XHP – Chapter 8

A Disciple Who Has A Shifu Is Like A Treasure



In a state of half awake and half asleep, Hu Sha was dragged to the mountain peak where Ruo Yan Hall was located at.  She vaguely took note that a lot of people greeted her on the way there, addressing her as Senior Sister or Senior Uncle.  Even Senior Grand Uncle was there amongst the terms of addressment.  Only then did she finally realized that her shifu had a really high position in Qing Yuan Mountain.


Apparently her shifu was the last disciple of the founder of Qing Yuan Mountain.


The hierarchy of Qing Yuan Mountain was a little complex.  There were many branches and departments, Hu Sha could not bring herself to understand them all.  In order to introduce his beloved disciple’s newest disciple, the founder, Senior Grandfather Jin Ting especially called for her to introduce herself in the middle of his lesson.  Pity, Hu Sha was busy sleeping on top of the cushion mat, dreaming of a beautiful dream that involved food and delicacies.  Senior Grandfather’s goodwill was put to waste.


In the middle of the dream, she could somewhat felt as though her arm was being pinched.  Hu Sha clicked her tongue, wiggled a little, and continued sleeping.


That hand became even more brutal, pinching her hand hard.   It was so painful that she woke up with a yelp.


There were buzzing sounds from all direction.  Everyone quickly went silent.  Hu Sha looked around at a loss, so many pair of eyes were looking at her.  Some were surprised, some were ridiculing, some were incredulous while some looked like they were enjoying this.


She used up quite a while to realized that they were here to listen to the founder’s lesson and yet she went around sleeping on top of the cushion.


Hu Sha was an earnest girl.  She was embarrassed by her laziness and quickly puts down her head and tried to make her body appeared as little as possible.


But everything was wishful thinking on her part.  The Senior Grandfather who was sitting at the highest place did not have the intention to let her go.  His voice was deep as he said, “How noisy.  Fang Zhun, that is your disciple, correct?”


That slender and frail shifu of her’s was being implicated by her.  He lightly bowed and said, “It is this disciple who did not teach her well.  Please punish this disciple.”


Senior Grandfather Jin Ting simply says, “Never mind.  If the other party did not have the heart to learn and wants to sleep in the middle of the lesson, why should we disturb the other party’s rest?”


A burst of laughter echoed inside the hall.  Hu Sha curled underneath the cushion to escape everybody’s eyes.  It was okay if she was ridiculed by people, but even her shifu was scolded because of her.  His health wasn’t good, if it got worse, wouldn’t it be outrageous?


The more Hu Sha thought about it, the more disheartened she became.


Somebody suddenly pulled her arm up.  Eldest Senior Brother’s voice suddenly reached her ears, “Sit properly.  Don’t let others mock you.”


She regained her composure and sat with her waist straight.  Eldest Senior Brother sat on her left.  He must be the one who pinched her arm earlier on.   His hand was really vicious ah, the place he pinched still ached even now.  Her mind was suddenly sure of this one thing: Eldest Senior Brother was an evil spirit.  He tossed her around until she almost fainted early in the morning; and now, he went around pinching her.


The Senior Grandfather who sparkled in golden light continued speaking on top of the platform, but Hu Sha had no idea what he was talking about.  All that she thought of was how Shifu planned to punish her later.


Once the lesson ended, Hu Sha followed Feng Di from behind.  As she walked out, a lot of people pointed at her while muttering and whispering.  Two particular ladies spoke with loud voice, “That person is Senior Granduncle Fang Zhun’s newest disciple!  She actually slept mid-lesson!  How insincere and half-hearted!  She implicated everyone in Zhi Yan House.  Senior Granduncle and Senior Uncles are so pitiful……”


Hu Sha puts down her head even more and hid behind Feng Di like she was his shadow.


Feng Yi’s lazy and idle voice could suddenly be heard from behind, “Speaking behind people’s back is even more embarrassing.  I wonder which Junior Brother or Sister’s face that you two are implicating.”


The two girl’s expressions hardened.  They turned around and walked away.


Hu Sha was touched to no end.  She turned around and looked at Feng Yi with bright, watery eyes.  He lazily stroked his chin with his fingertips and said, “Idiot, what are you looking at?  Sleeping in the middle of a lesson isn’t embarrassing, but pretending to be pitiful when others mock you is.  You actually needed this Senior Brother to speak out on your behalf….”


Hu Sha laughed twice, not knowing what to say.  Feng Di who was in front of her glanced at her expressionlessly, “……. You didn’t cultivate enough.  You need to practice once we get back.  Meditate in your room quietly. I forbid you from coming out before noon.”


Hu Sha’s face became bitter upon hearing that.


“Feng Di, Hu Sha has no foundation, you must not be so hasty.  It will backfire.” Fang Zhun’s gentle voice could suddenly be heard.  The three quickly turned around to pay respect.


Feng Di replied, “Shifu, this disciple dare not slack off.”


Fang Zhun smiled lightly, “Being too harsh is not good.  Have you forgotten how I taught you and Feng Yi?”


Feng Di bowed down, “This disciple was wrong.”


Evil Senior Brother was being scolded by shifu!  Hu Sha was touched, her eyes getting all watery.  A disciple who had a shifu like him was too lucky!  Shifu Shifu Shifu……  In the end, the best person in this world was still shifu!


Fang Zhun patted Hu Sha’s head, full of affection.  “It is hard to adapt in the beginning right?  It is alright, it will get better as days passes.  Your Eldest Senior Brother only wants what is best for you, you must not blame him.”


Hu Sha nodded repeatedly.  The shifu in her eyes suddenly became high, sparkly and unparalleled.


Fang Zhun patted her shoulder before turning around to leave.  He suddenly remembered something, he turned around and whispered something in her ears.  “Look for your Second Senior Brother if you’re hungry.”


Hu Sha froze.  She looked up and could somehow saw a naughty smile hanging at the corner of his lips.   She blinked and by then, Fang Zhun had left.


What did he meant by that?  Hu Sha curiously looked over to Feng Yi who was lazily yawning.


“Feng Yi, Hu Sha, return to Zhi Yan House first.  Feng Yi, remember to supervise her meditation.  Do not let her come out before noon.”  Feng Di turned around after leaving that instruction.


Feng Yi sighed, “Senior Brother.”




“Where are you going?”


“Wu Qu Department.”


Feng Yi pointed to the opposite direction of where Feng Di intended to go, “Wu Qu Department is in that direction.  You’re heading the wrong way again.”


Feng Di stiffened, his voice was cold when he said, “…… I know that!  Just go!”


Feng Yi shook his head before pulling Hu Sha’s sleeves.  Two steps after, he glanced at Feng Di who was hesitating in front of an intersection.  He put his hand around his mouth as he quickly shouted: “The one on the right!”


Feng Di turned around to glare at him and in the end walked off.


Eldest Senior Brother was so capable and heroic, no one could have guessed that he had a poor sense of direction.  Hu Sha secretly sighed.  Nobody was perfect, not even celestials.


“Hu Sha…” Second Senior Brother suddenly called her with a warm, gentle voice.  She stepped back, putting her guards up.


He laughed, that laughter of his somehow containing ill-will, “Are you hungry?”


Hu Sha nodded in frustration.  Feng Yi stared at her in affection, patting her head.  “Second Senior Brother is frustrated on your behalf.  Hmm, if you can meditate until 3 pm, Second Senior Brother will get you something to eat.”


3 pm?  Hu Sha was dumbfounded.


“B-But, Eldest Senior Brother said I only have to do it until noon.”


“That was Eldest Senior Brother.  If you want to eat good things, you will have to listen to Second Senior Brother.  Go and obediently meditates in your chamber.  Once it reaches 3 pm, come out.  Second Senior Brother will give you something to eat.” He frivolously toyed with the two little braids on her shoulder.  “If I finds out you are slacking off or sneaking out, don’t blame me for bullying you.”


Hu Sha wanted to pass out.


Shifu wasn’t around so Senior Brother was playing king.  How unlucky of her.


serene: Feng Yi ah Feng Yi.  Hahaha