SUCBTH Chapter 22

Chapter 22 [Raid]

+++第22話 襲撃

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : MystiKnight

Part 1

A big event happened around two weeks after the revenge match, when Souji’s wound had almost healed up.

「Ooh, today’s lunch is salad and curry huh, hurraaaay!」

With the aroma of spices filling the room, Eisuke quickly took his dish to the counter while his belly growled non-stop.

「It’s truly delicious right」

「I pity the A-class, who’ll be able to eat something like this, right~」

「Y-you’re exaggerating…」

Souji already had his spoon in hand as he sat at the same table as Hinata, who had already become his good friend.


Different to the famous Naval SDF, the recipe for the Ground SDF-style curry wasn’t disclosed to the public.

Though there was a distinct saltiness, it was a little sweet, and the flavours reached perfect harmony when mixed with rice.

「Mmm,it’s delicious」

「Maybe because it’s made in large quantities, the taste is closer to provision lunch but, this style is also delicious, right? I wonder what their secret recipe is? 」

Next to Souji, Itsuki ate in silent amazement. With a serious look on his face, the boy who liked to cook continued to bring spoonfuls of curry to his mouth.

While they were enjoying their meal, a familiar sounding cool voice could be heard near them.

「May I have the seat next to you?」

It was a charming voice which was pleasant to hear for guys and could make girls fall to their knees.

Although, that voice belonged to a genuine girl, Sakiyama Reika.

「By all means」

「Ugh, it’s you again!?」

In contrast to Souji who readily gave his consent, Eisuke frowned as if she was his enemy.

Reika ignored that and, with a smile, sat next to Souji.

「It seems your wound is healed」

「Yes, thanks to your assistance」

「Oi, in what world is small talk like that normal?」

Eisuke couldn’t help but play the straight man between the two who were calmly talking.

「Senpai, you’re from A-class right? In that case, you should go eat the french dish or something over there」

In the part of the dining hall that had open spaces exclusive to the A-class, today as well, Tendouji Ayato was surrounded by girls while happily eating a full course menu.

Reika was smiling wryly with a worried face as she watched him.

「I mean, I was raised in a normal family like you guys, and I was quite a popular high school student you know? I like to eat food that has rich flavours, rather than food that tries to look rich but actually tastes bland」

「I-Is that so……」

Part 2

Kanna, who was under the impression that Reika was certainly a pure born high class daughter of a good family, let out a voice that was a little dissapointed

「Even so, you shouldn’t do something like eating alongside your underclassmen. Why don’t you eat with your classmates?」

Pointing out that fact, Hinata’s voice revealed that she was in a bad mood.

While she herself was hesitant to take a seat next to Souji, Reika’s nonchalant attitude left Hinata feeling quite irritated.

Maybe because of some kind of misunderstanding when she saw her expression, Reika was smiling brightly, her beaming smile revealing her white teeth.

「Please don’t be angry, kitten-chan. I just want to enjoy a conversation with all of you」


Hinata let out a silent scream as her whole body broke out in goosebumps.

「Aree~, was I that unpopular? The other first years were pleased though」

「Well, you’re really popular with someone~」

「A-A PRINCE!? Reika×Souji, I can imagine it already, deyufufu ……」

Even Kokoa drew away from the excited Kanna, who was on the verge of having a nosebleed.

Since the conversation was going nowhere, Itsuki forcibly reset the topic.

「May I ask what bussiness you have with us today?」

「It’s nothing special, I just feel like deepening our friendship」


「That’s unexpected huh? After a bit more time, all of you first years will also participate in the battle against the CE. Because it’s my duty as a commander, I just want to build a friendship with you guys」

She didn’t want to be attack from behind, so she smiled in a joking manner.

「And, I’m personally interested in you」


She turned to look at Souji, who was still eating curry while responding.

「Since I’m also a woman, I’m being attracted to a strong man」

「Well then, why don’t you go eat at the A-class table along all the other women who are like that!」

「Right, stop trying to hang around with us leftovers and go play with the ladykiller over there instead」

Eisuke also agreeed with Hinata who was raising her voice in irritation.

Then, Reika showed a troubled expression again.

「Because there’s a lot of scary girls surrounding Tendouji-kun… Besides, there’s different set of commands for them」

「What do you mean?」

Souji, who was too busy enjoying his curry to involve himself in the conversation, stopped the movement of his spoon and asked for the first time.

「It’s just a rumor, but, the first year A-class won’t take joint action alongside the 2nd years and 3rd years, let alone the B, C and D-classes. It seems they’ll become a unit that will move according to their own judgement」

Amongst the special force called ACE who wielded Phantom Weapons, an independent force who gained even more special treatment.

「It might be special treatment for A-class again. I can’t even get angry anymore」

Learning about this, Eisuke felt that he’d only tire himself out getting concerned with the matter and shrugged his shoulders.

Although everyone had a similar reaction, only Souji was pondering with serious look on his face.

Part 3

「…Is it because they’re not suited for a group war?」

「That’s right, if I must say it frankly, I’m almost relieved that I won’t have to command. Since they have such immense war potential, I’d have no idea how to make use of them properly.」

Hearing what Reika said, Hinata-tachi also noticed the meaning behind making the A-class an independent unit.

「That’s right, I’d want to be excused from fighting alongside the guy whose attacks will even drag in his own allies 」


「Though I feel awkward bad-mouthing him, me too, alongside him would be a bit…」

The holy sword user who had the largest war potential of the A-class… everyone of the D-class who saw the injured figure of Souji after being swallowed up by that sword of light couldn’t think of him as a reliable ally, no matter how powerful Tendouji Ayato was.

「Rather, I will never fully trust that philanderer」

Reika’s smiling face swiftly turned cloudy in response to Eisuke, who already gave up without trying.

「Yeah, I also think that way. The cause of that is――」

UU~, UU~!

Suddenly a loud siren reverberated throughout the dining hall.

That was the fifth time since the entrance ceremony that Souji had heard the alarm warning of an attack from the CE.


Two third years still in the middle of their meal smacked their lips loudly toward the incoming of their hated enemy and quickly gulped down the curry on their spoons. In just ten seconds their plates were empty and they had flushed their meals down with water.

「How unrefined… Let’s have a leisurely talk like this again sometime」

「Have a good day」

Souji waving his hand to Reika who was gallantly running away.

And then, he furrowed his eyebrows when looking at the tray left by her.

「She left the tomatoes again」

「Just let it go already!」

Souji was carrying the large amount of tableware left in the dining hall towards the return point while receiving the tsukkomi from Eisuke.


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