SUCBTH Chapter 33

ACT 6 : The Holiday of The Soldier, The Prelude of Chaos



Chapter 33 [Cleaning]

第33話 掃除

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : akshaythedon

Part 1


A new pillar appeared in Maebashi city, three days after Tendouji Ayato had destroyed the exisitng one.


While the teachers were at the throes of death due to contact with documents and related events, such as the fire caused by the missile attacks of the combat helicopters, removal of debris due to the light of the holy sword, confirmation of victims due to CE and providing compensation to the families, the six students who had ran away using the stolen armored car were currently――


「Why we maji○rin, we’re seriously preparing san○ーri」

[TL : No idea, he’s speaking in kansai dialect along with incomprehensible words. detergent product maybe– 何でマジッ○リンやねん、ちゃんとサン○ール用意せえやっ] [ED: It seems to be names of toiletries being used…But, I still have no idea….So, need some help on this, readers!]

「Is there something important in there」


While complaining to the detergent, Eisuke was diligently polishing the urinal beside Souji who was scrubbing the floor with a brush using a solid stance.

They, who were repeat offenders during school and battle for breaking rules, were cleaning the toilet as punishment.


「Even so, the regular merchant-san is comforting us by saying that it’s pretty.」


Itsuki also admired the fact that there was not even a single stain after washing the washbasin.


「That’s so, but Itsuki-tan, just how many toilets do you think are in this school」


There are four in total, one at each floor in the four-storey building.


「Cleaning all of that everyday is the job of a demon」

「I think it’s better that we’ve no need to do that even at the basement」


Underneath the school where there are the emergency command room and research facilities for Phantom Weapon such as tuning of the Phantom Converter, as long as there was no business, it was banned for students to enter it.


「If we compare it with the reimbursement of the armored vehicle which God knows how many 100 millions it was, it is cheap that it had ended with just cleaning.」


「That is so, isn’t it」


Leaving its crowd, few of the CE attacked the civilians who were taking refuge.

When the totally exhausted first years were rushing to save them in a hurry, a blade of light descended from the sky.

That light, which was released by the holy sword of the younger brother of the hero――  Tendouji Ayato’s Excalibur, not just hit the CE, it went as far as directly hitting the armored vehicle in which Souji and co. were inside, which was positioned at the far distance from the front.


「Not just us, it blew away the houses and the roads along the way, it just ended up making more trouble for others」


Since all the citizens of the surrounding area had gathered in the shelter, the holy sword wasn’t smeared with blood of humans.

But, that was nothing but an afterthought after all.

Since Souji and co, the six of them, had barely avoided death.


「But, we must thank that guy for destroying the pillar.」

「Well, that is so, but……」


When Souji pointed that out, Eisuke shut his mouth unwillingly.

If… if he had not destroyed the pillar, people might have disappeared from Maebashi city.

Despite how much everyone in class D hated him, Tendouji Ayato was already befitting of the title of hero for having accomplished a brilliant job.

Part 2


「Ha~h, it’s extremely vexing, let’s just talk about something more enjoyable.」


Despite talking about useless stuff, Eisuke changed the subject of conversation while diligently finishing the cleaning activity.


「Tomorrow is the long awaited Saturday huh」


The special forces school was also similar to any other normal high school, the weekend was their holiday.

But, since the attacks of CE might ignore holidays, the holidays would be cancelled in most cases.


「Holiday huh……」


When Souji was pondering while touching his chin, their fellow armored vehicle thieves came out from the ladies’ toilet beside the men’s toilet.


「We’ve finished the cleaning too, thank you for your hard work.」

「It’s really troublesome ri~ght」

「S-So tired……」


The trio of Kanna, Kokoa, and Hinata had also received the similar punishment of cleaning the toilets.


「Doing the same for the next one month is quite a tight schedule for sure.」


Hinata was rubbing her stiff shoulders after stretching her back.

It was quite a burden for their body even to do normal cleaning after such severe training during the classes.


「Well, tomorrow is the day off where we can take it at leisure.」



Having rarely agreed to Eisuke’s words, Souji called to Hinata who hastened her steps to go back to their dorm.


「Are you free for the day after tomorrow, Hirasaka-san」


「If you’re free, I want you to go with me.」



Hinata, who understood the meaning of his words in one beat, screamed with a loud voice as her face turned even redder than a boiled octopus.


「Say, an invitation during the holiday, it can’t be……」

「Was that inconvenient for you In that case――」


「I see, thank goodness」


Souji smiled delightfully to Hinata who was nodding while bracing herself. And then――


「Komukai-san and Karasuzaki-san too, are you free the day after tomorrow」

Part 3


It truly was a line that spoilt the mood.


「Y-Yes, I certainly am free, but……」

「I’m free you kno~w~……… Well, I thought it was such a thing~」


When Kanna nodded awkwardly, and having received the confirmation of Kokoa who look shocked, he headed toward the two men.


「Itsuki and Eisuke too, can you spend your free time with me the day after tomorrow  」

「Yeah, with pleasure.」

「I’m alright but, what is this about」

「I want to say my gratitude and apologize to everyone」


Souji said that while smiling wryly as if he was embarassed by it.

He, who fought against crowd of CE alone, was about to die fighting against improved new type “20 faces” [ED: icosahedral faced CE] was rescued by them, who did similarly reckless stuff by even ignoring the commands and saving him.

Since he was the cause for them to clean the toilet along with him, he wanted to properly apologize to them.


「Though it is nothing but a treat to movie and meal」

「Well, it’s okay if brother satisfied with this much」


Despite not being satisfied about it, when forced by the too honest spear user, Eisuke obediently received the invitation.

Beside Souji who still felt gratitude for his consideration, Hinata, who was delighted until a while ago, was writing the kanji letter for “wall” with a really gloomy face.


「Yeah, though I should have understood this, there’s no way he’ll easily be inviting for a date, hahaha……….」

「D-Do your best, Hinata-chan……….」


While Kanna desperately cheered for her, Kokoa tip-toed and clapped on Souji’s shoulder.


「Souji-chan, first, it seems I must throw a square tofu on your head* ri~ght~」 [TL*: An idiom used to say that the target is so stupid]

「The neighbor’s kid also says similar things, WHY」

「Ahahaha, this is a special treatment」


Laughing as if he had given up all hope, Souji tilted his head with a curious face.

To this blockhead close friend, even Eisuke was unable to send a lifeboat in this kind of time.


「Brother, I definitely won’t tell you. There’s no way I’ll let you to be happy by yourself, kukuku」

「These kind of thoughts are what makes you unpopular」


On receiving Itsuki’s cold retort, Eisuke instantly sank to the side while Kokoa sighed with a shocked expression.


「The first fault is, I won’t tell it clearly and just leave it as love at first sight, but never I think that you’re hetare*-chan」[TL*: ヘタレ = Good-for-nothing]

「I’m not a hetare」

「Arere I never said that it was Hinata-chan you know 」



Seeing Hinata starting a scuffle while raising a strange tone, Souji smiled again.


「Everyone is so intimate huh.」

「……Should I buy tofu, Souji-san」


 Despite being so dependable in the battlefield, why is the normal him such an airhead.

His beautiful girl-like appearance aside, Itsuki, who was the most decent one amongst them, sighed quietly.


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