SUCBTH Chapter 37

Chapter 37 [Holy Spear]

第37話 聖槍

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : akshaythedon

Part 1

After the so called charge that succeeded the shooting, Ooma clapped his hands to stop the students after they had repeated their squad movement for several times.

「Yosh, we’ll take a 10 minute rest for the time being」

Since the shooting unit who fired stones and arrow, and the shield unit who received concentrated attack were severely exhausting their Phantom material Interference Ability, doing too much consecutive training might result in chances of accident.

「Ha~, it’s quite tiring right」

Starting with Hinata, though each one of the close combat unit still had some stamina left, sweat was forming on their foreheads due to the continuous 50-metre dash.

「Those ill-natured third years, not going easy at all」

Not just the shield unit, even the melee unit on the back were also falling down due to the arrows and stones, and Eisuke’s jersey had turned black due to soil.

「But, it became such good training」

「That must be good for Souji-chan ri~ght~」

Kokoa was looking with a bitter expression at Souji who did not even have one speck of dust on him while brushing off the soil on her butt.

The hunk female senior of theirs was halfway toward their place.

「Yaa Souji-kun, you look lively aren’t you」

「Yes, senpai」

「What’s with such normal greeting」

Not even minding about Eisuke’s retort, Reika beamed a full smile which would even charm girls.

「Let me get to the point, will you have a match with me? 」

「Yes, understood」

「It is decided instantly!」

Souji called to Ooma who was fiddling with his PC while ignoring the surprised Eisuke and the rest.

「Sensei, I want to apply for a match with Reika-senpai, is it okay?」

「With Sakiyama?」

Though Ooma’s eyes opened wide in astonishment, when he looked at Reika who was waving her hand with a smile on her face, he nodded after a brief silence.

「It should be okay if both of you don’t overdo it」

Saying so, he manipulated his tablet PC to make the setting for a match in such a way that both of their Phantom Weapons would dissapear once their Phantom Material Armor got reduced by half.

「Well then, maybe I should have asked you sooner」

「Please take care of me」

After both of them faced each other while being separated by a certain distance, both of them called their weapons at the same time.

「「Armitize*」」 [TLC :  武装化 – Armament activation]

The weapon in Souji hand’s was a spear which had a wide tip, Tonbogiri of the three famous spears under heaven.

The weapon held in Reika’s hand was a beautiful, pure white spear.

Though he knew that it was a western spear from it’s appearance, he was unable to clarify its origin or legend.

「What the, that spear matches very well with that hunk」

「Muu, is she similar with Souji-kun…….」

「Hinata-chan’s train of thoughts is becoming more and more dangerous recently ri~ght~? 」

Kokoa directed away her gaze for a moment from her friend who was biting her nails with an envious expression.

In another place outside of that field, the two spear users were gradually closing their distance with shuffling steps.


Reika made the first move, she thrust her spear while letting out a yell of a woman.

Souji parried that with the tip of his spear and then sent back a piercing counter.

But, Reika avoided that by moving to the side and then sent a low sweep with her spear aiming his leg. But, Souji avoided that by stepping back lightly.

The sound of cheers were raising from the audiences of 3rd and 1st years who were watching at these two exchange offense and defense in the blink of an eye.

「Amazing, she has been fighting on par with Souji-kun!」

Before the astonished Itsuki who was seeing it was Souji and Reika who exchanged blows with their spears several times.

It’s true that they might be seeing that they were exchanging blows on an equal footing when seeing it from the sidelines.

But, the said person had long since seen through the difference in skill between them.

「You’re enjoying this right」

Reika’s face showed a smile that was somewhere between happiness and vexation, she then released a thrust that aimed at his face.

But, Souji lightly tilted his head and easily avoided her thrust.

(As I thought, she’s the self-taught type)

With just repeated training and actual combat in this two years, Reika movement had become fast and sharp.

But, that resembled western sport-like speed―― which came due to the spring of muscles, there’s nothing but high velocity.

The speed concerning oriental martial arts―― is erasing the sign, and erasing the movements that prelude the release of an attack so that it can’t be sensed by the opponent, it was not speed that shortened the time.

(Foot moving forward, and her shoulder is moving…….. It’s coming)

The joints of body moved slightly faster before the hand which was holding the spear.

If one can sense those slight signs and determine which place will be targeted at what time, an attack can be avoided by understanding that one second before.

(It’s almost there but not quite yet huh……)

If she had an excellent teacher, Reika might become an amazing spear user in that case.

But, that was a luxurious wish, Souji also knew that it was a meaningless one.

(CE is not her opponent)

Different with humans, fighting against crystal bodies where it was unknown whether they had ears or eyes, ancient japanese martial arts polished in battle was not as far as useless, yet you can’t say it to be efficient either.

Especially because of various kind of weapons such as bow, stick, axe or sword were sprinkled in this special force, it was impossible to prepare a teacher for each kind of weapon.

In the end, they just trained in their stamina and muscle so that they could wield their own weapon as much as they can. After all, technique won’t develop just by leaving the weapon next to the person who owned it.

It can’t be helped since when it comes to beating CE, this much is plenty enough. Moreover――

「As I thought, I really can’t hold back against you」

With her attack not even grazing him, Reika showed a delighted smile instead, she held her noble white lily-like spear in front of her breast.

To them, the speciality of ACE troops was not their technique.

It was their own phantom weapon, the legendary power where the wishes of people gathered.

「Bloom in Full Glory、|Holy Spear of The King《Rhongomiant》」

Reika’s red lips kissed the handle of her white spear.

At that moment, a vortex of divine light wrapped her whole body.

「Rhongomiant…………… Is it the spear of King Arthur?」

Even Souji had heard the name of that spear. But, what was its power?

Reika kicked the ground strongly toward him who was still perplexed.


Souji released a counter thrust as if it was natural toward her who was charging recklessly along a straight path.

But, the famous spear which severed even the dragonfly that touched it was repelled by the divine light that wrapped around Reika’s body.


「Please don’t say something like it is unfair

Souji barely avoided the holy spear that lunged along with her impish smile, rotated Tonbogiri 180 degrees to strike at the side of Reika’s head.

But, this also was repelled by the light, his position had suddenly changed to a disadvantageous one and hence he retreated in hurry.

「Is the barrier stronger than phantom material armor?」

「That’s right but, everyone calls it 『Divine Protection of Holy Light』」

Seeing the beautiful figure of Reika wrapped by the holy light , a high pitched shriek of「KYAAA~AAAA, REIKA-SAMA IS SO COOL!」 was heard from the fan girl of the 3rd year fans of Reika.

「There’s a time limit for this but, during this time, no matter what kind of attack it is, it won’t pierce this barrier」

It certainly becomes confusing if you don’t know where to attack during meele combat, and she can calmly save her comrades or give instructions to her surroundings by repelling all CE attacks.

Since she possessed the power of this holy spear, Reika had won the trust of the student council president and was entrusted with the role of supreme commander.

「It’s the first time I have heard that there was this kind of legend attached to Rhongomiant though」

「I thought you might be saying that, when king Arthur, the owner was using this spear, it is said that he was fatally wound by his own son, Mordred」

Reika also smiled wryly to the doubtful Souji.

The final scene of Arthur’s romance, in the famous『Battle of Camlann』, the spear used by the king to kill his son is definitely Rhongomiant.

But, as for why it is named as holy lance is not because of that kind of bloody anecdote.

「When speaking of holy spear soaked in the blood of God(?), Rhongomiant even has the same fame as 『Spear of Longinus』 which killed Jesus, don’t you think that part needs more explanation? 」

「I see」

「Next, our homeroom teacher has said 『Since there was a card with the same name in a famous card game in the world, don’t you think it might also have an influence upon its power』」 「Card game?」

Unfortunately, neither Souji or Reika knew about that card game, so the specific effect couldn’t be understood.

But, during the creation process of the phantom weapon, the imagination of many humans that gathered in weapons are full of misunderstandings and misconceptions causing the distortion of the original.

If it’s the creation of global item, it might cause a great effect.

「Well then, that’s the end of our little chat」

The time limit of the divine protection of holy light was around 5 minutes, the increase wasn’t longer than the giant of light.

In order to press forward before her invincibility ran out, Reika sent a coercive and violent attack which was different from her usual elegance.

Despite the difference in their skill levels, rain of attacks that came without even worrying about defense was something that even Souji couldn’t handle.

「――! 」

Tonbogiri was flicked off from Souji’s hands after receiving a powerful swing from Reika.



While Hinata and the rest of first year’s class D raised a scream, Reika’s thrust had closed in to finish him.

But, that was her error.

Her confidence and excitement to the so called victory would normally attract doubt from the  Everything was a bait to lure her to launch a thrust.

When the holy spear appeared to hit it target, Souji warded off her thrust with a paper-thin margin by twisting his body.


And then, in front of the surprised Reika, he seized the shaft of Rhongomiant with both hands and then, applying every bit of his weight and power, he thrusted while turning and twisting it like a drill.

Sorachi Style – Taijutsu : Mu Yari Tori* [TL* : 空壱流体術・無槍取り — Sorachi style taijutsu : Spearless Steal]

Bearing the similiar name with the ougi of Yagyu shinkage-style, it was essentially a barehanded weapon stealing skill.

Reika’s slender fingers, which solidified due to the following technique, couldn’t even bear the full power of a man.

The holy spear slid away from her palm, Souji pierced through the solar plexus of the owner with the butt of her own spear.


Even if the divine protection of holy light boasted of an invincible defense, it seems that its effect is invalid for the weapon itself.

Souji quickly rushed to Reika who collapsed after the thrust and then thrust the stolen holy spear again.

Moreover, to not allow her to press the switch of the phantom converter to deactivate the holy spear, he trampled her right hand with his foot.

「Still want to continue?」

「……….. No, it’s my defeat」

Though Reika voice was filled with a vexed tone just for a moment, she started smiling immediately after she admitted her defeat.

Cheers of joy from Hinata and the male students, and high pitched squeals from the 1st year girls were heard in that moment.

「YEAH, you did it brother!」

「As expected of you, Souji-kun!」

「No~o, Reika-sama~~~!」

「I just remembered something unpleasant……..」

Though Itsuki was unintentionally vigilant as he recalled the battle against holy sword user from somewhere, Reika’s fans behaved very well, they did not shriek for faults or continue booing.

「That was unexpected, you see, I thought that it was my victory」

「My grandfather has said before,『You’ve lost the moment you’re convinced with your victory』」

「Those are some deep words for sure」

「Though I also can’t bring myself to completely follow his teachings」

Souji smiled wryly as he was also still in the middle of his training.

Moreover, smiling back at him, Reika offered a handshake with her right hand.

「Thank you, it was a nice fight」

「Me too」

Souji delightfully grasped her hand. That moment, like a kendo girl from somewhere, Reika pulled his hand.


「This is gratitude, you know」

And then, she calmly accomplished the thing which couldn’t be done by the kendo girl. She applied her lips upon Souji’s while he was still dumbfounded.



One part of the fan girls and Hinata raised a grandiose high pitched shriek.


「Uhm, just now is………」

「Oops, it’s about the time」

Reika separated herself and turned her back toward Souji who was still touching his cheek with a bewildered face.

「Hey, it’s about time to resume the training」

Ooma, who decided that it’ll turn into trouble if he left it alone, announced the end of the rest time right on time and hurried the students with the claps of his hands.

Thanks to that, they were saved from the crisis called, “Reika’s fans of 3rd year rush at Souji“. But ———-.

「Fufufufu, today Murasame is thirsting for the taste of some blood………」

「Hinata-chan, wait, Wa~i~t~!」

「Maybe R-Reika X Souji is too much of a reward, bofuu…….. 」

Despite Kokoa who was frantic, and Kanna who was nosebleeding nonstop due to her wild BL delusion of Reika(male-ification), it took the two of them to stop Hinata who drew her katana with bloodshot eyes.

At their side, Souji was still tilting his head while touching his hand to his cheek.

「That, what was that just now?」

「……….. Dunno」

「So envio―― or not, how wonderful」

Unfortunately, Eisuke who was strangely not making a fuss over it and Itsuki who had somehow ended up in bad mood didn’t provide any answers to him.

It was decided by every future writer that the cowardly and vicious spear user would appear at the beginning of the tale of the hero of holy sword – Tendouji Ayato.

It was said that the model for this spear user, who became just the right foil to the hero, existed in reality.

But, the reference used by the future writer which was said to be the “testimony of a girl”  who was extremely hostile to this spear user, was just some convenient story to make Tendouji Ayato shine even brighter; they had written him as a hostile villain which was the extreme opposite of the real person himself and, the books which objected that opinion were very little in existence.


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