TWoA Chapter 1 Part 3

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 ­ A Whole New World

Of course I’ve never ever seen it before.

I was too shocked to realise before, but there was a circle beneath my feet full of crooked shapes. It was subtly laminating, like it’s got an LED lighting panel under it or something.

The red haired, with a smile on his face, said,

“Well now that everybody has seen it with their own eyes, the word should definitely spread itself.”

Because he seemed so disinterested in me, I decided to talk to him first.

“Hey so….”

Finally then he looked into my eyes and asked,

“So….who really are you?”

Well…that was supposed to be my question.

“Would you tell me who you are first?” – I asked him back.

Then, throwing his chest out as well as lifting his chin up high, he answered,

“I am Rayered of the mighty Red Dragon Clan.”

“Huh….? Red Dragon?”

Ok, what kind of bullshit is this?

“It’s surely not the dragon I’m thinking right now right?”

“What dragon are you thinking?”

Picturing the image of dragons I’ve seen in the movies and read about in books, I said,

“You know, horns on their head, scaled body, massive wing, breathing fire and using magic….”

The red haired nodded.

“Yea….that seems about right. I’m like that.”

“So you are saying you are a dragon?”

“Yep. Not just a normal dragon, the almighty, the greatest Red dragon.”

I really felt like I had enough of this guy’s bullshit.

“What kinda bullshit are you trying to talk me into?” – I shouted


He smashed a wall behind him with his fist. I couldn’t even realise what just happened. That speed was definitely not that of a human.

It wouldn’t just end with a few broken bones if I really got hit by that fist.

I gulped, trying to act not too scared.

The red haired grinned and said,

“Watch your language, kid.”

Never have I ever felt so much fear from one’s smile.

Right away, I fixed myself to stand to attention and shouted,

“Y….Yes, Sir!”

Patting my shoulder lightly, the red haired opened his mouth again.

“Well, I already introduced myself. It’s about time you do yours?”

“Name is Gyul Lee! I am 18 years old and in 12 Grade Sir!”

“Don’t be too scared man, I’m not that much of a fearful dragon.”

‘Not that much of a fearful dragon’ my ass.

Looking like a just tall handsome guy with slender figure, his punch was something I’ve never witnessed before, slight hit by that punch, I would’ve been gone forever. I could feel my legs trembling.

“So what is ‘Grade 12’?”

“It’s the final year of high school.”

“What is high school?”

“Where you go after you graduate middle school.”

“What is middle school then?”

“Where you go before you go to high school.”


The red haired scratched his head.

“I guess it’s similar to the Academy?”

“May I ask what the Academy is?”

“Educational institution established by the humans.”

“Ah! Yep! That seems about right.”


What a meaningless conversation.

Wait, that’s not even important right now.

I looked around, and asked the red haired.

“So….where really am I?”

“Continent of Arcenia, my lair among the Dragon mountain range.”

I knew it was a dumb thing to do, but I took a moment to think if there really was a region with such a name.

“Sir, I’ve never heard of such places before.”

“Of course. It’s a whole different world.”


Different world. What a joke.

He was still smiling at me like all this was funny.

Surely he was joking.

“Haha, you’re joking right?”

“Nope, no joke. I summoned you with my magic.”

“M….Magic…? hahaha…”

Surely, Surely this was all a massive joke.

I could have a massive laugh about this whole situation but to be honest, it seemed way too real to all be a joke.

“Wait….are you actually serious right now?”

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  2. Really do like this series it has a lot of potential I hope it will continue.

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