TMoS Chapter 3 Release

Once again an apology for all TSM fans as EvilArmour has decided to change the release date for TSM to Sundays and as an apology i’ll release a chapter of TMoS earlier than usual as an apology

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  1. Thanks for the chapter
    In your 3rd tlnote you wrote O instead of I

  2. The Rabbit looked at Myeong Hu as it felt his gaze and tilted his head.


    That appearance was truly cute. Myeong Hu smiled brightly at such an appearance and approached it. Then he sent his foot flying towards the Rabbit…


    Thanks for the chapter XD

    1. lol that also got me and the part where it says that rabbits started flying in the air:P Its good that this novel has a sense of humour:p
      Anyway Thanks for the support

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