The Taming Master

Alternative Name: 테이밍 마스터
Original Author: Tae Suok Park (박태석)
Category: Fantasy, Action
Tags: Magic, Online Game, Skills, Summoning Magic, Virtual Reality, VRMMORPG
Status: Ongoing in Korea with 312 Chapters/Ongoing TL
Schedule: 1 Chapter on Wednesday & Saturday
Translator(s)/Translation Group: JSmith (Novels&Chill) (MTLed), MyoniYoni (Prologue – Chapter 15)
Source: Munpia


The world’s largest virtual reality game ‘Kailran’

A new class becomes open with the large scale update

Jin Sung, who was top ranked in Kailran, to obtain the Hidden Class, aggressively resets his character.

Jin Sung’s unstoppable momentum even when his surroundings try to stop him!

There was only one reason why he played the game

“It looks bloody fun… Another reason, do I need one?

To become Kailran’s top Summoner, game researcher Jin Sung’s adventure starts


Chapter 1 – 15 at MyoniYoni