SUCBTH Chapter 23

Chapter 23 [Worry]

+++第23話 懸念

TL :Cnine

ED/PF : akshaythedon

Part 1


Borrowing the hands of the other first years (excluding class A), Souji and the rest returned to their classroom. After tidying their meal, they were looking at the scene which made them quite worried.


「What the hell is that?」


Every student in class A, who were their mortal enemies, strengthened by Tendouji Ayato who was the first in the list, suddenly left from the classroom in succession. Even so, they were laughing as if sneering when they passed in front of the class D with a「Fuh」sound.


「Those guys are really creepy, right?」

「They won’t be able to marry with such bad personality, ri~ght~」

「In short, neither of you would go past your bachelorhood.」

Souji was sitting on his seat ignoring Eisuke who was saying too many unnecessary things and as a result ended up receiving double low kick.

And then, their homeroom teacher, Ooma entered the classroom a little bit later.


「OH MY GOD Sensei, why’re those class A students leaving together, what’s the matter?」

「I’m going to explain about that right now.」

「Why are ya ignoring it splendidly!? Give a tsukkomi at least!」


Crushing the joke again in a truly cruel way by ignoring the noisy Eisuke, Ooma started to talk in a really serious manner.


「Class A has started to participate in the military operation starting from today.」

「Ha~h? This kind of absurd talk again.」


Every member of class A should have been aware of this too. It was a fact that the other first years couldn’t join a sortie along with their upperclassmen.


「Is it okay?」


Souji muttered something that was in the head of every member of class D. Even class D who were taking an especially severe class[training] and were practicing their combat in group were not yet ready to be dispatched. They were yet to be divided into a squad. Though their personal power isn’t different from CE, they’re nothing more than a disordered mob without a leader.

Nevertheless, even if their skill in manipulating the Phantom Weapon is superior, they were trying to throw the class A who had never done anything but lukewarm training into the battlefield, can they even fight properly?


「Yeah-ya~n, there’s no need for us to worry about them」

「Ri~ght, that harem-kun should just get kicked on his butt」


Everyone nodding with reliefed expression as if saying 「yeah, that’s right」 to Eisuke and Kokoa who were speaking out their jealousy. Though Souji didn’t say anything again, but it did remove his anxiety from another main factor.


(Chikagesawa Otome……If it’s her, what will she do…)


The martial arts that she used to easily sneak behind Souji’s back to ward off his counter skill was something that was obviously cultivated after severe training.


Moreover, while acting like a normal highschool girl everyday, the depth of her true character which she showed under that mask at that night was unmeasurable.


(Special forces………… No, she might be closer to ninja)


Devoting to her sword while killing her own heart, that cold hearted sign showed that she was living on the dark side.


(Don’t tell me, the other girls too?)


Those girls were doing nothing but blindly praising Tendouji Ayato as if he was some kind of God. Those girls were also similar to Otome, they were undergoing severe training, as if they were acting under someone order. That’s the only logical explanation that could be possible.


(……There’s no way that’s true.)


Being unable to understand that matter, though Souji’s tried to drive away that kind of delusion by shaking his head, somehow it couldn’t be thrown away from the corner of his head.

「Anyway, though class A has been sent for a sortie, you still have lessons in the academy. You will undergo severe afternoon training to quickly let you to become legit ACE troops.」


Ooma started the lesson while ignoring the booing of the pupils. That statement was withdrawn one hour after that.



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  3. Thank you for the chapter! That makes sense. All the girls are meant to subdue Ayato, so he is put safely under their control. It makes sense that all of them are as strong, or stronger than Souji. However, Otome is Ayato’s childhood friend. How long did the government know about Ayato’s powers? Finally, this is really pissing me off. Everyone is just Ayato Ayato Ayato. The only thing special about him is his powers. If the Hero BS booklets is from the future, I’m going to be really mad. I mean, Class D is treated like the evil ones, when really it’s Ayato who’s a little b****.

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