SUCBTH Chapter 28

Chapter 28 [Finding Shelter]

+++第28話 避難

TL : Cnine

ED/PF: MystiKnight


Four helicopters intercepted the crowd of CE that appeared from the pillar, showering them with missiles and gunfire.


The tremors and explosions that resounded inside the vehicle only dug deeper into the hearts of the 1st years who had fallen right into hell, a complete turn from their inspiring victory.


「H-Hinata-chan… 」


「It’s okay, we’ll be okay, you see?」


The words that Hinata used to comfort Kanna, who had curled up against her body, were also aiming toward herself.




Even the usually merry Eisuke had fallen into a deep silence with a grave expression on his face.


His Phantom Material Armor was already beeping and emitting a red light. If he battled with the CE, the next attack received would certainly pierce his armor and turn him into a corpse.


He was neither foolish nor courageous enough to laugh as he headed towards his own death.


The armored vehicle wrapped in a gloomy air finally stopped. What was waiting for them outside was a mob walking with a heavy gait, a mayhem in complete contrast to the silence inside.


「Everyone, please head towards shelter immediately!」


「Since your luggage will become a hindrance, please leave it right here!  」


「Mama, Mamaaaa~!」




The middle school that was built in the vicinity of Makabe Chouseikki was a place that could provide shelter to the 1000 people in its vicinity. There were people who looked like city government staff and teachers shouting with loud voices to the adults who were leading their crying children by hand, frantically guiding them toward the west part of the city.


But, their walking pace was far too slow.


All of sudden, a pillar appeared around 1 km away from them, following that was a bombing attack performed by the helicopters.


Due to that bombing, the houses and cultivated fields were blown away. The baked burning smell drifted around the school building along with black smoke.


A fear filled the area stemming from the unknown situation. It was understandable to fear death when presented with with the fires and bombings.


The feet of the people who controlled by terror naturally cowered in fear.


Although, the fact was that they were walking in order to find shelter, and without stirring up any chaos.


『Everyone, since we’ll be giving you directions, it’ll help us to guide you to a shelter according if you do as we say』




Even though everyone was bewildered, they responding by raising the best voice that they could muster.


「Everyone, you can rest assured since we have arrived! 」


「P-Please move cautiously… 」


「All the children and elderly people, please come over here, we’ll carry you in the armored vehicle! 」


「Here baa-san*, get on my back, I’ll carry you」 [TL : Baa – Grandma]


「No pushing, no running, no chatting, and of course no returning you kno~w~!」


The special forces’ uniform was known even by the citizens of the city. Maybe because they felt relieved by seeing them, the flow of the people became smoother, even if only a little.


But that didn’t mean that the situation was changing for the better.


(Surely there were some CE who survived the helicopter strike…)


When will the enemy appear from behind? Though Hinata had to frantically stifle her smile in dread, she continued to lead the refugees to  shelter.


In the middle of that, she suddenly noticed.


「Are, Souji-kun?」


The figure of a dependable spear user couldn’t be found anywhere.


But she couldn’t spare any attention towards finding him since they were separated since arriving in front of the middle school.








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