SUCBTH Chapter 21

Chapter 21 [Comrade]


TL : Cnine

ED/PF : akshaythedon

Part 1

Being reflected in Souji eyes when he slowly opened his eyelids was a beauty in white gown and a familiar ceiling.





「What’s the matter?」


「Is Ayako-sensei okay?」


「Far better than you.」



Kyoko’s troubled by Souji who is worried about others despite just waking up himself, but still smiled happily.



「Do you know that you barely escaped from getting killed」



She said that while pointing to Souji’s body at the part that was wrapped by bandage.



「There’s no broken bone though.」


「You’ve got tens of laceration and it’s especially terrible on your arms」



Kyoko’s clapping her hands on the coiling bandage with an angry face toward Souji, who was calmly confirming his wound.





「Though it’s normal for it to hurt, I wonder why you did such an unreasonable act.」[TL : Charging towards Excalibur]


「My apologies.」


「Charging towards Excalibur with concentrated Phantom Material Fist, it’s quite a Don Quixote reckless act.」


「That technique has such a name?」



Souji was even more shocked by the fact that the technique actually had a name to it.



「Is that so, so you’re not aware of it. I see……」




「It’s inside story you know. Anyway, there’s someone who thinked about such a technique before, and that person named it according to a certain Anime Otaku Robot.」


「So that was the case.」


「You don’t seem to be surprised?」


「If I’m thinking about it, it’s natural for another person to think about it before me.」



It was a ground-breaking spear skill that came to his mind during his childhood, when he was yet to be taught in Sorachi style technique, when he felt down and dispirited about the fact that he was not special.



「Good grief, you learnt that by yourself despite being young in age. Since you’re that powerful, even if you’re pushing the matter further, the punishment’s unnecessary isn’t it?」


「『Your progress will cease if you are taking pride in it, always have a thirst for progress.』 was what my grandfather said. Moreover――」



I lost for the second time to Tendouji Ayato.


Preparing the technique and controlling the flow of the match in accordance with his hypothesis, though he gained upper hand once, he was still beaten in the end.


That truth is unshakeable and won’t change. The defeated Sorachi Souji is weaker than Tendouji Ayato.


And then, above anything else――



「That guy, is strong」



Kyoko also smiled wryly to Souji who was shivering as he recalled it.



「It’s surely scary when your opponent that was just flying in the sky suddenly shoots a beam to the ground.」


「No, that’s not what I mean…………… That guy heart is strong, and frightening」



Part 2

Even though Eisuke spoke about it like that, the power of holy sword, and the miracle created by the second Phantom Weapon,  everything was nothing but the reflection of something in addition. The inside of the man called Tendouji Ayato was frightening.



「D-Class and myself aside. But, that guy just calmly unleashed an attack that involved his classmate and homeroom teacher.」



That true nature aside, he was always yearned by the Chikagesawa Otome like a lover.


If it had not finished safely, he did have the nerve to fire the skill that might kill her.



「In that case, I’ll gladly if it’s the tactic called not avoiding it」



But, he’s not skillful in forecasting.


If he had such a clear mind, Souji would have offered his sword when surrendering.


The power that can’t be controlled, not even counting the possibility of being swallowed by it due to mistake.


Released the ability of holy sword for the sword for the first time, though it might be possible during the entrance ceremony, that theory didn’t help him to understand the released second ability.


In that case there are two possibilities, it’s either on purpose, or――



「That guy 『Didn’t see them』」



It was not even malice, but just purely did not see the figure of his own classmate.


It might have reflected in his eyes, but, his brain did not recognize it.


He was conscious about the fact that he did not want to lose, the emotion within him was only to kill his enemy.


That’s why, he had not heard Souji surrender nor had seen the figure of his own classmate.


It might have been the result of his high concentration, that was the most possible explanation. But ———-



「What the heck was reflecting in that guy eyes……?」



Though the words they had exchanged was nothing but a little, he was an opponent who exchanged[fight] him twice.


Though he usually seized considerable things about his opponent in normal case, Souji couldn’t understand even a speck of the man called Tendouji Ayato.



「That guy, 『What』 the heck is he?」



The lines 『Tendouji Ayato’s the hero who will save the human from CE』, that he heard somewhere, started resounding within his head several times.


Following those words, the holy sword user will become the hero who will save everyone.


But, is there any warranty that 『The hero』 will always be one of the『good people』?


There’s good saying that says,「If a criminal kills a single person, then the hero kills 100 people」.


And, is the hero-Tendouji Ayato?


He did not know. That is nothing but frightening.




「……My apologies, please forget about it」



Looking at the silent Kyoko, Souji cut away from the topic while apologizing.


It was nothing but just his own feelings, so saying that without even any kind of basis is nothing but slander.


He was wondering what Kyoko might be thinking about that kind of words.


He released a short sigh when he felt the change in the atmosphere. She poked her finger once again at his hand that was covered by bandage.



「For the time being, convergence PMF[Phantom Material Fist] is forbidden to be used again. Concentrating PMA in one point can turn into a dangerous situation if you are neglecting the other parts」



It was different with the time when Souji had just enrolled during the entrance ceremony, this was because currently his whole body was covered with scratches.


Though one’s hands would have blown apart if one was trying to stop the light of the holy sword with a normal fist, in this case it can be said that everything ended with just a minor injury thanks to converging PMF.

Part 3


「Geez, the matter about Ayako-senpai being entrusted to other pupils, it would have been okay if you just focussed on running away, why did you act so rash」



Same with during the entrance ceremony, if he had ran away when Tonbogiri had broken, he might not have received this kind of wound.


Though it might be cruel to say this fact, but going as far as buying time with Convergence PMF was as good as futile.


Even if Souji knew about that fact, it doesn’t mean that he couldn’t trust his classmates.


Even so, the reason he couldn’t escape is simple.



「Because, running away, is uncool」



As a man of a martial artist family, conceding his pride is, absurd.



「……You were just a child pretending to be cool by becoming a hot-blooded man, right?」


「Is that so?」


「It is」



The reason why you kids can use phantom weapon, but――Kyoko didn’t let that words from her lips.



「I’ll say this again but, do not use the convergence PMF again, at least not in the academy. Because the other children might be in danger for trying to copy it, make sure to never EVER teach anyone about it, even during the lessons」





Souji nodded deeply to Kyoko who was scolding with a sour tone.



「Good. In that case, the next thing is, please apologize to that child」



While saying that, Kyoko’s opening the curtain that separating between the bedding.


Appearing on the next bed was, Hinata and Kanna who was lying down while letting out a cute sleeping breath.



「There’s still more you know」



Kyoko pointed at the sofa of the school infirmary, Housei and Takeshi, the cause of this incident, was sleeping while sitting on there.



「Though they have currently returned to the dorm, there was also a bit black-hearted girl, a trap, and a boy with Kansai dialect that came to visit 」[TL : What, you think I change it, no!! she definitely saying “a trap”]



The three are Kokoa, Itsuki, and Eisuke respectively.



「After you fainted, it had almost turned into a brawl, the angry Ooma-sensei rushed in immediately and everyone was forced to run 100 laps around the sports ground.」



It seems they had visited him by dragging their worn out body just a while ago before he woke up.



「I see……」



Souji couldn’t say anything because his chest was brimming with happiness.


In front of him who was in that state, maybe because she felt the change in the atmosphere, Hinata’s breath raised as she slowly opened her eyelids.





「Thank you, Hirasaka-san」


「You woke up! You are safe, right!?  」

Part 4


Seeing Souji who told his gratitude in a lively way, Hinata jumped from her bed, due to her extreme happiness, and before she moved to embrace him――.






Incidentally as she was about to embrace him, Itsuki came running from the side and jumped into Souji’s chest.



「Thanks goodness, when I thought that you will never open your eyes again, I……!」


「Sorry to make you worry about me」



Souji apologized while gently brushing Itsuki’s head that was wetting his chest with a large amount of tears.



「Ah, Uuuu……」





Hinata who got her chance stolen by someone had solidified in incomplete motion, and Kanna was awakened, due to her rotten girl detection, on Hinata side’s while raising a strange voice.



「Acha~、we came at such a bad timing~……」


「Brother, switch with me for a while!」



At the entrance of the school infirmary were Kokoa and Eisuke who just came back from the dorm, with Kokoa showing a perplexed face and Eisuke immediately showing a jealous expression.



「You have such good comrades right」




Souji nodded while smiling to the Kyoko who smiled at him.



The girl of A-class started spreading to all the pupils that the revenge match had ended with the holy sword user being the victor.



The pupils of D-class didn’t want to worsen the matter, and along with the wishes of Souji, they no longer wanted to do anything with the students from A-class and completely ignored them.


Thus, while it would cause a great problem in the future, the disturbance had come to an end.



The future writers were assembling all of these events as stories in an extravagant manner in a way that couldn’t be matched from the perspective of  the person involved.


The reason is 『Because this is exactly the time that the Unbeatable Hero, Tendouji Ayato gained his wings to start soaring in the sky』.


The scene of him flying in the sky with white wings was true indeed.


The Phantom Weapon was something that every person couldn’t have more than one, but he gained two instead.


Each one of them would be a magnificent episode befitting for the epic poem of the hero.


Because the future authors got their eyes on the sun light called hero, they failed to notice at the friendship and the people who fought till the end and were left behind.




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