SUCBTH Chapter 39

Chapter 39 [Ominous Star]

第39話 凶星

TL : Cnine

ED : akshaythedon



It happened three days after a crack formed in the heart of the seniors.

Souji was heading toward the back of the building as usual to do the daily training with his training spear.

But, in addition to the usual slow thrust, he started executing another move since 10 days ago.


First he sent a thrust, then swung it to upper right and just like that without resisting the swing power, he drew a half-circle with his spear and then sent a thrust again in the opposite direction.

Though it wasn’t the training method for Sorachi-style spearmanship, he made that move thinking that it’ll be necessary for the battles after this.

The duration he repeated that was for one full hour.


「――! 」


Souji suddenly thrust his spear behind without turning his head.

There was no response. But a light sound of someone landing was heard immediately and a laughing sound of which he was familiar with resounded.


「Aha, you’re in high alert today too aren’t you」


Raising the corners of her lips like a crescent moon while letting out an ominous voice on her beautiful face.

Souji had memory of none but one person who had such a hobby like sneaking behind someone while making that expression.


「Chikagesawa Otome」

「Hello Sorachi Souji-kun, we meet again today」


Similiar to that day’s evening, Souji looked vigilantly while lowering his spearhead at Otome who greeted in a cheerful voice.


「What’s your business?」

「Nothing, since you did an interesting thing, I decided to take a look」


「That’s true, if you’re so inclined, should I help with your training?」


While saying similar things like the previous time again, standing with one leg like a ballerina, she then rotated herself counterclockwise.


(Does she already know about THAT*) [TL* : Icosahedron type CE]


The meaning of the technique which was being polished by Souji and the reason why he decided to work out on that technique.

Being requested to not speak about it by the beautiful public-health doctor, Hoshina Kyoko, he didn’t even tell Eisuke and co about it; the information which was unknown to the students was known to her.


「You, what kind of person are you?  」


She was obviously not a normal student. Splendid martial arts to avoid Souji’s spear, as if having a split personality and making use of the place to perfectly employ her different personality.

Being asked that way while facing him, she replied with her fake smile again,「I’ve said that I’m Chikagesawa Otome, the childhood friend of Tendouji Ayato before, right?」


In short, she won’t talk about the truth.

Souji gave up his tries to pry any further information about her true nature, he then changed the direction of the conversation.


「Isn’t it not okay for you to not be on the side of Tendouji Ayato?」


She, who was standing by the side of the holy sword user day and night, always stuck with him like a remora*, linking arms with him, pressing her chest against him which annoyed both sexes in their vicinity. [TL* : The fish who parasitize to the shark to get their bit of prey]

When Souji pointed that out, Otome, for the first time, showed an expression other than the smile on her face.


「When you’re always being followed by the same woman, no matter how much it is, it’ll tire you right? That’s why I relieved that place to another girl for today. Moreover… sprinkling around jealousy is unexpectedly a tiresome matter you know? 」


While her lips grinned from ear to ear, her eyes narrowed as if she saw an unpleasant insect.

Looking at this kind of Otome, there was only one thing which came into Souji’s mind.


「………… As I thought, a city girl is scary」

「Yup, because a woman is like a devil, you must be careful」


Looking at Souji whose face turned pale, Otome let out a laugh which seemingly came from the bottom of her heart.

While wincing due to that, a second question came into Souji’s mind.


(Why is she on the side of Tendouji Ayato?)


Completely like a lover, with her face looking like a devoted lover who would even sacrifice her own life for him.

But, having seen this moment right now, if he said that the face which she shows under the moonlight is her true face, then the Otome who is on Tendouji Ayato’s side……….

Even if it was due to an order by someone, he didn’t know the reason for that order. And then――


「Your face is saying “why are you talking to me”,right?」

「…….. You really understand me huh」


Though Souji was slightly surprised that she made a right guess of what he was thinking, he just obediently admitted it.

When he did that, Otome laughed again as if she was happy about it.


「It’s because you’re a convenient water well」

「Water well?」

「Yeah, even though the king’s ears are donkey’s ears, you also want to scream to your heart’s content sometimes right?」


In short, he was like a convenient person to chat with when she wanted to vent her stress and chat in secret.


「If you’re talking to a water well, it won’t be known to the entire country right?」

「It seems so?………. Moreover, you seem to be enjoying it」


Whether she wanted to hide it or spread it, the true nature of Otome can’t be measured from her sham-like smile.

But, sometimes she just can’t stand it if she’s not venting it, it seems it’s true that she’s gathering quite heavy stress.


「If it’s for venting some stress, how about doing a game or exercise?」

「Since it has come to this, do I need to play with you?」

「But, you are troubling me」

「Yeah, looking at the troubled you is fun」

「You have quite the bad personality, you know」

「Uhn, I know that」


Otome who was showing an ill-natured grin was really a girl with a wicked personality.

But, a blind acceptance toward the hero boy, saying nothing but praises when she opened her mouth, snarling like a mad dog toward his foe, she was a far cry from her usual day-time appearance.


「Why are――」


As soon as he was about to ask that question, Otome’s face made a complete change.


「――!? What’s matter, Kyoko?」


Suddenly pressing her left-ear with her hand, she made a piercing cold expression and muttered in a low-voice.

And then, when she made an astonished expression with her eyes opened wide, she turned around toward the direction of the dormitories with a vigorous flip.


「Stop it! Even if you hit it――」


She started shouting dangerous things at this moment.

Soon after that, a dazzling and hot light was fired from the dormitories, the meteor-like golden light soared toward the west sky.


「That’s, no way……..」


Souji was harboring an unpleasant premonition to that golden brilliance which he had seen before, Otome covered her face with her right hand, and then spitted out a voice which was filled with every kind of negative emotion.




She let out a spat that did not look like a lady’s, and just like that she became solidified for five seconds right after that, and then raised her face.

Her face was devoid of anger and astonishment a moment ago, and there was a fake smile which he was used to seeing.


「See you later, Sorachi Souji-kun」


After she spoke words as if she was close to him, she turned around and then ran faster than the wind, and finally vanished inside the veil of the night in the next moment.

Even Souji who was about to stop her didn’t even have the time to call her.


「What just happened?」


Even if she was asked a question, Otome would have absolutely not replied.

In short, she was not even permitted to make a verbal slip even as a joke, and something of great importance just happened.

A certain person’s face came up in his mind after he realized that something big just happened.


「Tendouji Ayato」


They had not even exchanged a single word ever since their revenge match, but irrespective of whether it was about the blowing of the armored vehicle or the dampening the spirit of the seniors, the shadow of the hero was always coiling around them.


「………. Quite a troublesome person huh」


It was unusual for a nice person like Souji to let out a bit of his irritation when he muttered.

+++Legend of Holy Sword Chapter 5 Page 63


Late at night, when the electricity light wasn’t lit, a man made his action, Ayato was flying within the cover of the darkness.

And then, before an hour elapsed, he saw an ominous light on his path.

Towering in the veil of darkness, an octagonal crystal body was shedding out seven different colored lights.

The gigantic crystal that was taller than a tree was the ringleader who created CE, the enemy of humankind, the pillar.


「This guy, for my sister, for everyone…………!」


A violent anger and hatred was visible on the face of Ayato toward the enemy who snatched his most important sister, he looked down on the pillar from an altitude of 500 meters in the sky.

Moreover, at this moment, Ayato shook off that ugly emotion and then brandished his holy sword.






The holy light, which released a golden brilliance, hit upon the pillar that was shining with an ominous light.

But, but――


「NO, WAY…!?」


Ayato’s eyes opened wide in astonishment.

Despite receiving the light of the holy sword, the pillar wasn’t even scratched and calmly stood just like that.


「I beg you, Excalibur. Lend me your power right now! 」


Ayato didn’t give up and then released the holy light for the second time.

But, no matter how many times he did it, the pillar didn’t even budge as it kept releasing its ominous light.


「The holy sword, Excalibur can’t destroy it…!?」


The hope of humanity, the symbol of hero couldn’t get through the pillar, the main culprit of the calamity.

That was the defeat of Tendouji Ayato, and humanity.







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