TTM Chapter 16

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 ­ Ly’s Growth (2) (MTL NO EDITS)

Ian was just frantically hunting for a long time felt that something strange during nudeon offal arrow, and then towards the prey.

‘What? That is why gomtaengyi not think size is a little big? ‘

And it turned out anryeok focused again showed the character of ‘The Raven bandalgom.


“The Raven bandalgom ‘rating is also rare, not only was a clear view of the tough monsters rating.

Unlike the other only with regular grade monster bandalgom around largely because a different appearance, it was also a monster is not found good.

Ian has confirmed one if you can take.

Except the fitness even before posting your intimacy, if the leadership does not take skill shortage it was due to the proc.


And soon a disappointing message rang.

[This lack of leadership can no longer take.]

But just in case to check the pet list, bandalgom took the day is already bangsaeng after a long time.

This was just a monster level and the level of the Ebon bandalgom should not take this group because of higher than normal bandalgom.

Ian dasyeotda the taste too good in mind.

“Oh, this time Town, Honey When I chaengginda matter what the patter from Tome sealed.”

Ian aimed the pitch of example bandalgom again noticed floating down the Bow.

Avoid yiing!

Sanya Ian signaled the attack, told Lai immediately ran towards the bear.

Ahang large!

Raven bandalgom but is only rated a whopping 38 levels of monsters, Ian did not even raise his thoughts would be difficult.

‘Lasts 38 to level the yard Lai are now fighting in my class … well almost.’

And as the thought of Ian, Raven bandalgom was not a very tough opponent.


10 minutes at the end of the workshop fierce bandalgom tteurimyeo is weighed without increasing the power went turning into gray.

[Kill The Raven has bandalgom. Gained experience of 1045.]

Brilliant white, while the body of the license.

The level of [pet “Rai” has risen. It has 20 levels.]

And at the same time scoring bandalgom level of ohreuja Ian Lai also I wanted to dance any dance shoulder.

Level up message notification of Rai was almost happy with my level up Ian level.

In addition, 20 levels, levels that were quite significant in kailran.

If the user 20 characters that moment guild wrap, instant dungeon entrance, imperial quest, the contents were being opened. It will release the ticket, which is the level of raw beginner.

Ian Uz wotjiman to be level 20, there is no talent in the game, for those who do well there were only 20 people across two levels dalssik jjikneunde.

“Haebolkka item or confirm once? ‘

After initialization, the first time was one of the only grade monster hunting.

The only grade monster also do a pretty good drop items, Ian was also a bit of expectation.

[75 obtains the gold from ‘The Raven bandalgom.]

– Obtain the “meat of bandalgom.]

– Obtain the “battle hammer of the bear hunter.”]

– Obtain the “Raven Necklace”.]


Warhammer bear hunters who knew the item was also Ian, was also so good stuff.

It was off the attention of Ian ‘The Raven Necklace “.

He quickly identified using the scroll.



– The Raven Necklace –

Category Necklaces

Rating – only

Wear limit – more than 35 Intelligent

Durability – 124/124

Options – Life + 15%

Cooldown of all skills -20%

A necklace of unknown origin.

A necklace made of obsidian with the pore containing the darkness of the abyss, or seem very scarce.


Flower color is turned on Ian’s face.

Yieoteuna necklace which is now also wear a good buy items at the auction site, it showed more fine pitch of the necklace.

‘Stats about ten if you give up and can benefit from the vitality yirang cooldown … I guess this side is better. ”

Now you have the skill cooldown of the skill Ian was only a ‘beginner training.

But I was thinking more often as a beginner training, one that you can use with just enough attractive option.

“The first one should be called after initializing haul.”

Ian smiled a pleasant smile.

“… Where the item is satisfactory if yijeongdo, we’ll see about that stat that Rai has risen much?”

Ian took a WAN organizer in one product.

And within that handbook it was written to ppaegok numbers are recognizable only Ian.

“The damage has climbed four, two defense, power is …”

It is a small handbook that Ian was none other than the ability of Rai.

Ian is a certified oneself and others ‘game studies’ was was coming Compared to carefully record the stats every time you level up the license.

“Now, Now that once a level 20 Let’s analysis the meantime been delayed? ‘

Typical users are worth a look naedu the jeolre jeolre waving his head tongue sight.

But this field of research and analysis is what Ian was the most fun.

“Rye, Sit down and rest awhile. Or have grazing ”

Ian had thrown the meat obtained from the inventory to hold bandalgom Rai.

Keureung – keureung –

Ask Ian Lai gave the meat to throw good mood, Shara around for a tail like a dog he began tearing.

Meanwhile, Ian has concentrated on his pocketbook.

It would have been five minutes after the start of the Iain analysis, his eyes suddenly widened.

‘What’s this? Per level of the original monster ability seongjangpok Did this ever growing?

Surprisingly Rai was the width of the abilities that the higher the level obtained when the level was increased up slightly.

Yieotdamyeon Ian style of play rough games, was found to not have absolute element.

He had no reason to continue to increase the ability of the rise or lie very curious, continued compare the numbers you wrote down in a notebook.

And also it found that the recording interval has not increased salpin result, not only to always increase.

Ian was confused.

What is’ coming …, alternative formula? Why is this guy jagged ability ohreulkka? Is gonna definitely did not put it into nowhere … not the random numbers. ”

It was in fact already been found, if the user had the character level rise per total stat is always fixed up to 5-6. Distribution of the stats that I will look after all converge to an average of 5.5 levels rise varies depending on the nature of playing professional user.

After the former had given the ability to add eopdang level based on the unique skills of the profession, except to calculate the part was always 5.5.

So Ian was initiated the idea to record stats seongjangpok Lai is curious monster would do that also.

However, growth in Ability Rai was jagged contrast to his expectations.

“I’m finding this is Manda.”

Initially, it compared Only basic stats such as Attack Defense Agility though, as it only has eopja not possibly know, Ian began to rise compared to how the detailed stats.

“Hmm … blurred.”

Ian started seeing after sitting 30 minutes have passed imperceptibly into a notebook, tear Rai ate the meat began to nod down next to Ian.

But then, something happened jumped Ian found.

‘potential power! There was a secret to potential! ”

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