SUCBTH Chapter 36

Chapter 36 [Squad]

第36話 分隊

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : MystiKnight

Part 1

Since everyone couldn’t stay out until late, they played games for a bit in the game center after lunch and then headed back to their dorms.


And then, on the following Monday.


When the teachers had finally finished up with the bulk of their paperwork, they could finally discuss the important matters that they had postponed.

「We’re going to form squads after this」

Immediately after their homeroon teacher Ooma let the words out of his mouth, the room was engulfed in a wild uproar.

「T-This time finally has come upon us……!」


「It’s the most traumatising thing to ask of a loner, 『Yes, now form pairs of two』!」


「Please sto~ooooooop―――!」

While some of the students were screaming out loud, Souji was really calm.


The reason is because he could at least join a squad with his friend who sat in front of him.

「Brother, you’re not forgetting our BFF* oath right!?」

[TL* : Best Friends Forever]


「I haven’t」


「Us three all were born on different days, but we will do our girls on the same day!」


「I don’t know about that one」


「Could it be that you’re including me in that oath?」

Even Itsuki who sat next to Souji, the strange oath aside, had promised to be a part of the squad.

「Hinata-cha~n, let’s swear upon our A-cups* too~」

[TL* : needless to explain but just in case, it’s breast size]


「Though there’s one of us who’s different(Glare~)」



As they said those words to themselves, Hinata and Kokoa became dejected while placing their hands upon their flat chests. Even the big-breasted Kanna whose breasts couldn’t be hidden by both of her hands was defeated by their numbers.

「Just one more huh」


「That’s right, someone just right――」


「The lot of you, won’t you take me as your comrade!」

Someone called out cheerfully to Souji and co who were looking for the 6th person for their squad. He was the refreshing――

「「「The lolicon huh」」」


「Please wait a minute, my name is Yuzuki Yuuta!」

After acknowledging him as a gentleman for not denying his preference for little girls, everyone stared intently at Yuuto.

「What should we do? If people find out that we have a sexual predator in our squad…」


「It’s okay as long as we stand and watch right?」


「K-Kokoa-chan’s opinion is the most important one…..」


「I really don’t mind it ri~ght~」


「Are you alright? You shouldn’t force yourself you know? 」


「Why’re you treating me like a criminal from the very beginnning! 」


Part 2

Yuuto shouted in resenment as Hinata and the girls became a wall for the sake of protecting Kokoa’s loli figure.

「I definitely won’t do something that goes against justice, please trust me!」

That’s right, when the boys were planning to peep in on the women’s bathroom, he was opposing until the e――

「I won’t lay a hand on them without their consent!」

YES LOLI, NO TOUCH. He was a pseudo-gentleman.



「Hello police officer-san, there’s one rotten lolicon here, would you please throw him into jail?」

Kokoa stopped pretending to be innocent and made a report with a serious expression.

「Please wait, why am I the criminal――」



Hearing the voice of Yuuta who made a noise, Ooma came down from the teacher’s platform.


And then, frowning at Kokoa who was in the middle of reporting a criminal to the police.

「Don’t use your smartphone during class. I’m confiscating this」




「Ho~, with this my story will――」


「If you’re going to make a report to the police, use the public phone in the staff room」




「Hey, please wait a minute~!」

Even while raising such a ruckus, Yuuta was also added to the squad since he rode the same armored vehicle as them during their first mission.

「Are you fine with us too?」


「It’s reassuring if we’re in the same squad as Souji-kun right?」

In addition, Takahashi Takeshi and Honekawa Housei were added to the squad since they had a good relationship after the revenge match incident.

「Won’t you make us your comrades too?」


「Having many girls on your side is reassuring」


「We love Hinata-oneesama」

Three more girls were added to their squad so their 12 person squad was completed.

「Somehow, it seems that a dangerous person has snuck in…」


「It’s your loss if you think too much about it you kno~w~」

The most dangerous character in more ways than one was gently tapping Itsuki’s shoulder to reassuring him.


On their side, Eisuke was clenched his fist and make a punch to the sky while letting out a victorious yell.

Part 3

「Something like half our members are girls, this is our victory!」



Though Souji tilted his head in curiousity, the losers were engulfed in sadness.

「Something like 0 girls, it’s already the end for them…」

Of the 9 girls in class D, 6 of them had gathered in Souji’s squad. The filthy boys had formed their own group of guys while the other three girls went and found their own squad.

「At least, if we could have Itsuki-tan…」


「Sorachi Souji, unforgiveable…!」

Everyone in the all-male squad was glaring at Souji who was surrounded by Itsuki and Hinata. Since they would definitely lose in a brawl, they verbally abused him with inaudible mutters.

「That’s why you’re unpopular you kno~w~」


「E~h, why are you suddenly dissing me!?」 [Eisuke]


「You’re just a worrywart you know…」


「Attention, please sit in your seats if your squad has been decided」

When Ooma clasped his hands and called out to them in a loud voice, the entire class sat in their seats with trained movements.


「Fumu, though you still need some fine tuning, the balance so far isn’t bad huh」

Ooma’s heard the reports from the students and then stood after inputting the content of their reports into his note PC.

「Well then, we’ll move to group battle training with your squad after this. Change into your gym uniforms and gather at the training ground」



As expected, with practiced movements, everyone went to change their clothes at once.


Of course, since the girls were using the locker room, it didn’t develop into something delightful for Eisuke.


And then, when everyone of class D was present on the training ground, there was an unexpected visitor there.

「Yaa, hello, please take care of me today」

The top of 3rd year class A, Sakiyama Reika, a handsome girl with a refreshing smile.



「Why are you here!?」


「Hey, that’s a rude way to greet your senpai」

Ooma explained while poking lightly at the heads of Eisuke and Hinata who spoke with rude tones.

「For the sake of collaboration training and playing as the villain, I gathered as many of the third year students as I could. Make sure to properly show your gratitude 」


「No, please don’t mind it, since it’ll be our training too」


Part 4

When Reika gave a humble answer, she gave off an aura that made it seem as if rose petals were blooming behind her.


In addition, it wasn’t just limited to the first years, even the girls of the third year held their breath in fascination.


「I wonder what’s so good about that…」


「I wonder if it’s because Hinata-chan would receive chocolate from other girls on Valentine’s~」


「I-I didn’t get any!… maybe just three times, perhaps」

Still, girls like Hinata or Kokoa had absolutely no interest in her.


Ooma was calmly clapping his hands to reign in the chattering girls.

「Well then, we’ll performing training for group battles after this. Though I said that, you gentlemen here have already experienced battle, so you’ll just be repeating that with the 3rd years as your opponent」

Soften the targets with shooting units, assault with shield units as the vanguard, then clean up with close combat units.


This process itself was simple. You wouldn’t make mistakes after learning it once, so all you had to do was cram the it into your head.

「Their range of fire- the CE will commence their attack at a distance of 30 metres. During the time it takes to cross that distance, additional attacks will come in intervals of 5 seconds, we’ll execute as many attacks as we can during that time」

Thus, if they train themself until their body moved automatically, naturally they shouldn’t leave the battlefield.


But, due to things like the appearance of a new pillar, emergency cases were piling up one after another. They needed to be battle-ready. Even if it was just a little, the state they were in after rigorous training had been lost.

「Like your last mission, ready or not, you’ll have to leave for the battlefield. At that time, so you won’t feel the regret that comes along with death, pull yourself together and train seriously」



Only after experiencing actual combat, everyone in class D obediently accepted his advice.


Though Ooma seemed somehow bitter for a moment, it was immediately replaced with a grim expression as he started to give his instructions.

「Well then Sakiyama, the rest is up to you」


「Yes, please leave it to me」

Saying her gratitude with elegance like a noble, Reika retreated about 30 metres to lead the 3rd years.

「Well then, line up on my side in one horizontal line. 32nd squad! 31st squad! 30th squad! On my right.」


「Sensei, what formation should we use?」


「A triple line formation. The shooting unit in the front row, after that is the shield unit, and the close combat unit at the back. If the number of close combat units is high, take a four line formation. The interval between line is to be widened, three steps apart」


「Sensei, there are no shield users in our squad though?」


「Concede now then」




「It was a joke. Go to the 30th squad’s shield users, Furuta or Nishino. Talk later about it. If possible, substitute your troops with the 30th squad」


「Well, I’m going then」

Because it’s the first squad training, the 36 students of class D lined up beautifully despite being interrupted with minute details.


After confirming that, Ooma sent a signal to Reika who was standing far away.


Part 5

「Please commence the battle, Sakiyama」




Replying with a loud voice, the 3rd year students were advancing slowly with their shield unit in front.


「The 3rd years are advancing with same speed as the CE. We’ll start to shoot them when they cross the 150 metres, all members ready」


「Yes, Armitize!」

Every member took out their phantom weapon and stood by their posts, just like that as the 3rd years approached.

「The other day was horrible right…」

Since his weapon was a sling, Itsuki lightly complained because constantly rotating his weapon consumed his stamina.

「At least it might be more convenient if there were gun or crossbow type phantom weapons」


「They’re already Reality Weapons《Real》 , not Phantom Weapons《Fantasy》」

Eisuke retorted with a shocked face to Souji.


Even while talking like that, the 3rd years were steadily approaching.


「170, 160… FIRE!」

Matching with Ooma’s order, the six students of the shooting unit simultaneously fired their projectiles.


Their volley hit the shield user in the 3rd year who was walking in front as a vanguard.

「Though you should shoot until they die during real combat, it’s enough with one shot for training. Shooting unit, all members retreat」



The six of them quickly moved behind the line. Then, the shield unit and close combat unit came forward.

「You already have experience with real combat but, if they’re approaching around 50 metres, charge with the shields as vanguard. NEVER, EVER overtake the shield unit before their first attack」

Despite the help of the shield users, if they were exposed to the concentrated attack of a CE, their phantom material armor might ended up pierced in one attack.


Although, a certain spear user who boasting a frightening evasion rate could accurately read the signs of a CE’s attack and avoid the beam by parrying it with the tip of his spear.

「They’ll come soon, 70, 60, 55… ALL UNITS CHARGEEE!」


「H-Here I come……!」



Behind Kanna who started to run with a nervous face, Eisuke and co also raising their war cry.


Reika who was looking at that from the front was letting out a slightly evil smirk, and then signaled to the bow user on her side.

「Well learn properly from us then」


「This one is a present from your senpai!」


Part 6

The bow user let loose their arrow even though they hadn’t passed the 30 metre mark yet.


It shoot through Kanna’s knee with accuracy that could slip thread through the eye of a needle.


There was no way she could remain upright after receiving a blow to her knee during a sprint.


Kanna collapsed to the floor, sliding face first.

「Wait a minute, are you alright!?」


「Uwaa, that’s so dangerou~s!」

Hinata who followed behind unintentionally stopped running worrying about Kanna, and then Kokoa who was behind her screamed as they collided.

「What happen!?」

Because Eisuke sprinted too fast, he overtook the collapsed Kanna――


Since they passed the 30 metre mark, the shooting unit of 3rd year attacked all at once.




Souji who stood behind the stunned Eisuke was screaming while releasing a powerful sweep with his Tonbogiri.


Though Eisuke also ended up sliding on the ground face first, thanks to that the incoming stones and arrows passed over him, right through where he has moments before.


「Oi, what should we do in this――」



Replying with a scream to his comrades who had stopped in bewilderment, Souji dashed forth like a gale of wind.


When the 30th squad came forward to replace the previous 31st squad, he sent a thrust with all his strength toward the shield user who was lying in waiting.



Reika was checking the stopwatch behind the shield user who was forced back due to the impact. Despite only 5 second having passed, she shouted to match that.


Not only the shooting unit, the spear and sword users who were waiting beside the shield user simultaneously stabbed, mimicking the beam attack of the CE.


But, Souji dove to the ground with practiced movements, completely avoiding every attack and then launched a counterattack on the shield user for the second time.



Part 7

At the same time as the high-pitched sound from the spear and shield clashing, Ooma shouted to stop everyone.

「Why did you do that, sensei!」



Eisuke who was kissing the ground stood up, burning in indignation while pointing at the teary eyed Kanna, fully aware because he himself fell.

「Have you heard about the disturbance of our base runners?」


「Well then, advance to the 3rd base」


「YAAAY! With this we have a chance to score a point―― are you trying to fool me! 」


After Ooma laughed once at Eisuke’s superb retort, his face returned to a serious look at once.

「Listen, it’s not something strange for you to fall down because you tripped over a small hole or stone in real combat. The surroundings of Miyota city which became your battlefield was due to the launch of what you call a high-explosive projectile, or missile, during the early stages of the war, turning the place into a crater」

The flat ground that was prepared was an absurd thing, they might even walk out into fields of overgrown weed.

「For this reason, anyone in the front row or shield users causing trouble by tripping just like now isn’t something so unusual」


「In reality, you’ve been through these painful experiences right?」

Behind Reika who’s smiling wryly, the other 3rd year students also nodded deeply.

「The CE won’t stop their attack just because you’ve tripped. When this kind of trouble occurs, you need to learn how to quickly deal with this situation」

What the students of class D didn’t know was, that it was in fact the 3rd year bow user who caused Kanna to trip.

「Muu, I want to say that I know about that but…」


「It’s slightly foolish ri~ght~」

Hinata and Kokoa were getting angry about the fact that their friend received the short end of the stick*.

[TL* : Misfortune]


But, this was also in order to prevent them from dying during a real battle. They couldn’t get angry for real since it’s just an act of kindness from their senpai.


After spitting out their ill feelings with a sigh, they encouraged Kanna who was slumped over to stand again.

「Well then, return to your base, let’s do it once again from the beginning」

Following Ooma’s words, the 1st years and 3rd years started to walk to the distance of 300 metres again.


During that time, the 3rd year bow user whispered to Reika.

「Is… that really a 1st year?」

Even when the shield user fell down, the spear user who was coming to attack was calmly coping with the situation.


Those movements were abnormal even for an experienced 3rd year who had fought against the CE for two years.

Part 8


「Amazing isn’t it, even better than the rumours say」

Being asked that, Reika looked at the spear user who was standing far off in the distance smiling happily.


This was her first time looking at his way of fighting but, starting with his match against Tendouji Ayato, the hero’s little brother, his spear handling reached the ears of the 3rd years.

「Uhm, as I thought, he’s a very interesting person」

「…You, so you’re interested in men huh」

「Just what kind of person do you think I am?」

Sending a dubious gaze at the bow user, Reika who rarely scowled raised her voice to commence the battle for the second time.



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