SUCBTH Chapter 27

Chapter 27 [Bombing]

+++第27話 爆撃

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Part 1


From the Souma field garrison located to the north of the special forces, four『AH-64D Apache Long Bow』raid helicopters took off.

It can be said that it was too much since they were on the front lines, but “The Apache” received from the other garrison is the old type which falls behind the latest type. They were making creaking sounds due to the repeated sorties and their age.

The number of sorties they needed to perform had decreased after the extraordinary (the special forces) came into existence two years ago. Hence, it was only possible to make the helicopter just to be able to fly.


「This might be your last service duty」


A pilot muttered a single line. The aircraft can still fly. But the armed will still stand out after this.


Since the special forces had reached the point of being able to beat CE with the help of ACE troops, the supply of weapons and ammunition toward Souma field garrison was repeatedly postponed.


It can’t be helped but it’s unavoidable. There’s no ACE force in Kansai area, that’s why they have no choice but to beat CE with normal firearms. Naturally, providing support to Kansai area takes higher priority.

Even though we will not be able to escape from Gunma, the thing about the cowardly politician who keeps excessive war potential in Tokyo was, as expected, hated from the bottom of their hearts.

The four Apaches that left the garrison arrived at the location in which the pillar appeared in the middle of the town several minutes ago.




Even if the pillar resembled a beautiful crystal, for the people who had been fighting for the past six years, it was nothing but a symbol of the nightmare.


「The pillar is to be ignored, attack the flocks of CE.」


If an amateur heard this command of the commanding officer, they might think “What a foolish decision this is”.

CE appeared endlessly from the base of the pillar.

In that case, the pillar must be attacked first as the matter about a prevention for further reinforcement would take the priority.

Something like that would have no need to be pointed out, anyone from the SDF would know about that.

Because it was impossible to destroy of the pillar, humanity needed to keep on winning for the purpose of their defeat six years ago.


「Rather, target the core if possible……」



The commanding officer on the back seat warned the gunner who sat in front of him.

But that kind of feeling was also something that he understood.

The pillar that appeared in Matsumoto city of Nagano prefecture, called by the name of 『Nagano Pillar』 to differentiate it with the others that appeared in the other places, was the largest Pillar even if you looked throughout the entire world.

Its height had crossed over the 700 meters, in the sky, it’s gigantic octagonal shape had almost 100 meters thickness.

Except for the core which is different from the CE transparent one, it was constantly flickering with seven prismatic colors. Anyone would have praised its beauty as it was similar to a rainbow, but the other one murmured that it was eerie like an oil slick.


Six year ago, despite the reaction being delayed due to chaos, the Japanese government, who was aware of the attack and the appearance of CE, launched a military operation to destroy the pillar, the ringleader.

The military operation was conducted with the resolution to throw every weapon under Japan’s possession by mobilizing the war potential of army, navy and air force.


The battle helicopters and fighter jets, which numbered more than 200, had attacked with all of their missiles which consumed who knows how many hundred thousands of yen. The bombing was carried out in the whole area with the resolution to flatten the entire Matsumoto city.

Even so, the pillar didn’t even crack a bit and still stood erect on the earth.


The CE, who acted as a barrier by stretching on its entire surface, strengthened the pillar by a hundred times. Someone had muttered that it was as if the time had completely stopped when they saw its steadfast form.


Part 2


「It’s not a Godzilla, beating something like this is impossible」 [TL: Godzilla was injured by a missile before dying]


He really couldn’t laugh, but then, it was an authentic joke.

Because due to the appearance of the pillar, the three countries with vast territories namely, America, Russia, and China, had tried to use nuclear bombs to destroy the pillar.

The thing that was made as the ultimate weapon to be fired at their enemies were fired at their own country.


The pollution in their country won’t disappear for tens of thousands of years. Even if it could bring injury to the whole country, exterminating the CE had been considered more important and after such tragic resolution, they had launched the nuclear bombs.


As a result, those three countries had successfully destroyed several of those pillars.


Hearing that report, the other country except for those three, including Japan, were shaken.


Shouldn’t we destroy the pillar even if we must use a nuclear weapon?


Especially Japan, where there’s nothing but just one pillar that had appeared by some sort of luck. Currently, CE was only appearing on the land, there was no report about it crossing the sea. That’s why, as long as they destroy this one pillar, the threat of CE will disappear from Japan.


That’s why, even if they had to abandon several prefectures in the middle of Nagano, even if they commit a foolishness called dropping the third nuclear bomb in Japan, they must end the war quickly. It can’t be helped if the people who think that way came up.


Though the idea of using the nuclear bomb was currently obstructed by the political power of the government, after this, whether it was the politician or the citizen, they can’t run from their foolishness and escape from their fear without guarantee.

If the commanding officer stated his opinion as an individual, something like using the nuclear bomb was absolutely not desired. As for the reason ――


「Can we make sure that the attack would be effective if we really want to attack…」



Being pointed out of the worst case, the gunner did not reject anymore.


Though the three countries said that they destroyed the pillars with the nuclear weapons, were they of the size of the Nagano pillar here?Even if the strongest hydrogen bomb is used, is there an absolute guarantee that it can destroy it?


By no means no, it’s not possible to execute this plan. If it failed, what will be left is the desolate land which had lost its people, and the pollution of radioactive materials and the CE keep will propagating without anyone to stop them. This means that it would be complete with the scene from hell[1].

At that time, the country called Japan would definitely disappear from the earth.


「The preparation of all aircraft is complete.」


The commanding officer made the final confirmation as he was shaking off his worst delusion.


After passing over the sky above the CE once and allotted with the scope of the strike for each aircraft, they turned back and lined up in a horizontal row in the sky, and released the gun’s lock which aimed toward the enemy of humanity advancing in the middle of the city.




The anti-missile tank equipped in each Apache, the『AGM-114L Long Bow・Hellfire』, released trails of fire.


Eight for each aircraft with four on each wing, a total of 32 anti-tank missiles from the 4 aircraft blew up the CE along with the surrounding buildings.

But, that was not the end yet.


『Hydra70 Rocket』 from the tube shaped『M261 Rocket Pod』attached on the exterior of the wings were fired.


19 pods were present on each of the both wings, which means that the four helicopters fired 152 rockets, mercilessly crushing the CE that couldn’t beat the helicopters.


And not forgetting the total bullets, close to 2000, that was fired from the『M230 30mm Chain Gun』 as the finisher[2].

Part 3


「It’s to be sold out with this」


After using their entire ammunition to crush around 300 CE, the 4 helicopters that finished their role turned back towards the direction of their garrison.


「Un ?」

「What’s matter?」

「No, it’s nothing」


Though the gunner felt something uncomfortable the moment he saw the scenery below, that immediately vanished behind the dust of smoke and fire and then lost the means to confirm the out of place feeling.


The commanding officer also did not question it further because of the feedback of the flying helicopters.


「90% of it is crushed but……」


Even if it’s just the remaining 10%, without any means of resisting with their human body, it’ll turn into a futile slaughter.


「I’ll leave the rest to you」


The four helicopters left that place while saluting towards the armored vehicles with the ACE troops inside when it reflected at the edge of his field of vision.


All the while blaming his incompetent self who was making those children clean up after their mess.


[1]  [TL: Referring to CE victims]


[2] [TL: That’s overkill, even for Godzilla]


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