ZE Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Reborn in a zombie body

When Zhang Yang slowly waking up, he finds himself in a dark place. This place smells terrible around him.

“Where am I? Why I am here?”

Zhang Yang wants to raise his hands to touch things around him. But he finds his body is too stiff to move. He can not bend his elbow and he a feeling like the joint of the body is rusted.

The only thing he can be sure is the environment here is very narrow. He feels like he is surrounded by the things like wooden board. It looks like a ….coffin!

Zhang Yang feels very irritable and doesn’t feel good with the uncomfortable body.

“What the hell is this place? Who locks me here? No way, I need to get out of here.”

Without hesitation, he makes a hard push with his hands.


It comes to a jerky voice in this silent environment and it sounds a little bit horrible.

Then it comes with a loud noise, the dust flies in the air. The wood board that blocks him have been pushed down.

Although his arm is still stiff to move, the strength he can use is very strong which surprise Zhang Yang. He then finds out at least he is not injured.

He cannot bend with both legs. His arms is keeping holding straight forward naturally. When he wants to move forward, subconsciously, he jumps two to three meters far.

His original idea is to walking with steps, but his subconsciousness manipulates his body to jump.

“What’s going on?”

Zhang Yang started to realize there is something strange with his body.

After checking himself with his inflexible neck, he is in a huge surprise.

His cloth is quite old and rotten. His bare skin looks dry and becomes yellow. His fingernail’s color is nearly purple. The length of his fingernail is longer than one Cun (3.3 cm).

Furthermore, there is no light in this place. He is supposed to see nothing at all in the dark, but he can still see the things around him clearly.

Zhang yang has a bad feeling now.

He can see there is a mirror which located not far from him

With a little jump, his feet landed heavily on the ground. Due to his little jump, dust flutter and make a  big sound in the horrible place.

It will be so good if he can squat down. But he can not do that with his straight and inflexible body.

But, what’s good is he can bow down his body and see himself in the mirror.

In the mirror, it shows the image of a terrifying face, dry and stiff skin and vicious eyes with bloodshot.


That’s turned to be the only concept in his mind


Suddenly, the Zizi sound again near him.

There are other Wooden boards are pushed down.

Zhang Yang is so surprised to see zombies comes out from the other coffins one after another.


Zhang Yang, Male, Age 26.

He is super lucky in the entrance exam to the university. And he got a chance to attend into a thrid-place university ( not a good university)

He wasted his life in the four years of studying in the university. After graduation, he could not find a job and ends up being a very proud indoorsy man for granted. Watching porn, surfing on the internet is his life.

After setting the records of staying at home without leaving his apartment for 116 days, he suddenly found it’s summer. Thinking of there would be beautiful girls wearing the short dresses. He finally decided to come out of his home.

Not very fortunately, he met an old beggar at first.

“ Please wait!” the beggar said to Zhang Yang.

Subconsciously, Zhang turned around to him. He saw the old beggar looking around himself with an exaggerate facial expression.

“ Young man, you will be a genius to do cultivation. This book names “Tai Yin Refining Figures” is the best book for you. You are lucky to meet me. If you give me ten yuan, and you will get it.”

While saying this, the old beggar took out an old black book.

Zhang Yang didn’t want to believe the beggar’s words at all. He thought the level of tricks that the beggar use is too low. Even a seven-year-old kid will not be cheated by that.

However, he took the book anyway and flipped it.

There is no word in the book except Zhang Yang sees too many spinning black halos. And then, Zhang Yang is in a coma.

After he wakes up, he is in this damn place.

“ That must be the trick of that old beggar. Look at me right now, I am a zombie.”

While Zhang Yang is saying, he tries to pull his skin. The skin cannot be  more real anymore.

“How can I become a zombie!My God!”

“What if that old beggar is a powerful god and he just gives me a chance to experience the other type of life?”

As a typical indoorsy man, Zhang Yang has certain self-awareness. With the novel he reads from the internet, he figures out his situation soon.

The characteristic of Zhang Yang is going with the flow. So after a while, he begins to accept the status as a zombie.

“I fainted because of that old book. And here is the question.Where is that book?”

When he is thinking of that book “Tai Ying Refining Figures”, a black book suddenly appears in his mind. And he can see the four words from the cover of the book.

“No kidding, man!” Zhang Yang is so surprised. That’s not like an illusion.

When Zhang Yang put his consciousness to that four words “Tai Yin Refining Figure”. Paragraphs of small words comes out from book.

It says “ Dead people can refine their figure under the ground, their claw can grow with the hair,  their body are not totally dead, and after a long time,  they can finding their own cultivation way……”

The more Zhang Yang read the paragraphs, the more serious is Zhang Yang.

This book is explaining the reason why zombie comes out and how can zombie do cultivation.

Zhang Yang feels excited because he may have a chance to become a super-powerful zombie in the future.

“Let’s practice as the book described and see if it is real or not!”

After making the decision, Zhang Yang looked around himself. He is in a dark and wet cave. But it’s not a very a big cave and the ten of his “zombie friends” are jumping there.

When Zhang Yang is deciding whether he is going to say hi to them or not, he finds them jumping outside with order. Zhang yang followed them and jumping out.

The entrance of the cave is wet and narrow. Many bushes and woods outside is doing a good job to hide the cave. When Zhang Yang jumps out of the cave, he can see the whole view outside the cave.

The moon is hanged on the sky with slight cloud. There are different shapes of mountains, different types of rocks. The view is beautiful. He heard the voice of animals from mountains. At this time, one fairy dresses with a white cloth, standing on a flying sword and flies like a light in the sky. Her white cloth flying with the wind, up and down. She looks pretty and not offendable. She seems like needing to find something, so she slows her speed, glance over the forest. Outside of the cave, his “ten friends” are still standing there. That fairy looks like find nothing or got something more important. So she keeping flying ahead.

Xianxia world!

This is a Xianxia World!!!

Zhang yang is super excited.

Coming to the Xianxia World, killing some enemies, upgrading the boody and level up, get the best treasure, dating the most beautiful girl and find the secret of immortal life, that’s every man’s dream.

But then, Zhang Yang stuck.

I don’t wish to be a super handsome guy. But I need to be a normal handsome guy at least.

But now, my figure is a zombie. If that white fairy notices my figure, I think white fairy will probably yell: “Kill that beast!” and try to kill me.

That’s the most tragedy part for a man like me.

Dong !Dong !Dong !

A noise cut Zhang Yang’s thinking. Zhang Yang finds those ten zombies are jumping off the mountain.

Zhang yang makes a roar deeply. He wants to follow those zombies. But he hesitates and stops.

Being as a zombie, he doesn’t think he is very powerful. In contrast, as a movie fan of the <vampire expert> by Lin Zheng Ying, he knows the awkward position of zombie because the zombie is going to be killed by humans.

With this type of inflexible body, that fairy who has just flown away can kill me easily.

Wandering around randomly on the mountain is not a smart decision because Zhang Yang don’t even know his strength level and he doesn’t know what’s going on around him.

By knowing that, Zhang Yang settles himself down. Thinking of < Tai Yin Refining Figures> again. The black book comes out with words as expected.

<Tai Yin Refining Figures> includes four parts which are Book of Exercising Body;Book of Using Items and Weapons ; Books of Puppets and Books of the other things.

Zhang Yang reads carefully from the beginning, and find one of the cultivation methods that fits him.

The content of <Tai Yin Refining Figures> is huge and it takes a time to think about it.

Everytime Zhang Yang reads a part of the book, he needs to stop and rethink it.

It takes a long time to finish reading the whole book.

Putting his mind off the book, Zhang Yang takes a deep breath and start to summarize the book.

Till now, he has an idea about his bodies’ situation.

According to <Tai Yin Refining Figures>, Zombie has different levels.

It includes hopping zombie, walking zombie, purple zombie, black zombie, hairy zombie, flying zombie, disaster zombie.   (From lowest level to the highest level)

And that refers to the level of human in the cultivation world, ordinary people level, Qi refining level, foundation building level, gold core level, nascent soul level, becoming god level, and fight tribulation level.(From lowest level to the highest level)

By referring to the symptoms of his own body, Zhang Yang finds himself just in the level of Hopping Zombie.

When the dead body becomes a zombie in the Yin Area, that’s hopping zombie. This level of zombie has a strong strength. Normally, the strength of it is twice strong as a normal human. But their moves are very slow, and they don’t have wisdom—(Wisdom? That’s not a problem for Zhang Yang)

If a normal strong guy can a weapon (sword or stick or something like that) they can kill a hopping zombie easily if they are not afraid of them.

But that’s ok, that’s just the beginning. He is not upset now.

“It won’t be a problem. With <Tai Yin Refining Figures> and my smart brain; even I am just the lowest level zombie right now; I can still refine myself to very powerful disaster zombie that can kill the powerful god.

“ God! I will let you know, I am an indoorsy guy in the past, but, this time, I will be awesome.”

Zhang Yang roar to the sky and point his middle finger to the sky.

And that’s a not easy gesture for a zombie.



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