TTM Prologue

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Ian opened his inventory.

Elixir of Rebirth

Classification: Miscellaneous

Grade: Heroic

–  An Elixir made by ancient alchemy
– If the Elixir is drunk your character will be reset

– Including levels, all stats will be reset

For the highest level Ranker, on Kailran’s korean server, Ian, just by seeing, was it a frightening item information window, full of words!

With a grim expression, as if he was treating it as poison, Ian grasped the sooty gourd bottle.


Then surprisingly, straight after taking a deep breath, he lifted up the gourd bottle and then poured out the contents into his mouth in one go. At the same time, a bright light wrapped around Ian’s entire body.


– You have drunk the Elixir of Rebirth

– Resetting the character’s stats including its level

This was the start of a legend

Adfly: Previous Chapter| TOC |Next Chapter

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  1. I hope that it’s going to be a good novel 🙂

  2. A few words that makes me shiver … nice hahahahaha… thanks a lot

  3. hope you dont drop it, seems really good, hope for a steady release too 😛

  4. Wasn’t he already a legend? I mean he was the highest level ranker.

  5. This prologue is shitty uh…speak twice about level reset when just one was enough and honestly the legend have alrealdy started when he started playing:/
    Well will still try that,your others choice of novel(8th class mage and ESP) was great…

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