SUCBTH Chapter 17

Chapter 17 [Scattering Sparks]


Translator : Cnine

Editor/Proofreader : MystiKnight


This event was something that took place on Wednesday, one week after the entrance ceremony.


After lunch had finished and the students were waiting inside their classroom for the next lesson.






Following the loud slapping sound from the corridor was the angry voice of a young man.


「What happened?」


Following the honor student Yuuzuki Yuuta, the rest of D-class also left their classroom.


In the hall was a boy from D-class, Takahashi Takeshi, who held a hand to his red cheek, and a girl who was looking sharply at him.


A top level beauty even amongst the babes that filled A-class, it was the childhood friend of Tendouji Ayato, Chikagesawa Otome.


「Stop screwing around, that’s my line!」


Otome was shouting back confidently at Takeshi who stood taller than her.




Yuuta and Eisuke quickly restrained Takahashi from behind as he flailed his fist around aggressively.


「Calm down, although I don’t know what just happened, you shouldn’t use violence!」


「That’s right, you might ruin her beauty」


「Uwaa, you’re the worst…」


A shower of criticism rained from the surrounding girls onto Eisuke who unintentionally leaked out the contents of his thoughts.


「What’s that for!? You’d be swooning if some cool guy said that, but when I say that without batting an eye you ruin the moment!」


「Please stop already, Eisuke-kun」


The truth is he only made an enemy of the people who felt hurt by his words, so Yuuta pat Eisuke’s shoulder while he shed tears.


Thanks to that little drama, the killing intent that filled the room settled for a bit, and even Takeshi dropped his fist in astonishment.


「Well then, what just happened?」


「What, you ask, we were just chatting normally, right?」


Takeshi said to the thin boy beside him, asking for his classmate Honekawa Housei’s agreement.


「Yeah, we were just chatting in the corridor when that girl suddenly slapped Takeshi」


「The heck, isn’t that a reward!」


「Please, I’m asking you to be silent, Eisuke-kun」


Ignoring the fierce throbbing in his head, Yuuto glanced at Otome who was still standing with her daunting pose.


「That’s what they say, so why did you do that?」


「That’s bullshit, it’s because they were bad-mouthing Ayato!」




All the students gathered in that place wore an astonished expression after hearing Otome’s answer.


Of course, that silence meant 「There’s no need to hit someone just because of that」.


「Even though Ayato is doing his best for everyone, it’s disgusting that you’d spread such rumors!」


「Doing his best?」



Hearing those words, blue veins bulged out from the foreheads of the D-class students.


Since they spent every day running around the dusty sport ground until they collapsed, fighting using PW in the midst of it, while the A-class students enjoyed playing futsal on the nice green lawn, of course they were furious.


「Since none of you have the power, kindness or looks to match Ayato, you leftovers are just bad-mouthing him out of jealousy!」


「Stop right there!」


Unable to endure Otome’s thoughtless words, Hinata stepped out while rolling up her sleeves.


「W-Wait a minute Hinata-san, violence is no good, let’s talk first!」


「E~h, but violence is the best way to quickly settle this ri~ght?」


Even Kokoa was clutching her ballpoint pen to use as a weapon, speaking in a cute tone that betrayed the fact that she had lost her temper. [TL : ALERT!ALERT!ALERT! A YANDERE DETECTED, AND IT’S A LOLI!!!]


「Anyway, calm down. Then, what exactly did they say that was bad-mouthing Ayato? 」


「That is, well, they said…」


「So, they said something that made you suddenly hit him, right?」


Though Housei and Takeshi admitted that they were bad-mouthing Ayato, in the end it was just something light.


「What did you say?」


「That’s ————」


「Anyway, apologize!」


Otome interrupted Takeshi as he was about to explain what he said with a yell.


「Why should I? Since you hit us, you should be the one to apologize right!」


「You spoke ill of Ayato first, right, so apologize for that!」


「Bullshit, who’s gonna apologize!」


Shouting at each other, even the already calmed Takeshi had blood surge to his head due to Otome’s harsh attitude.




「What did you say!? Ayato isn’t weak, he’s ACE’s strongest, the savior who’ll save us from the CE!」


「Savior? Huuuh? How can a guy who was beaten black and blue by Souji be a savior!」




When he brought up the incident from the entrance ceremony, the vigorous Otome unintentionally shut her mouth.


「I saw it with my own eyes. You, the girls from A-class quibbling about something, and then launching a sneak attack at the moment, the truth is that he was defeated without even managing to scratch Souji’s arms or legs」




「How can something like that be considered a savior or a hero, you’ve gotta be kidding me! Or, could it be-」


「Fine then, if you’re gonna go so far as to say that, then that means you’ll do it!」


Otome yelled, interrupting Takeshi’s words again while pointing her finger.


「Ayato won’t lose to anyone, why, because he’s the strongest savior! He’ll fight again to prove it!」


Of course her finger wasn’t pointing at Housei or Takeshi.


It was at the one who was caught by surprise since his name suddenly came up, the spear user, Souji.




「That’s right, Ayato’s holy sword won’t lose to someone like you. Prepare yourself since he’s gonna crush you during the combined phys-ed tomorrow. 」[TL : she’s so cruel]


After one-sidedly saying that, Otome immediately went back to the A-class pretending nothing had happened.






Due to Otome’s attitude, the D-class students who were fed up with the preferential treatment to A-class jeered in unison.


「How the hell did it turn into this…」



Only Souji whose duel was arbitrarily decided without his permission was still dumbfounded, unable to understand the flow of the story.


TLN : Conclusion,  Ayato is Ichika from IS. The same useless and powerless guy.
EDN: Otome did everything you should never do in a civilized argument: Make unsubstantiated claims, yell to punctuate ‘points’ and constantly interject the other person. How horrifying.


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