SUCBTH Chapter 30

Chapter 30 [No Matter How Many Times, You Really Are]

+++第30話 どんな時でも貴方は

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Part 1




Just before firing its beam, the CE was knocked down by the armored vehicle that came from its side. [TL : What an anti-climax end]




In front of the dumbfounded Souji, a girl jumped down from the armored vehicle and delivered a finishing blow to the core of CE so that it was completely destroyed from its  partially destroyed state.

The misty blade, she who wielded the beloved katana of Hakkenden-Murasame, his kendo girl classmate, Hirasaka Hinata.


「You splendidly survived, brother!」


And then, jumping out from the driver seat was his bosom friend who’s unpopular with the girls, Endou Eisuke. [TL : Eisuke, you have no driving license]


「How can it be……」

「Because we are a family of farmers, things like operating heavy machinery is something that I had learnt during my elementary grade.」 [TL : Eisuke, your driving license]

「No, I don’t mean that.」



A boy who was even more beautiful than a girl jumped onto Souji’s chest while he was retorting Eisuke.


「Why’re you doing such reckless things! I, if something happened to Souji-san…」



Just like the other days*, Souji had no other choice but to apologize again to Ikaruga Itsuki who was pouring out his heartfelt worries as he starting crying loudly again. [TL*: Chapter 20, the day when Souji became the victim of Excalibur for the second time]


「Calm down, calm down, me, the other party is A BOY……」


「Yeah, It’ll give you a nosebleed so you need a tissue ri~ght~」


Along side Hinata who was desperately holding back her anger for having her place[hug] nicely stolen again was the figure of Komukai Kokoa and Karasuzaki Kanna.


「Everyone, why’re you……」

「It’s nothing, it’s not like we came to save Souji-kun, we just happened to pass by when we were in the middle of exterminating the CE that strayed from the crowd.」


「Well, because Kyoko-sensei made a request and saying 『Since that idiot is doing idiotic things again, go and save him』」

「Pupu, how tsundere of you desu~. The truth is she volunte-MUGYAAA! 」


While sealing the mouth of Kokoa who was saying too many things, Hinata removed her own head set and put it on Souji’s head.


『What will you say about this matter?』


There was only one word that came into Souji’s mind as the chilly voice of Hoshina Kyoko resounded into his ears.


「My apologies」

『Ha~……. Since you will be punished later, let me welcome you back for the time being.』

Part 2

Kyoko cut the line of communication after telling him that.


「It certainly is scary when thinking about the punishment for wrecking the stolen armored vehicle due to running it through CE ne~」

「Eh, we’re going to be punished too!?」

「That’s just natural when you think of it. The driver-san of the armored vehicle was so cool and collected, you know? 」


「……..I-It’s not in the insurance, right」


While Eisuke and co were having a peaceful conversation, they took the tottering Souji to the armored vehicle by carrying him by his shoulder.


「I’m sorry, everyone」


To Souji who apologized again after sitting on the seat, Hinata used a light dekopin on his forehead. [ED: dekopin is essentially a poke]


「You have already apologized you know. Because, if Souji-kun didn’t hold them back on this place, someone of the class or the citizen of the city might have died, you know…」

「But, I–」


I fought because I was thirsting for battle. It went as far as causing trouble for everyone due to his own selfishness.

Hinata placed her index finger upon Souji’s lips who was about to say it.


「It’s fine, no matter what the reason was. Since you just saved everyone, puff out your chest more for it」

「……It’s really okay right?」

「Yeah, it’s okay!」


Hinata said it with a strong tone in order to push Souji’s hesitation away.

This kind of encouragement by another person warmed his chest. So, Souji naturally showed a smile.


「Thank you, I’m truly glad for becoming your FRIEND」


「Did I just say something innappropriate?」

「No, uhm, I’m happy, really happy but……」

「Ma~ma~, it’s another one step forward with this~」

「F-Fight Ooo ……………… 」


For some reason, Kokoa and Kanna were comforting the dejected Hinata who hung her head down.

Moreover, when he tilted his head in puzzlement, a voice rose from the direction of the driver’s seat.


「Un ? What the heck is that? 」

「What’s the matter?」


Eisuke pointed at the outside of the window to Souji who was pushing himself to the driver’s seat.


「Look, something is shining over there, I think the helicopter has come again.」


Certainly, something was shining like a star in the western sky.

But, it was neither the helicopter nor a large-sized fighter jet.

Above all, Souji recalled that golden light.


「――!!!? EISUKE, STOP AT ONCE!!!」



「What’s the matter, why’re you suddenly shouting?」


Everyone stared curiously at Souji who was suddenly shouting in fear as if he was frozen at his place. But, they realized what he meant two seconds later.

Part 3



Along with the tsunami-like sound that they were familiar with, violent shock and light swallowed up the armored vehicle.





The armored vehicle toppled over, just like an over-rotated hamster rotation wheel, the ground and ceiling were rotated so many times.

And then, the rotation finally stopped after tumbling over a dozen of times and crashed at a nearby house.


「E-Everyone alright?」

「Is my situation looking alright to you?」


「S-So heavy.」


Eisuke was hanging in the air by his seat belt, and Itsuki fainted as he was being squashed by Kanna’s large breasts.


「It hurts, what the h-…… Eh?」


As for Hinata, she was tightly embracing Souji’s chest.


「Any injuries?」


「It seems you’re alright.」


Souji felt relieved on seeing her lively figure jumping in panic while letting out a strange voice with a bright red face.


「This, that was also an accident nee~」

「It should be…」


To Kokoa who was clinging onto her chair with one hand and one feet like a koala, Souji opened the back door of the armored vehicle and nodded at her.

Leaving the vehicle was quite troublesome since the armored vehicle was hanging on the broken pillars and slabs of the house. Somehow managing to climb up the armor on top of armored vehicle, which was just on the verge of being hollowed, he surveyed the surroundings.

The road and the residences were swept clean as if the character “一” was written with a gigantic brush.

When he shifted his line of sight, he caught sight of the golden light that was shining in the sky despite the unpleasant feeling surrounding it.

The radiance of the holy sword illuminated everything and was flying in the sky while holding it is a youth who was wearing a pair of shoes with wings grown on it.

Needless to say who that someone was.




Souji and co, the six of them couldn’t help but boo at the same time even while knowing that it won’t be heard by Tendouji Ayato who mowed everything down with his excalibur along with his allies.



「Why’s that person here in the first place!?」

「He had no intention of flying to save us ~」

「It’s not a rescue if we’re being killed by our own ally due to that flying!」

「S-So cruel desu……」

Part 4


It was similiar with the time during the practice match, everyone was swearing Tendouji Ayato as much as possible when he brandished such a huge power without even thinking about his surroundings.

On hearing that, Souji rolled around and laughed while holding his stomach.


「Kuh, fufu, AHAHAHAHA!」

「UOO!? What’s the matter brother, you’re acting unusual.」

「It’s nothing, I just feel that it’s funny」

「I don’t know what strange things are iinside the head of that lady-killer…I’ll uproot that brat’s balls!」


Seeing Eisuke whose face was red like an octopus, Souji started laughing again. [TL : He finally snapped]

Even though he had just wielded his spear in solitude, it didn’t mean that his desire and yearning for a battle where one bet their life had vanished from his chest.

But, for him, even having a trustworthy comrade like this was also a pleasant thing.

The holy sword user who saved many people while flying high in the sky, while looking down at everything, will never have this.

Comrades are those who walked along with with you, there are times when he would save them, or when he would be saved by them.

With only them by his side, he would keep fighting without even minding whether he was being praised as a hero or not.

This was his happiness, Souji’s laughter resounded straight into the sky.

+++Legend of Holy Sword Chapter 4 page 58

「So, this is the pillar.」


Ayato was flying in the air in front of the pillar that suddenly appeared in the middle of the city.


「This is, they’re the enemy of my sister……!」


His hatred toward CE who snatched away Setsuna, his beloved sister, was burning brightly in his heart.

But, Ayato abandoned that ugly feeling immediately.


「This is wrong, revenge will bring nothing……… But, I definitely won’t let you bring despair to everyone!」


The holy sword gave birth to golden light as if responding to the righteousness of his heart wishing for the peace of humanity.


「For the sake of wiping away the tears of everyone, now is the time to sever this evil, HOWL, EXCALIBUUUU―――R!」



The discharge of the holy light swallowed the gigantic crystal pillar.

It easily smashed away even the powerful barrier of the pillar and disintegrated the pillar into nothing.

「Look, the pillar that couldn’t be destroyed by anyone, finally!」

「Angel-sama…….. No, that figure is definitely that of the messiah who has come to give peace to us!」


Everyone who looked upon that mysterious spectacle, all of them had an unswerving conviction. Flying in the sky with his silver wing, the hero who wielded the golden holy sword. He was Tendouji Ayato, the savior who would save the humanity.


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