SUCBTH Chapter 15

Pattern and Contradiction

After watching their senpais battle, everyone went into the afternoon training session full of fighting spirit.


「Here I come, brother!」


「Too naive」


Souji’s spear easily struck the club-wielding Eisuke.


But, Eisuke didn’t falter from the attack and moved his body to block the spear tip that was coming at him.


「You fell into my trap!」


And then he instantly shortened their distance and tried to launch a counter attack with all his might.


Making full use of the PMA [Phantom Material Armor]’s toughness was a good strategy, but it was within Souji’s predictions.


By releasing his grip from the shaft of his spear, he entered closer into the range of the short club and rammed Eisuke’s torso with his shoulder.


Sorachi Style – Reckless Counter.


It greatly resembled Hakkyokuken no Tetsuzankou*, a ramming counter.

[TL :* : 八極拳の鉄山靠[Iron Mountain Press of Eight Extremities Fist], in short a kungfu move]




Eisuke who received it right from the front was blown backwards and his body tumbled on the ground.


Even so, to not release his grip on Tonbokiri’s shaft and keep it held required considerable willpower.


Reversing the table by snatching his weapon — was a good plan, but unfortunately Eisuke had crumbled in the following second.




While releasing his ramming stance, Souji pressed the button on his converter 3 times in quick succession.

[TL : 1,2,3 ………. RIDER KICK!]


The PW[Phantom Weapon] was released, and the Tonbokiri that was seized by Eisuke vanished and turned into light.


「Armament Activate[Armitize]」

[TL : 武装化]


And then, the spear returned to his grip again once he said the activation code.


「What the hell!」


Tonbokiri relentlessly pointed at Eisuke who was shouting regretfully.


With a loud reverberating alarm, the match has ended with Souji victory.


「Though that was a nice fight, a CE laser isn’t something that you can seize with your hands right ?」


「That part was merciless! A~h, I think it’ll go well this time but… 」


Completely defeated up until now, moreover without even being able to land a single attack, as expected of Eisuke, even if it’s him he would hang his head down.


And then, Souji said something more than just comforting words or sympathy.


「Because I’m already used to personal combat with gramps, although I could avoid that attack just now, I might be caught in front of the CE」


「Eh, is that true?」


「Yeah, since Eisuke has physical strength, great stamina, and courage not to flinch in front of danger, you’re a great soldier」


While his skill is lacking, they’re not battling against human opponents, and although it’s unknown whether the CE are intellegent, it’s not something special or necessary.


Even if they’re thrown into a battle right now, if it’s Eisuke he’ll have plenty of achievements.


「Is that true? It’s not a lie, right? 」


「Yeah, I’ve confidence in myself about that」


Souji nodded with a smile to Eisuke who doubted his words.


In the first place, he wasn’t someone who could skillfully give compliments.


「I see~, maybe it’s only due to that talent that I was chosen to join ACE!」




「In short, it’s not a pipe dream that I’ll be super popular in the future and the girls will say 『Eisuke-kun is sooo cool, hug me!』!」




「Oy, what’s with this silence」


Even Souji was skillful enough to keep a secret and not present the harsh reality to his friend.


「Sorry, I’m going to looking for another opponent」


「Wait, I’m telling you I’ll be popular!」


When Souji tried to run away to look for another challenger, though Eisuke stretched his arm to stop him, a firm and hard hand tapped on his shoulder.


「Endou, if you’re still that lively, how does 30 laps around the grounds sound to you?」


「Hyiii, anything but that Horse-sensei! [TL : Pun for Ooma sensei name–> Ooki ma  means great horse, while Eisuke calling him medium horse]


「You, it seems you really miss that sleeper choke huh?(RAiiiiiSEEEEEEE[GOKI])」




Away from that usual exchange, Souji was moving toward the end of the sport ground.


「Do your best, everyone」


When he arrived, a pair of D-class members were having a match using their own PW.


Everyone was attacking using all of their skills. No one still had their timid appearance from their first day at the entrance ceremony.


Moreover, thanks to PMA, they can practice safely all they want due to its protection against all kinds of attacks.


(Phantom Material Armor)


Souji looked at his right arm which was also equipped with this extremely wonderful equipment.


Due to the Phantom Converter equipped on his right arm, his body will always remain under the protection of barrier-like things.


(Is it called Phantom Material Interference Ability[PMIA]?)


Kyoko said that it was「Something similar to MP in a game」, because after the power recovers to some extent with rest, the PMA will reform again.


Over at the grounds, defeated students that ran out of Interference Ability[IA/MP] had to run laps around the sports ground until their IA recovered as not to waste any time.


(Though we’re not very clear regarding the condition of restoration and it’s aggregate amount…)


While stamina appeared immediately in the form of fatigue when using it, IA doesn’t appear on that list.


Souji felt anxiousness and dissatisfaction as it’ll be fatal on the battlefield when he doesn’t even know his own limits.


(Could it be that some symptoms will appear when it’s used up?)


The alarm that rang along with the end of the match was ringing when their IA was reduced to half.


In short, with the half of your current condition left it was necessary to end the match.


Of course if by some chance the PMA was destroyed, there might be a failsafe to prevent casualties or heavy injuries. But—.


(If it’s a power that will really recover with some rest just like in a game… Isn’t that a truly convenient thing?)


The teachers’ explanations weren’t entirely correct, as if they were missing 『Some important』truth.


Souji shook his head in confusion as his train of thought started to come up with weird delusions.


「Looks like I’m just worrying too much」


When he raised his feet to change his mood, his eyes caught a very interesting spectacle.


「Are you done with your preparations?」


The cute boy Itsuki was whirling a cord that was folded in half.




With 50 metres distance separating them, Kanna the black haired kyonyuu* raised her shield. [TL* : Big breast]


「Here I come!」


Itsuki separated his fingers from one part of the cord along with the signal.


And then the round stone that was fitted on the middle of the cord gained frightening velocity due to centrifugal force and rocketed toward Kanna.




Part 2

While screaming, Kanna intercepted the attack by raising her shield.


GAGO! ―― Then the stone shattered with a tremendous bang.


Though Kanna fell on her back, unable to withstand the impact, her shield was perfect and without a scratch.


「Practicing defense using a slingshot huh?」


「Are, Souji-san?」


Though Itsuki was a little surprised when Souji called him from behind, a smile immediately floated to his face.


「Did you see that? It’s quite embarrassing…」


「You’re wrong, your skill is splendid」


Though the slingshot is the oldest projectile weapon in existance, the way to use it is considerably tricky.


Proper training is necessary even just to aim at an enemy 50 metres away.


When being praised like that, Itsuki instead showed a rather awkward expression.


「It’s not my own skill, it’s coming from PW」


「Does that slingshot aim automatically?」


Despite never learning the way to use a slingshot, to begin with, the number of legendary slingshots was scarce.


「Is it the one used by David to kill Goliath*? Or the Magic bullet Tathlum of Light God Loug? 」

[TL : The folklore of ancient jew, and History of Islamic Prophets indeed saying that David killed Goliath with slingshot, by the way David is the father of King Solomon who’s also a prophet] [TL : Celtic Mythology. There’s more about it later this chapter. This legend surely tiring my nerves]


When he asked such a question, Itsuki’s face somehow became gloomier.


「Uhm,This is…」


「I’ll be glad if you want to teach us about it as we might be in the same squad. Isn’t it better to have a clear grasp on our classmates’ weapon skills?」


Without any competition to gain ranks and because they’re comrades who’ll fight together in battle, there’s no need to to hide their weapons’ names and skills.


Even though Itsuki’s expression was gloomy, he answered with a really tiny voice.


「…Sling Stone-desu」


「I understand that it’s a sling stone, I want to know which legendary weapon it is」


「…Loug Sling stone-desu」


「The Magic Bullet Tathlum?」


「It’s not, it’s name is Loug 『Sling Stone』!」



[TL : In Engrish]


Itsuki’s explanation was ambigous and he unintentionally spoke in english.


A low voice whispered from Souji’s side who inclined his head in confusion.


「U-Uhm, the “Tathlum” name is attached during the middle of the legend, so it looks like in the beginning it’s name is just an ordinary 『Sling Stone』」


Explaining to him in a timid whisper as if she didn’t have any self-confidence was Kanna the shield user.


「So the last model is called Tathlum, you’re well informed about this huh?」


「N-No, I just investigated about it since I was very curious… 」


When he praised her, Kanna shyly cast her eyes down.


「Then, since that’s the case, you won’t mind if we call it Tathlum right?」


「That’s, there’s a 3rd year student who already became the user of『Magic Bullet Tathlum』 …」 [TL : Duh]




Even Souji was speechless witnessing Itsuki who was being burdened by such a heavy shadow.


Kanna frantically defended Itsuki as if trying to change that gloomy atmosphere.


「B-But, Itsuki’s Sling stone is really amazing… right, it always flies straight toward the eyes…」


In the legend, the stone that was thrown by Light God Loug pierced the Demon Balor’s eye, which is why the sling would do that.


「That’s amazing right」


Even though Souji gave him honest praise, Itsuki felt dissatisfied.


「But, aiming at the eye is cowardish right?」


「That doesn’t matter.『’Cowardice’ and ‘foul play’ are just the wails of a loser, the winner is JUSTICE』 is what my grandpa said」

[TL : That’s true]


「What the heck is Souji-san’s grandfather…」


Sorachi-style spearmanship is a real combat martial art that continued to be passed down since the Warring State era [sengokujidai].


So it’s inevitable that they would first think of brutal ways to kill their opponent before yelling such pretty words.


「Even so I feel a little better」


Itsuki smiled happily when he knew that he wasn’t being made fun of.


Souji shifted his gaze to Kanna’s shield while smiling back at Itsuki.


「Karasuzaki-san’s shield is also amazing since it can withstand that thrown stone」


「N-No way, how can it be my shield is that…」


Itsuki gave another praise to Kanna who cuddled herself in modesty.


「Kanna-san’s shield is amazing you know, that’s certainly the 『Strongest Shield』!」


「Strongest shield ?」


「T-To be accurate it is the 『Impenetrable Shield』…」


「Sh, it’s that 『Contradiction』right?」


Souji deeply nodded when such an interesting topic surfaced again.


The spear that can pierce any shield, and the shield that can’t be pierced by any spear.


It’s a meaningless historical idiom but, as for their status as legendary weapons it seems even idioms can qualify as Phantom Weapons.


「If it’s really impenetrable by any spear, then it’s a truly awesome shield」


「T-That’s not true…」


Even though she’s being praised honestly, Kanna’s expression was still gloomy.


「Is there something troubling you?」


「I-I need you to attack it, ASAP… 」


When he asked, Kanna urged while preparing her shield.


「P-Please attack it…」




「S-Since it’s Souji-san, you will know when you attack it…」


She adjusted her stance with her shield while delivering a line that could cause a misunderstanding.




Due to that request, Souji summoned his Tonbokiri and thrusted it at the strongest shield.


He didn’t use all his strength and just poked at it lightly. And then —–




A terrific sound erupted at the same time the spear and the shield clashed.


「What was that!?」


「T-This is my shield…」


Kanna apologized inside the scattering Phantom Material Light[PML].


「T-The strongest spear and shield, due to that contradiction, both sides, vanished… 」

[TL : ………… EH?] [ED : Well, when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object…]


「In short, when it clashes with spear-type weapons of any kind, both sides will dissapear?」


「Something like that…」


Feeling sorry for that kind of useless shield, Kanna apologized many times.


But, Souji’s impression of her weapon was completely opposite to her own.

Part 3

「If it can withstand anything except for spears, it’s definitely the strongest shield」




「Our opponents are the CE right? And they’re not using any kinds of spear-like weapons」


「T-That’s right but…」


「Furthermore, if we think that it can destroy any lance or spear-type weapon used by an opponent, it’s more like the shield’s strong point right?」


Technically, Souji lost to the shield the moment he was unarmed.


「Armitize… Fumu, it won’t come out, huh」


Although he tried to re-summon his weapon, nothing happened.


It was a different case to when he voluntarily makes it disappear by pressing the button on the converter. In this case of being disarmed, it can’t be immediately resummoned.


When it was destroyed by Tendouji’s holy sword, he managed to summon it when he reawakened after fainting. Because of this, it seemed that it was possible to resummon it after some time had elapsed.


「Depending on the person, resummoning the PW will take around 10 minutes」


「I see, that’s a problem」


「EH, Ooma-sensei!?」


When they reacted, Ooma already standing right behind Souji with his arms folded.


「Since your PW vanished, you need to quickly come up with something」


He tapped at the tablet PC in his hand.


If their PW vanished in the middle of the battle against CE, the user would be in a pinch. In that case a signal is emitted to notify them about that.


「You guys, you didn’t request for a match from me」




Since he just planned to lightly poke the shield and his weapon unexpectedly vanished, he completely forgot about that.


「I’m sorry, I  forgot about that」


「That’s not it, he just…」


「No, originally he was just accompanying my grumbling…」


Kanna and Itsuki frantically tried to stand for Souji when they saw him deeply apologizing.


Looking at them, Ooma was smiling wryly saying “yareyare”.


「You’re different from a certain never serious pervert and acting without mischievous intentions. But, rules are rules. Run 10 laps around the sport ground」




To the treatment that was considerably warm-hearted, the three of them began to run right after answering him.


「But, I didn’t see you doing something worthy of your guilt. There’s no need for you to do something like apologizing right? 」


Souji apologized while running slowly along with them.


「I’ll do anything if it’s something that I can do」


「J-Just now, you really mean you’ll do anything!?」


Kanna’s eyes shined brightly with a bizarre light.




When Souji nodded he felt an uncomfortable chill. Kanna’s cheeks loosened slovenly*.

[TL : something like the reaction of people after they drink “century Soup” from Toriko manga]


「E-EHEHEHE… As I thought, being entangled with Itsuki-kun… No, GATTAI with Eisuke-kun」

[TL : I think I don’t have to explain the meaning of GATTAI in this line right?] [ED Note: GATTAI means ‘combine’. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]


Looking at her figure mumbling about something in low voice, Itsuki who was running beside her sensed it, a certain disgusting feeling.


This girl is no good, she’s rot —— ten.


Only Souji who was ignorant about that wasn’t aware about such dilemmas since all he felt was an unusual chill and a little regret.

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