SUCBTH Chapter 24

Chapter 24 [Beginning]

+++第24話 始まり

TL : Cnine


Part 1


Bii~, Bii~, Bii~!



noise of the sirene is reverbrating from the classroom speaker for the second time during the national language lesson.


But, after hearing that for several times up till now, the loud and shrill more than object informing about the raid, it’s an object that making them recalling a nightmare to everyone.


Ooma who heard that is shutting the textbook as if flicking it.



「Everyone, do your self-study properly」


「Sensei, what’s just now?」



Without replying to Eisuke question, he quickly leaving the classroom and in a moment already closed the door.


The sound of him running down the staircase resounding loudly, he’s heading toward the 2nd stories basement of the commander post which located even further below the 1st floor basement in which the laboratory is.


Inside the room installed with countless monitors on the wall, the staff-personel who wore intercom were glaring at the monitor of their PC.


In addition for Ooma who’s in charge with class B and C for Ooma, every teacher who was remaining in the school building like Kyoko of infirmary is present and incidentally, the person who was standing on the center of command post―― The teacher in charge of A class, Irogane Ayako is turned around.


「Gentlemen, the CE appeared from the direction of Kurobe mountain, northeast of Maebashi city」


A miserable truth which is frank and easy to understand.


「No way, how can it be!?」



The location of CE Pillar is exist in a completely reversed direction of Matumoto city in Nagano prefecture.


Though this kind of raid was never happened even once for more than 6 years since the start of the war.


「There’s no time for that kind of argument right now, we should deal with the situation that just happened a while ago」


And then, they’re given an even more important order.


「We shall sortie every member of the first year B, C, and D class at once」


「Please wait a minute, that’s too unreasonable!」


Opposing first since he’s worrying about the pupils more than anyone is in charge of D class and who put them under harsh training, Ooma.


「They’re not even deciding their squad yet, they won’t be able to endure mobilization of military strategy!」


「But, The CE are coming. We must make a preparation ASAP」




「3rd class inspector Oogawara」


Ayako is taking of her triangular glasses and called Ooma with his true rank.


「What’s the duty of us, the personnel of SDF?」


「……To protect the safety of our nation」


「Correct, and now, the safety of the nation is threatened」


The light of the monitor that coming behind Ayako is recorded the live video of the city and sattelite photograph, the current condition of Maebashi city is being displayed in real time.



Part 2


The citizen who heard the emergency broadcast is moving to the nearby school for shelter with expression of mix between suspicion and anxiety.


If they didn’t do anything at this rate, the next things several shelter might be turned into pandemonium.


it’s even already that distance, the appeared CE is approaching from Kurobe mountain.


「The new city garrison 12th anti tank troops, Souma field garrison 12th helicopter squad and 12th anti-aircraft artilerry already calling for dispatch, if it’s come to an urban battle, careless action is forbidden」


The building in the urban area will become a hindrance for the line of fire, tank cannon can’t utilize it’s maximum effect.


Though it’ll be more effective if the heli attacking from the sky, it might be not be able to crush every CE due to the number of loaded missile.


And, the explosive flame of the missile will spread toward the residence, thry’ll try to avoid fire if possible.


At most, it’ll become a prolonged battle due to the chronic shortage of the material, even if both force base full with equipment, it can’t be said that both are in the equal condition.


「Even if the ACE troops is dispatched in the direction of Karuizawa district, it’s been several minutes since the start of the battle, calling them back from now on is impossible」


Even if they’re called back to abandon Karuizawa district, it might take 30 minutes till their arrival.


There’s no knowing how many hundreds or thousand number of humans that will fall into a victim during that time.


「For the sake of saving citizen in the vicinity, we have no choice but to dispatch the remaining 112 ACE troops in the school」




Despite opposing that, Ooma know that fact.


This is their best measure, in the first place, ACE troops is formed for this kind of time.


But, they’re currently still lacking in training, just how many pupils will fall if they’re tossed into a battle without any preparation.


「3rd class inspector Oogawara」


For Ooma who’s worrying about the pupils safety, Ayako tone is even more chilly than the ice.


「Everytime you’re chatting pointless matter, the threat of the life of the citizen is increasing. Call the pupils immediately and gather them in the vehicle that gathered in the ground」




Without even opposing his superior officer since the very beginning, the homeroom teacher including Ooma is saluting as they receiving their order and leaving the commading post.


Seeing that, Ayako suddenly sighing and Kyoko is quietly approaching her.


「Playing as villain is hard right」


「If you think so, how about changing place with me」


Just in this moment they’re not a subordinate and superior officer, they’re complaining as the one who already a close friend since long time ago.


「At least, if the A class is remained……… Shit」


Everyone of the 1st year A class except for Tendouji Ayato is gathered in secret for a certain project since few years ago, they’re people who received special training.


Even if some of them falsifying their true age, many of the neck of the top brass will fly if this matter come to light, there’s even the people who undergoes inhuman training.


Their individual combat ability might surpass the 2nd, no even the 3rd years.


Though their ability were keep in secret because of the project.


For this time basically not so far from the entrance of the school, they’re going to intercept in the Karuizawa district and the reasonis due to the pressure from the top brass.

Part 3



「It’s all come to this since they starting to say that they want to put it into a real combat quickly as they’re Being dazzled by Tendouji Ayato power!」


The top brass of SDF who stand above the special force, and then due to the fact that it’s a wish from japanese goverment, there’s no way for Ayako-tachi to refuse it, honestly speaking the request itself is not that much of a problem.


Unfortunately, an impossible situation occured at the worst timing called a surprise attack from the opposite direction of the pillar.


「……Wait a minute, is this really just coincidence?」


「No way, that’s impossible!?」



To Ayako muttering, Kyoko is saying impossible―― No, she just grumbling and want it to be impossible coincidence.


「From where CE obtaining our information and, how they put us into a trap……」


The Crystal Enemy body made of mysterious crystal is only moving like following a clumsy program, there’s nothing that resembling human intellect.


That was a solid conclusion gained from huge amount of data gathered during the 6 years since it’s appearance.


「But, how do you explain this pincer and surprise attack?」


For the sake of intercepting large swarm of raid from the west of Karuizawa district, the special force decided to go all out, small unit of CE suddenly appeared from the north east of Kurobe mountain district.


It’s nicely played feint.


But, if there’s no reinforcement anymore, the one in Karuizawa district will be eliminated without damage as usual, it’s seems possible to intercept even if there’s damage in Kurobe mountain district.


The incer operation  is almost as good as failed, she can’t see any merit for CE side.



「No, it was different for us」


Different from humankind who’s worrying about the shortage of their resources, CE just suddenly appearing from the pillar endlessly.


In case when receiving damage even just a little, the scale of humanity side will inclined toward losing direction.


「Surprise and pincer attack, if there’s such polished strategy called war of attrition in CE―― No, it might become a serious matter if it was even budding」




To the too much horrible guess, all member in command post including Kyoko is speechless.


For humanity to survived without being extinct up till now, CE have low range but powerful attack in return for high defense, they can only increase the damage one-sidedly by bombarding them with long range cannon and missile.


And then, since CE just pushing by with their number like crowd without intellegent that even below bug.


Intellegence was the only weaponof humanity side, if their opponent obtained that…….


『All the 112 pupils of the 1st years B, C, and D class have gathered toward the armored vehicles』


Such terrible guess was interrupted due to the report informed the nicely executed preparation for the sortie of the pupils.


「Yosh, the entire vehicle will go north in 4 line group, the detailed instruction will be explained on the way」




9 armored vehicle packed with inexperienced pupils inside is departing from the special force ground.


How many amongst them who won’t coming back.


That was, somewhat or other due to Ayako-tachi command.


Useless suspicion is temporarily left out, the adult is concentrating on what they can do for the sake of sending their student back safely as much as possible even if it’s just one person.




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