The Wizard of Arecenia

Alternative Name:아르세니아의 마법사twoa
Original Author:  Park Song Ho (박성호 )
Category: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Tags: None
Status: Ongoing in Korea with 215 Chapters/Ongoing Translation
Schedule: Random Release
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Novels&Chill (No name)
Source: Munpia


An average high schooler Gyul Lee, gets summoned on to the continent orfArcenia by the magic of Rayered, the Red Dragon. To return to his boring but ‘normal’ life, he will have to gather all pieces of the shattered Dragon Heart……. The adventures of your neighbourhood high schooler Gyul Lee and half-elf girl Lucy through the continent of Arcenia to find the Dragon Heart!

Chapter 1 – Part 1: A Whole New World

Chapter 1 – Part 2: A Whole New World

Chapter 1 – Part 3: A Whole New World