, a third and fourth wolf make their ways to Zhang Yang.

But, Zhang Yang is ruthless, he uses the dying wolf as a bat to swing at the coming wolves: he uses a wolf to hit a wolf.

Perfect hit! Two wolves roll to the ground.

But this hit also puts Zhang Yang in a ghastly situation, by using his Spiritual Sense, he sees another wolf pouncing towards him. His grisly fangs were vivid, it was not avoidable.

Zhang Yang casually turns his body, he leaves his whole back exposed to the wolf. Hoping his back muscles will at least provide better defenses.


The Timberwolf is as strong as a bull, the well-built body of the wolf comes in contact with Zhang Yang directly. Even with the Body Bulking Talisman, Zhang Yang could not fully defend against the hit, he falls flat to the ground.


The Timberwolf has made his first strike! “It” continues to motion towards Zhang Yang’s neck, baring his fangs.

Zhang Yang goes for a jab at the Timberwolf’s head with his right, knocking the Timberwolf down.

“Hooooo– Hoooooo-”

But, badly for Zhang Yang, he was still trapped on the ground. The wolves watched eagerly, and the rest of the ten Timberwolves ready to attack Zhang Yang. The zombie will be absolutely dismembered by these wolves.

Zhang Yang’s pupils then dilate into small marbles, holding a Ground Sinking talisman. This will be his first time trying this talisman.

At the same time, two hurried howls sound from a distance.


Hearing this howl caused all the Timberwolves dead in their tracks. They immediately turn and run from their prey at the quickest speed possible. They didn’t even have time to care for their dead friend. Within a minute, they float deep in the forest and vanish.

Everything just happened so quickly: It was so fast that Zhang Yang thought he was dreaming.


Zhang Yang takes a deep breath, he stands stiff, seeing the wolves he killed.

His Spiritual Sense and talisman proved the most useful.

The weak point of a zombie is obvious, their stiff movement does not help in any way. Like his last move, he only managed to catch a wolf. But his stiff body prevented him from dodging the other wolf. So he helplessly watched as he was attacked by this feral beast.

Who knows? If the dogs hadn’t left at the end, Zhang Yang would’ve undoubtedly been torn into pieces.  After some hesitation, Zhang Yang thinks of the unthinkable:

“Maybe there’s a Taoist from the Taoist clan saving me. Haha.”

Zhang Yang also thinks about how he still hasn’t used the Ground Sinking talisman.

“But seriously, why would the wolves retreat at such a key point, they knew they could kill me unless… Something happened…”

Zhang Yang is very puzzled, he wouldn’t think the vicious wolves that chased him all throughout the forest to be ones that would be kind enough to let them go.

“That howl must’ve signaled some type of emergency…”

Far away, from the direction the wolves disappeared. There suddenly flashes a bright light, along with the sound of thunder and whimpers.

The sound is conspicuous in the silent and clear night.

“That could only be the Lightning talisman! Whew, seems like someone got here coincidentally. The talisman must’ve attracted the wolves.”

“This guy saves my life euphemistically, but in the end, he got surrounded by the pack. What if he can’t fight? Am I obliged to help?”

“Since they are capable of using a Lightning talisman, let’s not seek our deaths. Even if I were to help, then maybe I will be targeted by the unknown”

“What’s More, I’m still not qualified to fight against those wolves.”

Zhang Yang carves an apology in his mind: “My friend, I’ll take my leave. Sorry bro!”

Zhang Yang can’t bear to stay here anymore, he doesn’t even pay attention to the corpses. Applying another Agility talisman, Zhang Yang runs in the opposite direction.

Although it’s “Luxurious” to use a talisman, Zhang Yang is more worried that the wolves will kill that “Good Guy” and find him a dessert.

After using two more Agility talismans, he curves in several directions, accelerating and making out about 15 miles away. Zhang Yang is relieved, he believes the wolves won’t find him now.

Now, there are only two Agility talismans left, he’ll need to save it for a future emergency. Because without the Agility talisman, Zhang Yang’s speed will definitely decrease by folds. He decides he won’t risk it, so he uses his tired zombie body to walk for another 20 miles.

The sun is about to rise. Zhang Yang finally finds himself a cave to rest in. But there, in the cave, he finds his breakfast. A tiger is inside and comparing to the wolf pack, it’s like a rabbit in a corner. Zhang Yang kills the tiger, and consumes the crimson blood, reigning as the king of the cave. He is indeed satisfied by the cave.

His body isn’t tired, but his soul needs rest.


Two Taoists come running down the dark and narrow mountain range.

“Are you sure this is the right location, Shi Xiong? We’ve been running for about 40 miles. I haven’t even gotten to see a shadow of him. If the zombie had this speed, he must be a high level Walking Zombie.” The Taoist is a bit anxious.

These two Taoists were the same one that appeared on the zombie cave after the battle. They’ve been using a Tracking talisman to chase Zhang Yang’s footprints from the zombie cave.

Right now, their originally noble and tide Yellow robes harbor several holes, mixed with some blood.

They looked as if they were in a difficult situation, but in actuality, they are very capable and vigorous. They’ve been traveling for 40 miles and still, their stamina doesn’t seem short lived.

It shows that their strength is not weak.

“You don’t believe me? I’ve already used six Tracking talismans, and I still haven’t made a mistake!” The older Taoist is a little unhappy.

The younger Taoists Yun realizes he cannot speak in this manner to his Shi Xiong, so he fakes a smile and says:

“Shi Xiong, I was only playing. Every LaoShan sect disciples know you’re the best talisman refiner in our fourteenth generation. Even Shi Bos (Martial Uncles) ask Shi Xiong for help. Shi Xiong is priceless! It’s impossible for you to make any mistakes. It’s just weird why we haven’t found the zombie so far. :

It’s always helpful to boot lick to superiors.

Older Taoist’s unhappy expression was soon overwritten.

“It’s okay, and that zombie must’ve already found a place to hide because the sun is rising. If we get there in the day, then it’ll be easier to fight that monster.” Shi Xiong says.

Yun He nods, but in his heart, he dreads to Shi Xiong’s plan.

The Taoists were at Qi Refining Lv4, they are inner disciples within the LaoShan sect.

They have many talismans and besides that, Yun He believes with Shi Xiong, they’ll be able to easily kill the zombie.

After some silence, Yun He continues: “Shi Xiong, before we met those wolves. I saw someone use a Lightning talisman, was that Ming He?”

The older Taoist was just as confused: “It was indeed our sect’s Lv1 Lightning talisman. That should be Ming He. But… the Tracking talisman only shows a zombie’s footprint. There’s no sign of Ming he, and he’s only a Lv2 Qi Refiner, how can he hide from a Tracking talisman?”

But what the Taoists didn’t know was that the user of the talisman was actually a Lv2 Walking Zombie.

“Let’s keep chasing up! The question will soon be answered. This trip is already very worth it. Last night, we found a Timberwolf Leader alone, and killed it! Now, we can use his fur to create a new brush, perhaps it will draw even more powerful talismans.”

The older Taoist just couldn’t hold his emotions.

Last night, the “Good Guy” who unintentionally saved Zhang Yang was no other than these two Taoists. While on their chase for Zhang Yang, they luckily stumbled upon the Leader of the Timberwolves who was commanding from the shadows. They took this heavenly chance to kill the Wolf.

Normally, the Leader will use their minions to battle and hide from the conflict. The Leader would not easily come out, so in the end, people usually don’t get their chance to fight the Leader. But this time it was different, the Taoists managed to meet with the Leader during his busiest time.

This was indeed not a small harvest for two Lv2 Qi Refining Taoists. They were in a light mood right now.

Remembering their harvest, they continued to speed to where the Tracking talisman led


  1. The Taoists were at Qi Refining Lv4, they are inner disciples within the LaoShan sect.

    This was indeed not a small harvest for two Lv2 Qi Refining Taoists. They were in a light mood right now.

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