SUCBTH Chapter 13


After the end of the afternoon lesson, the special unit’s first day finally came to end, and so they had their dinner a little earlier in the dining hall.


Different from the third and second year students who were still lively since they were used to it, all the freshmen were exhausted to the point that they’d probably have to crawl back to their dorms.


Especially the extremely fatigued D-Class – almost half of them returned to their own rooms and threw themselves into their futons.


However, the other half were gathered in the first floor lounge, and participated in a meeting with serious faces.


「Well then, everyone should understand」


Eisuke, the representative, was looking at the faces of everyone who had gathered right now.


There were only boys in that gathering.  And, as for the girls, they were currently washing away their sweat in the bathroom.


What they said was to be a self-fulfilling truth*. [TLC* : となれば、何をするかなど自明の理であろう。]


「It is our duty to peep on the girls bathing」


「What the heck are you trying to start!」


The one who was protesting was the one who exuded a chairman-like, full-of-leadership spirit, Yuzuki Yuuta.


「That’s a crime, I definitely won’t permit it! 」


In response to Yuuta who was moved by justice, the boys looked at him with apathetic eyes.


「Peeping is a crime, everyone should be know that」


「Then ――」


「That’s right, but!  If we’re gonna stop this just because you said to stop, what is the use of the police in this world! If we lost our worldly desires just because of that, there wouldn’t be any babies born in this world! 」




Even Yuuto was suddenly overpowered by Eisuke’s strange persuasive power.


But, a different voice came as reinforcement.


「Uhm, I also think that we shouldn’t peep」


The one who was opposing was a bishounen who could only mistaken as a girl, Ikaruga Itsuki.


「Don’t say something that boring, half of Itsuki-tan is also a girl」


「I’m not a girl, and please stop adding “-tan” when you call me」


Though he puffed up his cheeks in irritation, that only made him even cuter, like a squirrel .


「Hey Souji-san too, please say something」


「…Ah, you’re right」


Souji could only reply halfheartedly to Itsuki pulling his sleeve since he was occupied with trying to get used to the smartphone supplied by the school.


「Anyway, we’re gonna peep in on the girl’s bath. Those who approve raise your hand! 」




Out of 18 boys, 15 of them raised their hand at once.


Each one of them was nothing but an idiot.


「Yosh, if the majority agrees, let’s go to our shangri-la!」




「I told you to stop!」


Eisuke and the idiots who were trying rush to the bath while raising a war cry were stopped by Yuuta.


「I leaked your plans to peep, so the third years in this place already left*!」

[TLC* : 覗きしたなんてバレたら、ここで暮す三年間、ずっと彼女が出来なくなるぞ]




Several of the boys lost their mind, as if they were poked in their weak spots.


But Eisuke shouted, as if to rebuke that.


「Fu~hn, are you an idiot ―― if we don’t peep, we’ll go our whole lives without getting intimate with girls!


「How manly of you, Erosuke…」


「You’re beyond sorrowful, Erosuke!」


Let alone his high school life, towards the man who declared all of his life, the boys were deeply moved to the point of crying since he was just too pitiful.


Eisuke clasped the shoulders of Yuuta who stood in their way while receiving moral support from his companions.


「Even so, the truth is that you want to peep too, right?」


「Don’t say such stupid things! How can I live contrary to my jus ――」


「… You’re always looking at Kokoa right?」




When an unexpected name came out, an astonished look surfaced on Yuuta’s face.


That expression was an undeniable truth.


「Kokoa is the one that looks like an elementary student right?」


「Uwaah, could it be that Yuuta is a lolicon…」


「Your liking of little girls is more dangerous than peeping isn’t it?」


The boys retreated a little after hearing the unexpected fetish of the refreshing honor student.


Seeing that situation, Yuuta tried to explain flusteredly.


「Wait, since there’s a five year age difference between a high schooler and an elementary student, it’s not a crime right!」




Without saying anything, everyone looked at him with a gentle look in their eyes ——– while thinking, “Ah, this guy is genuinely one”.


「I-In short you’re also thinking the same thing as us, right? You also want to peep at her naked body, right? Then there’s no need to lose your way, right?」


「No, but…」


「We’re members of the ACE corps who fight against the CE, right? We’re soldiers who might not even see the morning sun tomorrow, right? Then, we should get some benefits, even if it’s just a little, right?」

[ED Note: Every single line Eisuke just said that ended with a question mark ends with ‘やで’, which doesn’t quite translate to ‘right’, but it makes grammatical sense this way]


「Uhh, certainly that’s…」


Even Yuuta who was firmly opposed was being ensnared by Eisuke’s clever art of conversation.


「Yoosh, with this no one’s gonna block us ―― and what about you, brother?」


Though he also tried to invite Souji, since some time ago he was occupied with his smartphone and wasn’t following them.


「Ah, let me decline your offer」


「Could it be, that you’ve been a bit oblivious for a while now?」


「I’m asking Komukai-san about how to operate this smartphone since I don’t know how to correctly use it」


「From Kokoa-chan? Lend me that for a while」


Eisuke took the smartphone but instead of operating it, he froze when he saw the screen.


The word 「Calling」 was being displayed on it, in addition the 「Handsfree Mode」 was enabled to pick up sound from afar.


And then, the part that showed the one who received the call displayed 「Komukai Kokoa」.


「Eh, don’t tell me, she…?」


『Yup, I heard ALL OF IT~』


A voice answered back from the smartphone to respond to Eisuke, causing him to  unintentionally leak out his voice.


『Like how you want to peep at the body of naked girls, you guys really are PERVERTS ne~』




Along with the strange sounding, delighted voice of Kokoa, a noise like someone swinging a shinai could be heard.


『Well, since I thought you guys would plan to peep I asked Souji-chan for a favor ne~~』


A bumpkin who couldn’t even use his smartphone, even if he knew Kokoa’s intentions, as a diligent person he still obediently help her to wiretapped the meeting.




Realising that they were outsmarted, Eisuke and the idiots instantly tried to run away.


But, their opponent was one step faster.








Though there was someone who tried to escape by breaking the glass, the glass of the dormitories, which was the base for those who were at the forefront of the fight against the CE, was naturally bulletproof and more durable than iron.


The rhythmic steps, *Kotsun-Kotsun*, approached the boys who were like cornered rats.


『Even SO, coming back might be better ne~』


Resounding from both the direction of the corridor and smartphone was a lovely, childish but extremely scary voice —


「It looks like you didn’t learn your lesson about not doing anything foolish again the first time, ne~?」




Kokoa grinned widely while pressing her forehead against the glass door.


That was the cruel smile of a hunter towards their ensnared prey.




「Thank you Souji-cha~n, you can take a bath along with Itsuki-chan now~」


Part 2

While keeping a watch on the screaming boys, Kokoa unlocked the door to let the two innocents out.


「Ko-Komukai-san, I… 」


When the lolicon honor student tried to somehow make an excuse, the wicked lolita gave him her best smile.


「It makes me a little happy that you see this childlish me as a woman you know~」


「Eh, the~n!」


With a “PAH”, Kokoa’s smile instantly transformed in front of the already shining Yuuta.


「Bu~t —— I refuse to let go of a PEDO who’s aiming for my body! 」


From the lolita’s angelic smile, to the smile of a heinous yankee.


「Y-You’re mistaken, I just ———— GUHE!」[Yuuto]


「Mistaken about what~? OY, SAY SOMETHING KORAAA! 」[Kokoa]


Kicking the back of Yuuta knees to make him fall then smoothly trampling on his head – no matter how you look at it that’s a delinquent who’s used to brawling.




Eisuke and the idiots were shivering due to Kokoa’s transformation but, then their executor appeared before them.


「We~ll then, I assume that you’re already prepared ri~ght?」


Appearing while clapping her shinai on her shoulder was the girl who appeared first on the class roster, Hinata.


The steam that gushed out from her body was just like the swirling of her fighting spirit. [TL : Touki]


「W-Wait a minute! Though we were trying to peep, corporeal punishment is just overkill! 」


「That’s right, if we’re going to be punished at least show us a naked body!」


「Please reward us with the girls’ used towels!」


At the sight of those ugly boys who were trying frantically to begging for their life[?], Hinata just looked at them and unexpectedly nodded once.


「You’re right, as the ACE troops who will be fighting against the CE it’ll be bad if you’re injured」


「OOOh, you understand our pains!」


「That’s why, we should have you bear a wound in your hearts」


「… EH?」


In front of the boys, who still not understand their current situation, came a girl.


The tablet PC carried in her hands displayed a figure in a white gown.




『Yeah, I was being asked by all the girls to give a punishment to the bad boys』


Kyoko, the public health doctor, was sending a live tranmission with a really dazzling smile from the school’s underground laboratory.


『But for that punishment… The truth is, I was asked to do a background check on everyone in the school you know』




『Whether you have any chronic diseases, or if your blood relatives have entered some suspicious cult, there’d be problems afterwards if I didn’t examine these things first』


Since the troops’ training was a secret of Japan, that degree of sorting and investigation was only natural.


『Therefore, for the sake of analyzing everyone’s personalities, I investigated from the books that you borrowed from the library to the things you bought via mail order』


「Don’t tell me…」






The boys screamed out in futility as Kyoko mercilessly read the data printed out on the paper in her hand.


『First is Ushioka Ukyou-kun、『100 Different Ways to Enjoy Crossdressing』… I see, We got a very interesting one from the very beginning』




『Next is Kizaki Kikunosuke-kun 、『The 60th Birthday of my 61 Year Old Girlfriend!』 … Do you like the elderly? Sensei is really worrying about your future』


「You’re mistaken, I just bought it because the title piqued my interest a littleeeee ——— !」


Hearing the secrets that they expected to bring with them to their grave, the boys were writhing in an agony a thousands times more painful than being beaten with a shinai.


「An Ogre, you really are an OGRE!」


『Then to answer your expectation, next is Endou Eisuke-kun』


「Are you trying to bring trouble upon yourself!?」


『…… This is, even sensei is astonished、『Mothe――』』[TL : Maybe incest themed porn book]




The boys’ secrets were revealed one by one. Just hearing it would cause mental damage to the point that the girls were drawing away from them


In the middle of that torture, as for what happened to Souji, he was —–


「As I thought, you really are a man」


「Please stop looking at my body so much …」


Was leisury immersing himself in the bathtub along with Itsuki.


Thus, class 1D’s night passed peacefully.



The Legend Of The Holy Sword, Chapter 2, Page 43


「The meals are delicious and the bathtub is big, this truly is a paradise…」


When Ayato was at ease submerging in the bathtub, a rattling sound could be heard from behind him.


Turning his face in astonishment, in that place was the figure of his childhood friend, stark naked.


「O-Otome, what are!?」


「Ayato, why are — you, KYAAAAAAaaaaaa!」


When she remembered she was naked, Otome crouched down and let out a scream.


「S-Sorry, I’ll leave right —– AH」


Ayato who left the bath accidentally stepped on a bar of soap.


Splendidly falling, toward Otome —–






The two of them collided with a loud *thud*.


「O-Ouch… Are you alright, Oto —– me」


Ayato falling in a position as if he’s pushing down his childhood friend noticing that his hand pushing something.

Having fallen in a position as if he had pushed his childhood friend down, Ayato noticed his hands were touching something.


It was soft and tender like meatbuns, causing a *Munyuu* sound, had pointed tips which is full of elasticit ——–.




*Bachin* – a splendid slapping sound reverberated inside the bathtub.

[ED Note: Classic.][TL : Yeah]

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