XWDOW – Chapter 54 [S]

Chapter 54

The Hero Saving the Maiden Plot


That maiden’s thick, beautiful hair reaches her waist.  Her face is like a faint moon while her eyes shines like beads of water.  Her nose is slightly tall while her lips are cherry pink.  The only way to describe her is ‘a celestial that descends from the sky.’


“You are?” Yun Qian Yu is confident she has never seen this girl before.


“This maiden is Jiang Yun Yi, the granddaughter of the Grand Tutor, Jiang Chong.”


“So it is Jiang Chong’s granddaughter; the capital’s number one beauty.  The rumors are true; you resembles a celestial descending from the sky.”  Yun Qian Meng praises her without a single thread of insincerity.


“Your Highness praises me too much.  In front of Your Highness, this maiden is like a willow withering at the sight of autumn.”  After seeing Yun Qian Yu, Jiang Yun Yi felt as though her appearance that she has always been proud of has been crushed to dust.


(TN:  In this context, willow withering at the sight of autumn means that she is pale in comparison.)


“Miss Jiang must not belittle yourself.”


“Your Highness isn’t as hard to approach as they say.” Jiang Yun Yi beautifully smiles; one that is enough to withers flower and keeps the moon away.


“Does Miss Jiang need anything?” Even though Yun Qian Yu does not dislike Jiang Yun Yi, it does not mean she is more than happy to chat idly with her here.


“Your Highness, this maiden has something to ask of you.” Jiang Yun Yi was originally contemplating on how to say this, lucky Yun Qian Yu brings it up first.


“What is it about?”


“A person!”




“The Lord of Feng Yun Manor, Situ Han Yi.”


“Situ Han Yi?” Yun Qian Yu doubtfully looks at Jiang Yun Yi.






Hearing that, Jiang Yun Yi cannot stop herself from biting her lips before resolutely saying, “I admire him.”


Seeing Jiang Yun Yi blushing from embarrassment, Yun Qian Yu suddenly remembers what Wen Ling Shan said and inevitably thinks of Gong Sang Mo.


“You two are acquainted?”


“Three years ago, this maiden and Miss Bai Fei Xu went to Tian En Temple to offer incense.  We encountered robbers midway and were saved by Lord Situ.”


The corner of Yun Qian Yu’s lips twitches lightly; must they be so dramatic?  The play involving a hero saving a maiden is so overplayed.  This Situ Han Yi and that Shen Shao Kang are really lucky when it comes to their love lives.  They only need to do one play to get the hearts of two maidens.  Even though this method is a little rotten, it sure is useful.


“Unfortunately, I cannot help Miss Jiang in this.  I do not know him very well.” Yun Qian Yu replies her.


“Your Highness, this maiden knows it is not proper for me to be asking you this, but this is really important to this maiden.” Jiang Yun Yi urgently says.


“I am not trying to skirt around the question.  Even though we were engaged and I used to live in Feng Yun Manor for three years, I have only met him twice.  The first time is when I first arrived in Feng Yun Manor, the second time is when he inherited the title of the Lord of Feng Yun Manor and broke our engagement.  During my three years stay there, I lived in a secluded courtyard and has never had any contact with the family members of Feng Yun clan.  I really am not that familiar with them.”


Yun Qian Yu feels really helpless; she cannot even sort out her own feelings yet everyone are already treating her like she is a love guru.


“Your Highness, this maiden only has one question to ask.” Jiang Yun Yi persistently asks.


Yun Qian Yu raise her eyes to look at her, “Back then, when Situ Han Yi saved the both of you, he already chose Bai Fei Xu.  You clearly know that Situ Han Yi likes Bai Fei Xu.  Even I, this fiancée has given way and yet you are still adamant to like him.  Why is it so?”


Jiang Yun Yi froze before blushing a little, “Logic does not work in love.”


Yun Qian Yu is choked speechless; she really cannot understand this!  Why are all these people willing to fly into the fire just because of love?


“I have not liked anyone so I cannot understand your emotion.  But what I do know is that love is a mutual thing.  Wishful thinking will only hurt oneself.”


Jiang Yun Yi looks at Yun Qian Yu in surprise before bitterly laughing, “I know.  But in my heart, no one is as good as him.  I recently discovered something I never noticed before, a different side of him.  It is very confusing.”


Jiang Yun Yi looks at the distance, her eyes containing traces of pain.


“I am not expecting any outcome; of me and him spending long lives together.  Just like what you said, since he did not looked at me back then, the only one getting hurt from this wishful thinking is me.  I only want to look at him from afar.  His happiness will be enough for me.  But, for the past half a month, he is secretly having something with Rui Qinwang’s second daughter, Murong Yu even though he is clearly set to be with Bai Fei Xu.  The image I have of him in my heart is suddenly distorted.  I cannot believe that the man that I liked for three years is that dirty.”


Jiang Yun Yi’s expression is desolate.  She turns her head to look at Yun Qian Yu, “These past few days I have been thinking, since Your Highness did not fall in love with him despite being engaged since childhood and living in his manor for three years, maybe the real him isn’t as perfect as the impression I have in my heart.  Maybe there is another side of him that I didn’t know.”


Yun Qian Yu feels like when a pair is in love, everything is sweet and honeyed.  But when you are out of love, even if your heart is stabbed, you will see no blood.


Yun Qian Yu slowly descends the stone steps, leaving the area.


She cannot give Jiang Yun Yi the answer she wanted.


She and Wen Ling Shan are different.  Wen Ling Shan is innocent, truly does not understand anything.  Jiang Yun Yi on the other hand, understands everything deep inside.  Back then, one of the main reasons Situ Han Yi chose Bai Fei Xu and not her, the number one beauty was because of Bai Fei Xu’s father, the Vice-Minister of Work.  Now that Bai Fei Xu’s father is shackled at home and is no longer of any use, she is as good as abandoned.


Jiang Yun Yi cannot accept the fact that the man she admired is an opportunistic villain, she only wants to find something to comfort her heart with from her.


Since this is her own path, look at everything using her own eyes and ponders upon everything using her own mind.


She suddenly finds it funny.  What will Situ Han Yi and Shen Shao Kang’s reaction be if they find out they just lost a stalk of peach blossom?  Will they be happy or sad?  They ought to be sad.  The two maidens’ wishes are so apparent, how can they not notice?  Having admirers are probably something they are proud of.


As Jiang Yun Yi watches Yun Qian Yu’s silhouette that is gradually getting farther, her eyes becomes blurred.  Perhaps she should let go now.


As she walks out of the High Pavillion’s gate, Feng Ran receives her.  Seeing her not being too happy, he glances at the High Pavillion while asking, “Why?  Did something happen?”


Yun Qian Yu looks at him.  It goes without saying that Feng Ran is one of the most beautiful men around.  His martial arts skill is high; his Art of Poison is good as well.  Are there many girls who like him in Yun Valley?  She never really took notice of this kind of things.


“Feng Ran, do you like anyone?”


“Huh?” Feng Ran froze at that sudden question.


“I am asking you, do you like anyone?” Yun Qian Yu wants to laugh after seeing that reaction from the very level-headed Feng Ran.


Feng Ran’s eyes flashes, “Why are you suddenly asking this?”


“I have encountered two ladies who are being tormented by their feelings, this morning alone.  I somehow find it hard to understand them,” Yun Qian Yu frowns.


Feng Ran purses his lips before carefully saying, “What about you?  Do you have someone that you like?”


“What does liking someone entails?”


The corner of Feng Ran’s lips twitches.  He ponders for a while, “First of all, it should be, not hating his advances.  When he laughs, your heart runs.  When he wants to do something intimate, you get embarrassed.  Your face will turn red.  You will have absolute trust in him; with him around, your heart will be at peace.  He lacks nothing in your heart.  Because you like him, even his shortcoming will look like an advantage.”


The more Yun Qian Yu listens, the more shocked she becomes.  Every single thing that Feng Ran said applies to Gong Sang Mo.  She is a little scared now!


She shakes her head hard.  Stop thinking about it!  Do not make things hard for yourself over things that has yet to happen.


Yun Qian Yu suddenly turns around and faces Feng Ran, “Feng Ran, you have listed so many things.  Don’t tell me you really have someone that you like?”


Feng Ran froze as he looks at Yun Qian Yu who is seemingly unaware that the one he likes is her.  He suddenly finds it hard to speak.


“Feng Ran, you are like a brother to me, so the future sister-in-law is someone I must thoroughly check!” Yun Qian Yu earnestly says.


“Alright!” Feng Ran helplessly lowers his eyes.


“Let me recommend you a method!  I think it is really effective!”  The hero saving the maiden method is something she cannot personally use; but Feng Ran is a man.  It is something he can utilize!


“What method?” Feng Ran thinks something has gone wrong with Yun Qian Yu after she entered the High Pavillion.


“The hero saving the maiden!”


The corner of Feng Ran’s lips twitches.  He will not even begin with how old-fashioned that method is, the probability of him using that method is really low!  Yun Qian Yu is a lot more powerful than him!  She needs no saving!


“It is really worth a try!  Situ Han Yi and Shen Shao Kang did it once and got two hearts in one attempt!”


“Let’s go, Miss Wen is waiting.” Feng Ran reminds Yun Qian Yu with a heavy face.


Imagining Wen Ling Shan’s impatient look, Yun Qian Yu nods.  The two people walk towards Qing Yuan Hall.


Wen Ling Shan is indeed waiting impatiently at her original spot, looking around as she paces in a circle.  Seeing Yun Qian Yu’s silhouette, she immediately runs towards her.


“You are finally here!”


“Just look at you, do you think I can go back on my words?”


Wen Ling Shan’s maid who is following her from behind is nervous, “Young Miss, if you don’t return by noon, master will punish you.”


Wen Ling Shan pauses in her steps, “Then let him punish me!  It’s not like he hasn’t punished me before!”


Hearing that, Yun Qian Yu turns to Feng Ran, “Send some people to inform the Wen family that Miss Wen will accompany bengong for lunch first before returning.”


Wen Lan Jin and Wen Lan Xi arrives there at the right timing.  They smiles, “Your Highness, we will inform our parents.”


Yun Qian Yu nods before leading Wen Ling Shan out of Ya Xuan.  As they passes Zheng Hall, all heads are turned towards them.


Low whisperings can be heard: “She is so beautiful.  Even the number one beauty, Jiang Yun Yi cannot compare.”


After Yun Qian Yu leaves Ya Xuan, Long Jin and Gao Chang Qing finally finish playing chess. Long Jin rejects Gao Chang Qing’s offer to play another set and goes around looking for Yun Qian Yu.


After failing to find her despite his effort, he realizes that he has just been abandoned.  He thinks for a while; they did only met coincidentally on the road, therefore it is not excessive for the other party to leave without him.  He is momentarily relieved.  But the moment he leaves Ya Xuan and finds out that Yun Qian Yu had left for Xian Wang’s manor, he loses his calm.


After taking everything into consideration, he immediately sends his sister a letter to tell her to come here quicker.


At that moment, in the private residence of the owner of Ya Xuan, San Qiu gives his master a detailed report.


“They actually used the method of ‘hero saving the maiden’.  I used that method once, three years ago.  It was so effective for them, gaining two hearts at the same time while I cannot even get one heart.” A pale blue silhouette can be seen reclining on the long couch.  His handsome, celestial-like face is frowning as he complains.


“This subordinate thinks it is better for you to just confess!  It is very unlikely for Princess Hu Guo to realize it on her own.  She is unusually slow when it comes to things like this.”  San Qiu scratches his head.


Gong Sang Mo glances at San Qiu; what kind of suggestion is that?  If direct confession works, would he have to work so hard for the past three years?  He even has to use this kind of method to make her stay in the capital.  He is sure that once he confess, he will scare her off and she will avoid him for the rest of her life.


“Did she find anyone that she likes today?”


“Yes.  The one that is participating in literary examination but comes here everyday to read military books.” San Qiu replies.


“Peng Hua Yu?”




“Go and investigate him.  If there is no problem with him, no need to alert her.  If there is something wrong with him, give her the evidence quietly.”


“Yes.” San Qiu is speechless.  He has to use the hard way every single time.


“Where is she, right now?”


“She already left.”


“To the palace?”


“I think she is heading for Xian Wang manor’s direction.  According to our secret guards, the princess seems to plan to have her lunch there.  She even takes that Wen Ling Shan with her.”


“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” The moment he said that, the silhouette on the long couch already disappears.


San Qiu’s upcoming, ‘I didn’t have the chance to tell!’ can only be swallowed back down.


Who would have thought that the secretive owner of Ya Xuan is Xian Wang; Gong Sang Mo?  It hasn’t even been three years since Ya Xuan was established.  What would the people think if they had known that the reason he built it was to chase the woman he likes?


If Yun Qian Yu knows that Gong Sang Mo has begun planning everything from 3 years ago, would she be happy or angry?


Yun Qian Yu slowly brings Wen Ling Shan in front of Xian Wang manor’s front gate.


Wen Ling Shan musters her courage to ask her, “Your Highness, are you sure we can be here?”



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I mean, if you look at it, Xian Wang saved Yun Qian Yu from robbers too (on their first meeting).


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