SUCBTH Chapter 18

Chapter 18 [A-Class]


Translator : Cnine

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With the revenge match between the holy sword user and the spear user decided, as soon as school ended everyone excitedly began to predict the results.


Takeshi and Housei came to Souji’s desk with awkward faces just as he was closing his textbook.


「Souji, that… Sorry we dragged you into this」


「Sorry, it was our fault」


When the blood in their heads had cooled off, they both came to apologize to him.


However, Souji just shook his head while smiling.


「I don’t mind, it’s actually right on time since I’m still vexed about my loss before」


「O~h, so that’s it!」


Hearing that he was more than willing to do the duel, Takeshi felt relieved.


「That’s a bit unexpected. I thought you didn’t mind that incident」


Eisuke, who was listening from the seat in front of Souji, had a slightly astonished look on his face.


Ever since the entrance ceremony Souji hadn’t even talked about it once, so he thought that Souji wasn’t interested with the matter.


「Since I’m used to losing, I’m also accustomed to ignoring any bad feelings afterwards」


Souji smiled wryly while remembering his consecutive defeats at his grandfather’s hand.


「Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel vexed about it. Although I never thought it’d come to this, I’m glad that I’ll have a chance for a rematch」


It would leave a grudge if they never settled a clear winner and loser, which could eventually create a rift between the ACE troops during a joint mission, thus he wasn’t willing let it turn out that way.


Besides, he was also a man.


Even if he said to let bygones be bygones, being the loser was irritating, so naturally he welcomed the rematch.


「I also want to do a little experiment」


「Ho~h, so you have a secret plan huh, are you sure that your victory is secured?」


「I don’t know the chance of success without fighting」


Once you’re dead, that’s the end. You must survive even if you must eat mud, or bite through your enemy’s windpipe.


Since the Sorachi style was focused on real combat and had that kind of dangerous teaching, Souji was, of course, aiming for victory.


「I’m relieved that Souji-kun didn’t mind」


「Ah, can I ask something?」


Souji remembered that he had a question to ask to the relieved Housei and Takeshi.


「In the end, what were you guys saying about Tendouji?」


In the end he couldn’t hear the reason since they were interrupted by the raging Otome.


「Iyaa, actually it’s not that big a deal at all」


While saying that, Takeshi took out his smartphone from his uniform pocket.


And then, he tilted his head after playing with it for a while.


「Huh? I can’t find it」


「You’re right, was it deleted?」


Housei also fiddled with his smartphone. A while later, with resigned faces their hands stopped.


「Well, the truth is that me and Housei discovered a piece of interesting news on the internet, and we were talking about it」


「Someone uploaded a photo of the incident during the entrance ceremony onto a bulletin board」


「Could it be, the incident caused by that philanderer!?」


Both of them nodded at the same time to Eisuke’s remark.


「That damned annoying sword of light that almost cut us in half」


「They even perfectly caught the beam of light extending up to the heavens 」


No one could see inside the special force’s compound since it was surrounded by high walls, even surveillance camera installed in it’s surrounding, there’s no rrom for media or curious people to go inside.

The special force’s compound was surrounded by high walls, constantly monitored by surveillance cameras. There was no way the media or any curious people could wander inside or peek into the compound.


But, to catch that sight even from outside of the wall, it seems they couldn’t hide the existence of the gigantic holy sword.


「There’s a rumor circulating around that『That’s the new weapon of the special force』, and someone even posted a message saying『That’s the little brother of Tendouji Setsuna』」




Being unable to overlook it, Souji eyes shined with a sharp glint.


If that was true, there’s a chance that information from the special force was being leaked outside.


「Seriously, even we were surprised by it, how will the instructors react if they find out…」


「Maybe, an insider is pulling the strings from the inside?」


Rather than thinking there’s someone stealing their information from the outside, it’s more likely that an insider is leaking it outside.


That’s why Takeshi and Housei had a detective-like passion to find the culprit and were tracing over that message —.


「What, that wuss? Don’t tell me something like 『Tendouji Setsuna’s little brother is amazing』 or 『He’s the hero who’ll defeat CE』!」


「And when I thought to post that in a message, Otome approached us angrily」


『What! Tendouji’s little brother is just a small fry www beaten black and blue right after the entrance ceremony www*.』 [TL* : This is their  post which rewarded them with a slap] [ED: spamming ‘w’ is the japanese equivalent of writing ‘lol’]


When posting on the internet, there’s no evidence left behind. The culprit can’t be traced, but the message remains as diversion material.


Just like that, while they were casually chatting about what to write in their post, Takeshi was slapped by Otome who heard their conversation.


「The hell is that, you didn’t receive a reward at all」


「That’s what I’ve been saying from the very beginning, I wasn’t doing something like cruelly bad-mouthing him」


After Takeshi explained the truth, it was clear that he wasn’t trying to spread a rumour throughout the school. He just wanted to post a fact anonymously onto the BBS.


Thought it’s fine to be angry because the man she loves was being bad-mouthed,  it’s not enough to justify using violence.


「If the A-class is full of women like that, you’d almost feel bad for Tendouji, huh… 」


Housei whispered in a low voice so as not to be overheard by any A-class students, to which Eisuke nodded in agreement.


「Right, although each one of them is a babe, they’ll become strangely hysterical and entangle themselves to that philanderer」


Based on what happened during the opening ceremony, this was the truth. When Tendouji Ayato lost brutally, the girls of A-class starting to yell “GYAAGYAA”, and that reversal drama occurred due to that.


「According a rumor, there was a girl from C-class who spoke to Tendouji… she was called to come to the back of the school building and was found tied up there」


「On the contrary, they’re even jealous of men who talk to him*. It must be hard being the sole male in there. When a kind boy from B-class invited him to come to play in their dorm, he was sent away with a swing from a wooden sword**」

[TL* : ……….]  [TL** : Now they’re gossiping him, the more I translate this the more I pity that wuss, I used to pitying Lyle though] [ED: I’m already seeing parallels between him and Motoyasu from shield hero, although something tells me we won’t see a redemption arc for a long time, if any]




Chills ran through Eisuke’s spine and made his face turn blue, while even Souji broke into a cold sweat just by imagining that.


「As I thought, that city of girls is scary… 」


「Nonono, those girls are just abnormal! There’s bound to be some kind girls too… Maybe」


「Wait a minute, why’re you looking at us?」


「Areare~, I wonder if Eisuke-chan has something to say to us~」


Eisuke glanced over for a bit to Kokoa and Hinata, then immediately turned away when they drew closer while scolding him a little.


「Kokoa aside, my nature isn’t as rotten as those girls from A-class」


「T-That’s right, Kokoa-chan aside…」


「Me aside hu~h」


「You admit it!?」


Eisuke couldn’t help but retort when the rotten girl Kanna herself couldn’t deny the fact.


「Though I’ve heard the stories, those A-class students are clearly suspicious. The childhood friend Chikagesawa aside, didn’t the other girls only meet him for the first time a few days ago?」


「It’s completely like the whim of god, right? No matter how handsome he is, it just like a suspicious cult ~」


「E-Even when I’m just watching at them, I feel scared desu…」


Even from the viewpoint of the girls, the attitude of A-class was abnormal.


「I wonder how it became like that…」


While Souji wasn’t interested in gossiping, he was astonished by the fact he was hearing for the first time. Just then, Eisuke tapped his shoulder with a surprised face.


「Even my bro who’s not interested in others’ affairs is just like me, being treated as a demon by the girls of A-class」 [TL : ……… It’s your own fault right? right?]


「Demon? 」


「Their spirit burns with the desire to stab you with a kitchen knife from behind while saying 『YoU HuRt Ayato-KuN’sSs FeElInGs, UnFoRgIvEaBlE!』」




When he expected that it was one of Eisuke’s jokes, Souji looked at his surroundings. Hinata and her other classmates were looking downward as if he was a completely pitiful person.

[TL : Targeted by around 40 yanderes, he must be the most pitiful guy in the world]


「If you really win this match, you’ll most likely be stabbed from behind.. 」[TL : !]


「I think they’ll set fire to the dorm~」[TL: !!!]


「L-Let’s prepare fire extinguishers…」


「We’ll protect you from behind!」


「It’s our responsibility, leave it to us」


Making the assumption that he was already targeted, everybody cheered for him.


「Brother… I will definitely come to your funeral」


「Don’t just suddenly kill me off!」


Souji unintentionally retorted to that, since he couldn’t see the humor in it.


They continued to tease Souji until Itsuki, who was in the toilet this entire time, came back.




Excerpt : Legend of Holy Sword – Chapter 3 Page 12



「You bastard, I dare you to say that again!」


Otome yelled back at the spear user who was strangling her neck in rage.


「I’ll say it as much as you want, compared to Ayato, you’re nothing more than a water flea」




His fist mercilessly flew towards Otome’s face…


But suddenly, the fist was seized from the side.


「You, what are you doing to my Otome!」




At the appearance of the prince she loved, Otome screamed delightedly and instantly forgot her fear.


「Tsch, this fake bastard finally showed himself」




「That’s right, you’re just a fake. Who can’t even beat me」


Once again, Ayato confronted the foolish spear user who couldn’t even see the difference in their power.


「Fine then, let’s duel once again to decide the winner and loser. But if I win, you must apologize to Otome for what you did today! 」


「Hah, aren’t you a cocky little brat. That’s only if you win」



However, Ayato didn’t know that behind the spear user’s wicked smile lied a devious trap awaiting him…


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